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Dear Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

We have a limited number of places available on our plug and profit 'Bloginuity' program. 

Every month we'll deliver to you a fully optimized and unique ClickBank review blog, based around a best-selling niche.

Each blog will review five top-selling ClickBank products in a particular niche, and each one will contain your ClickBank affiliate ID.

So it doesn't matter which product they buy - because each one has YOUR CB affiliate link embedded.

Each review blog just plugs into Wordpress, and has been optimized to sell the Clickbank products reviewed on it.

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We don't use adwords bars, ebay links, sidebars, pop-ups or any other tools that only serve to distract the visitor from the purpose of the blog. 

We simply want your visitors to choose one of the products being reviewed and buy it - through YOUR Clickbank affiliate link!

Here are your 4 steps to an automated review site business:

1. Secure your spot in 'Bloginuity' and download the current package

2. Tweak it to make it unique (if you choose) following our simple 'one-click' instructions

3. Insert your own Clickbank ID into the links (takes seconds)

4. Drive traffic and Start earning money as an affiliate

It really IS as simple as that.

So how does it work?

Each month we research a hot niche, and create an optimized to sell Wordpress review blog. 

Each blog will contain professionally written (not spun or software generated) reviews of 5 Clickbank products in that niche.

These reviews are designed to appeal to all the different types of customer, and different requirements within each particular niche

In short, as far as possible we try to ensure that at least ONE of the reviewed products appeals to ANY visitor.

We've carefully designed all our review blogs so that they work in the same way as our top-converting squeeze pages.

There are no 'attention-sapping' adsense links, or pop-ups.

These blogs are designed to SELL.

Sounds good? But there's MORE....

Not only have we limited available places in 'Bloginuity', but we've also built in a way that you can make YOUR review blog 100% unique to the search engines!

Getting your own 'optimized to sell' Wordpress review blog made on a freelance site could cost you hundreds of dollars, but we've built-in a way where you can achieve this with just a few clicks!

Just follow our simple 'one click' instructions and we'll show you how to do this by creating (for free) as many UNIQUE for search engine articles as you need.

IMPORTANT: We're NOT talking about some cheap 'spinning' software here, or some bot-written content that makes no sense at all to human readers...

We're talking about using cutting edge, FREE websites together with the hand-written, top quality reviews that we supply to make YOUR ClickBank review sites massively appeal to both human readers AND search engines.

...and that's how to make sales....

(and we've thrown in some blank headers so you can add your own text too, should you wish, along with full instructions)

Look - we know most marketers aren't great writers, or have the necessary skill and experience to know how to create an 'Optimized To Sell' blog or review site.

And we know that one of the main reasons people fail to make any real money as affiliate marketers is that they try to do everything themselves.

Which is why we're making this simple request:

Let Us Do It FOR YOU!

Let US build the whole thing for you, let US professionally create the reviews, the graphics, the blogs and deliver it to you with full and simple instructions on how you can have it all up and running in double quick time!

OK - So what's it going to cost me?

The quick answer is that it's going to SAVE you more time than you currently have at the moment...

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But even better than that, the price of securing your place in 'Bloginuity' is priced to help those marketers who are trying to build their business on a small budget.

Which means that $97 a month was probably going to be out of your reach, even though you'll be getting an 'Optimized To Sell' review site each and every month that should continue earning for you month after month, year after year.

We're genuinely out to help marketers break into online marketing, and so we made the decision to not even go with $47, even though you couldn't outsource one of our review sites for much less than ten times that amount.

As well as the cast-iron guarantee you can see above, we've also decided to make 'Bloginuity' available for just $17 a month.

You should make more than this from just ONE sale from your review site.

Please Note: Places are limited and we reserve the right to increase this price at any time and without any notice.

Seriously think about what's on offer here - this is something that would cost ten times the amount if you were to outsource it to a freelancer, and probably far more than that in terms of your time if you tried to create one of these review blogs yourself.

P.S. You're simply not going to get this deal anywhere else. Let's face it - you couldn't even get five articles written for $17, let alone a full, professionally written and professionally designed review blog!

Tony Shepherd & Tony Newton
Contact Us -

* You'll require hosting and domain name for each blog and that means you have full control of them and can even sell them for huge profits if you choose.

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