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Hi, Chad Waterbury here¡K


And if you¡¦re wondering just what it is that makes Body of F.I.R.E. ¡§special¡¨¡K what makes it different than anything you¡¦ve ever seen or tried¡K let me ask you a question¡K


"Would You Take Fat Loss Advice

From A Mixed Martial Arts Superstar?" 


¡§The Body of F.I.R.E. system quickly made me leaner, stronger, and faster than I¡¦ve ever been.

As a professional fighter I can¡¦t afford to use anything but the best because my success depends on it. This program has taken my body and performance to a whole new level.

The coolest part of Chad¡¦s system is that it can be modified for anyone at any level of fitness.

Whether you¡¦re an athlete, weekend warrior, or just looking to burn fat and transform your body fast, use Chad Waterbury¡¦s Body of F.I.R.E. training system.¡¨

-- Ralek Gracie, undefeated professional MMA fighter


So why would you pay attention to an MMA fighter¡¦s advice about how to lose fat?


Sounds like a silly question, doesn¡¦t it? I mean, you¡¦re here because you want to lose weight, not become some kind of super-athlete cage fighter, right?


Well, the reason you can reap big rewards by following Ralek¡¦s advice has nothing to do with the fact he¡¦s a pro fighter¡K

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It¡¦s because Ralek and the dozens of other world-class athletes¡K Hollywood celebrities¡K and other ¡§A-List¡¨ types I train are the most demanding people in the world when it comes to getting weight loss results FAST!


When an athlete like Ralek comes to me¡K they want to get down to an almost ridiculously low body fat count¡K and usually they need to do it in time for a competition that¡¦s coming up in just a couple weeks¡¦ time (competitions like this one in Japan)... 


¡K And when the next month¡¦s Playboy cover model comes to me desperate to get a body that will impress even jaded photographers who've literally seen it all¡K they need to lose weight naturally¡K and safely¡K and they need to do it yesterday.


So I¡¦ve literally been FORCED to take all the expertise I¡¦ve built up from advanced degrees in Human Biology and Neurophysiology¡K


¡K decades of experience as a personal trainer (I¡¦ve been successfully training clients since I was 19)¡K


¡K PLUS all the nitty-gritty ¡§real world¡¨ truths about fat loss I accidentally picked up as one of the nation¡¦s most sought-after experts on gaining muscle (Men¡¦s Health magazine was so impressed they insisted that I do a book for them that turned into my second big success, Huge in a Hurry)¡K

¡K And turn all it all into a system that meets the standards of my most demanding clients - the ones who stand in line to fork over $500 an hour four times a week to train with me in person in L.A.


That means a system that gets you obvious results you can see in the mirror in just three weeks.  


And now, for the first time you can get all the benefits of training with me without the ¡§A-List¡¨ price tag because¡K


"You Can Learn -- For FREE If You Choose -- The Fat

Loss Secrets Hollywood Celebrities And Top Athletes

Will Pay Thousands For This Year¡K And Most People

Never Even Get To Hear About!"


The techniques you will discover in this system are the identical ones taught to my in-person training clients¡K with one important difference!


In the ¡§home study¡¨ version of my Body of F.I.R.E. system, you get the incredible advantage of seeing everything laid out for you in step-by-step detail (lavishly illustrated in full color) you can refer back to anytime you want¡K so it¡¦s like having access to me 24/7!


Here¡¦s what you¡¦re going to get(hint: there¡¦s even more that I describe in the video, but this is the ¡§Cliffs Notes¡¨ version)¡K  


My never-before-released Body of F.I.R.E. ¡§core manual¡¨ that includes everything you need to get started quickly and easily starting today¡K


A bonus guide that goes deep on everything I¡¦ve learned about using the food you eat as a weapon against body fat! (Think of it like ¡§weight loss Jiu-Jitsu¡¨ because you can use these simple methods to beat even the most stubborn fat by finally controlling your metabolism and forcing it to work in your favor (real $97 value)¡K


The fully illustrated step-by-step exercise guide that gives you easy instructions to make following the exercises in the Body of F.I.R.E. program as effortless as if I was standing there in person coaching you through them (even if it only took me 10 minutes to walk you through these, this would easily be a $50 value)¡K

¡K And sure, you don¡¦t get ¡§one-on-one¡¨ access to me¡K but you DO get access to me by email to answer any follow-up questions you might have (you probably won¡¦t even need it).


** I¡¦ve been told I¡¦m crazy to offer this kind of one-on-one support, and there¡¦s no guarantee I¡¦ll be able to keep offering it for long¡K get in today, though and you¡¦ll be ¡§grand fathered in¡¨ even if I take it off the table tomorrow.


Again, you DON¡¦T have to be an athlete to use this system (in fact, it will probably work EVEN BETTER for you if you¡¦re out of shape right now)¡K


¡K and the best part is, you¡¦ll never even have to set foot in a gym, or buy any expensive ¡§equipment¡¨ to get the full benefits¡K and you¡¦ll never need to go on another ¡§diet¡¨ again!


(Everything you¡¦ll discover here can be done anytime in the privacy of your own home¡K or anywhere else, whether you¡¦re at work or on vacation - and you¡¦ll be eating normal foods you actually like, so you won¡¦t be wasting energy fighting ¡§cravings¡¨)¡K 


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PLUS¡K You can get all the results you want in three weeks using my system in short, easy sessions on your schedule just a few times a week (no ¡§missed workouts¡¨ to put you back at square one, or racing to make it to the gym at the crack of dawn before all the machines are taken)¡K. 


But don't just take my word, listen to what other experts and clients say about me and the Body of F.I.R.E. program...



That¡¦s just a small ¡§taste¡¨ of what¡¦s in store for you. 


And the timing couldn¡¦t be better because¡K


"After These Three Weeks Are Up You¡¦ll Still Have

Plenty Of Summer Left To Show Off The New You!"


Let¡¦s face it - there¡¦s no more satisfying time to lose weight than right now, in the summer, when you can strip off all the stubborn fat you¡¦ve struggled with for years in just three weeks flat¡K then go to the beach and enjoy the confidence you get from showing off your results.


You need to act quickly, though - because summer¡¦s going to go fast! (And I¡¦m not sure how long this offer will stay available. After all, I¡¦m practically giving away secrets my best clients pay thousands a month to learn, and I have to be fair to them by putting a hard limit on the ¡§home study¡¨ version of my program).


PLUS¡K As a limited ¡§market test¡¨ you can download my complete Body of F.I.R.E. system for just $197 $67! 


Here¡¦s what you need to do right now¡K


Just click the ¡§Add to Cart¡¨ button below and you¡¦ll instantly be taken to the 100% secure Clickbank checkout page.


Even though you¡¦ll see results with Body of F.I.R.E. in just three weeks¡K I¡¦m giving you a full two months to try it out risk-free!


So even if you didn¡¦t start right away¡K or you just wanted to be ¡§extra sure¡¨ my system will keep working for you as long as you continue with it¡K you¡¦ve got all the time you need to watch me over-deliver on everything I¡¦ve told you about.


And during those two months (right up to the last day) you¡¦ll be completely covered by my¡K



"100% Satisfaction Guarantee"



Would I let you download my entire system without any commitment at all if I wasn¡¦t totally convinced you¡¦d be thrilled with it and never want to part with it for any price?


Of course not.


If Body of F.I.R.E. didn¡¦t exceed the expectations of everybody who tried it¡K I¡¦d go broke overnight offering this deal because¡K


¡K if for any reason (or no reason at all) you think I haven¡¦t lived up to (and if anything over-delivered on) every single one of the promises I¡¦ve made you here, I¡¦ll cheerfully buy my Body of F.I.R.E. system back from you on the spot and refund every penny you paid - and I¡¦ll even let you KEEP all the bonuses as my way of saying ¡§thank you¡¨ for giving it an honest try, no matter what. 


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I¡¦ll see you on the inside


P.S. Remember, you can use my system in the comfort of your own home, without any expensive equipment¡K gym memberships¡K or ¡§diets¡¨¡K and you¡¦ll see results just three weeks from today! 


P.P.S. You¡¦re 100% covered by my 60-day money-back guarantee: 


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P.P.P.S. You¡¦ve already seen what a raving fan of Body of F.I.R.E. champion fighter Ralek Gracie is¡K and here¡¦s what just a few of other experts have to say¡K





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