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"Here's How To Easily Walk Up To ANY Woman ANYWHERE & Spark A Desire SO INTENSE She'll Want Nothing But To Be With You Again..."

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on't say I didn't warn you. You know that everything in dating comes down to your ability to approach women.


      If you aren't constantly approaching women, you aren't meeting them. Without meeting them, nothing starts... and when nothing starts, there is NO love life for you. That's zero.. with a capital O.     

      So if you want to meet a lot of women - - to have an endless supply of "options" to choose from -- to live a life of abundance - then you must know how to approach women and start conversations when push comes to shove and not let it slip by the way most guys do.

      Quick question: Whenever you come across a woman you¡¦d like to meet...

You¡¦re ready to do it¡K but as you¡¦re about to move towards her, you just couldn¡¦t. There was just ¡¥something¡¦ stopping you. And when you¡¦ve finally gathered enough courage to do it, she¡¦s gone.

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The only thing you did was stare at her from afar; imagining something ¡¥magical¡¦ will happen between the both you... and that¡¦s the end of it
You try to act  all uber-cool, hoping she¡¦ll notice and come talk to you, but she never comes¡K
You saw your target, you¡¦re going to approach her; when it¡¦s crunch time, you suddenly think of reasons NOT to approach her... thoughts like, "my hair¡¦s not right, I¡¦m not looking my best today, she's probably taken..." or "she probably wouldn't be interested in me..."
You really want to talk to her, but have absolutely no idea "what to say"  and don't want to creep her out or make a fool of yourself in public¡K

      "How do I know?"

      Because I¡¦ve been through them myself, done it all.

Feeling Dirt Useless And NOT Knowing What To Do About It...

      Here's my story and what it means to YOU: I used to live in New York City... and beautiful, hot women seem to grow on trees in New York! Every time I left my apartment, I would see gorgeous women walking all over the place. And when I went out on weekends to the bars and clubs, it was absolute torture to see all those hot girls that I wanted to meet... but didn't know how to.      

      Sometimes I did try to approach (usually after consuming large quantities of alcohol). It never really turned into the "disaster" I'd imagined in my head -- it's not like I ever got slapped, or had a drink thrown in my face...      

      Instead, it was more like a slow-motion humiliation. I'd introduce myself, we would chit-chat for a few minutes, maybe I'd buy her a drink or two, and then...things just normally ran out of steam. As hard as I tried, I could never figure a way to keep it going...     

      That's when she would excuse herself...she'd tell me she had to get going, or had to go find her friend, or whatever... I would never have the balls to ask for her phone number, because I had no idea whether she was interested in me, or was just "humoring" me for a few minutes so she wouldn't seem rude. I hated that.

      Put another way, no matter what I did, I could never "seal the deal" & get myself a girl.... One after another, I kept getting blown off... over and over again. It was awful. It was painful. That rejection. That feeling of helplessness; that no matter how hard you try, women simply are repelled by you.

      God was it bitter. Life meant nothing to me.. it was empty, it was shit... and it sucked.

Until The Day I Met Mr X.

      Fast-forward a few years... I was now living in another big city, which also had a major nightlife scene. Nothing changed: I was still struggling to get laid because these environments were also filled with young, good-looking guys who were in better shape than me, drove nicer cars, and had more "game."      

      Intensely depressed, I was on the verge of suicide: Late one night, after spending several frustrating hours at some crowded, smoky nightclub -- trying to talk to women over ear-splitting music -- I was drowning my sorrows at the bar across the street when I noticed a dude standing next to me.      

      Truth be told, what I noticed first were four ridiculously hot women surrounding him with big *girlish* smiles on their faces. He was telling them a funny story about something, and these chicks were clinging on his every word.      

      The guy was short. 165cm max. He was wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of ripped-up jeans and sneakers. This was not a guy you would imagine insanely hot girls hanging all over. I figured he had to be a multi-millionaire, or a famous musician or actor or something. I knew ZERO what his story was.      

      All I knew was, these four Playboy Magazine-level chicks looked like they were ready to tear each others hair out to go home with him that very night! I was standing at the bar just a few feet away, observing and listening. Minutes later he told the girls he "had some plans for later on this evening" but that he would call them soon to hang out. The girls whipped out their cell phones and gave him all their numbers.      

      He gave each one of them a kiss -- and sent them on their way! He then turned to the bartender and ordered a beer. I was standing right next to him... and I leaned in and said to him, "Dude, I'm impressed..."  We got to talking, and lo and behold... it turned out this guy wasn't rich or famous.

Far From It!

      In fact, I learned that he was (of all things) an actual.... Hostage Negotiator.      

      Like you've seen on TV and in the movies. Except this guy wasn't some grizzled old hard-drinking veteran. In fact, he was the youngest Hostage Negotiator ever appointed to his team. He was young, hip and full of positive energy.       

      We started hanging out together. He showed me every after-hour nightclub and VIP room in the city, and everywhere we went, he was able to approach the hottest girls, strike up conversations and bam!

      Whatever the situation was, he could effortlessly create instant "bonds" with women, have them smiling and clawing him... within minutes! Women just wanted him... they threw themselves at him at every whim... the question then was whether he wanted them back.

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Freakin' Unbelievable!

      It didn't matter if she was surrounded by a group of women -- or guys! It didn't matter if she was sitting down in a restaurant, or on duty working as a waitress or bartender. He could approach the hottest salesgirl in a department store, say a few "magic words," and walk away with her phone number within seconds... that's 30 - 40 seconds.. I'd say the longest I've seen him get a girl's number was something like 3 mins... max. (honestly it made no differnce since he'd usually end up banging her that very same night!)      


      Even when women were cold and bitchy... it didn't matter. He had an incredible way of steering conversations into topics that made them pay attention to him, touch him... CRAVE him.   

      His conversations were "sexy-hypnotic." He would ask funny questions, tell wonderful stories, and get a woman talking about topics that puts her in a flirty, playful, sexual mood.      

      By the way, I never once saw him buy a girl a drink... usually she pays. (it wasn't about him being "cheap" was about him maintaining the "power position" in the interaction).      

      The best part?: My ENTIRE LIFE changed from then on! With Mr X as my wingman, introducing me to women, I felt INVINCIBLE. It was common for us to pick up several hot girls in one club, bring them to the next, and wind up going home with two new girls who were doubly hot!   

      Confession: I always thought of him as a "natural"-- a guy who was blessed with special chromosomes that made him irresistible to women. But as I got to know him better, I learnt that this wasn't the case.

He Used To Stutter, Shiver & Sucked At It Too!

       Seems he was just terrible. He'd been through horrible breakups, including a divorce, and there was a 2-year period where he'd just hibernate at home and cringe at the slightest thought of meeting women. 

      Still.. who knew... that in a stunning twist of events, it was also then that he first enrolled himself into "Negotiator Bootcamp". The one single bootcamp that would change his life forever. *The* one single bootcamp that proudly "got" him (at last count) 344 *free* lays to date.    

      Here's why -- Whenever he got called into a "negotiation" -- whether it was a guy threatening to jump off a building, or a bunch of bank robbers who were holed up inside a bank with hostages -- he knew precisely how to manage their stress levels...gain their a bond with them...and guide the situation towards the resolution that he wanted.      

      He was damn good at his job. But it was highly stressful, as you can imagine. Sometimes these negotiations took 10 or 12 hours. Sometimes longer. And to help himself "decompress" after a long shift, he started going to bars and clubs to let off "steam".     

      ... And this is when this success rate with women suddenly began to explode! Now, when he would talk to women, he would subconsciously slip into "Negotiator mode" and build bonds with them -- the same way he does in his job.

"Trigger Words" And How It Will Get You ANY Woman You  Want.

      He knew the "trigger words" and topics to avoid, because they elevate a person's stress levels. (Most guys say and do exactly what they're not supposed to do, and have no idea that they're blowing their chances!)       

      He also knew the words and topics that will build a bridge with a person and make them feel calm, comfortable, and "bonded" to you. You know what? I spent the last 5 years picking his brains about this, and I found that these same tactics and principles can be directly applied to the art of approaching, flirting and seduction.           

      Since then, I've spent years traveling the world, hooked up with hundreds of women and hanging out with some of the world's top pickup artists and dating coaches. I've written a series of best-selling books about my experiences and techniques -- which elevated me from "frustrated nice guy" to someone the global media would listen to.

      My techniques work for ANYONE, especially the regular, normal guys all over the world; irrespective of age, race or culture. In fact, my seduction methods are so "spot on" that it quickly drew scorching hot reviews from:

      ... and many other "big name" media houses couldn't shut their trap about it - mainly because it flat out... WORKED.

      Now don't get me wrong: I'm not telling you this to brag, or boast, but to make a point: I know what I'm talking about... and I'm damn sure what I'm about to share with you in the next few minutes will BLOW you away!

"It's Now YOUR Turn!"

      If you're ready to finally kiss your fears of walking up to women goodbye --- and give yourself the priceless skill of being able to approach any woman in any situation... spark her attraction for you INSTANTLY... and leave with her wanting you... I have some exciting news for you...      

      I've spent the last few months putting together a brand new, one-of-a-kind program on "The Ultimate Approach: Approaching Women And Starting Conversations"... and it's finally ready to rock. This program is not designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of approaching women... and it's not just going to give you a few great lines and techniques...      

      What this program is designed to do is to completely IMPLANT the skill of approaching women into your game, brain, and personality... and make it a permanent part of you.

     Here is a very small sample of the *breakthrough* techniques you'll learn in this program:

  • How to handle any objection from women such as ¡§why are you talking to us¡¨, ¡§don¡¦t you have anyone else here to talk to¡¨, ¡§I¡¦m not interested¡¨, etc... and still end up setting a date with her

  • The 3 magic words to say to a woman the moment you approached her that gets HER interested and do ALL the talking

  • Exactly what to say to women who are ¡¥on the go¡¦ to stop whatever they¡¦re doing and have a stimulating conversation with you instead

  • A broken down and explained structure on exactly what to SAY and DO right after you've approached a woman to get her curious about YOU

  • A smooth and charming way to easily meet women who are sitting or standing around you... at ANY place!

  • Story-telling: How to use simple everyday stories to grab a woman's attention and have her engrossed in every little word you say

  • Hilarious one-liners to "turn the tables" that changes the dynamics of the interaction to make it look like THEY are the ones picking YOU up (Women absolutely LOVE this and can never seem to get enough of it!)

  • The 4 crucial words you must say immediately after you¡¦ve approached a woman to ensure she stays and continues talking to you

  • How to touch a woman the right way upon first meeting her (without creeping or freaking her out) that can easily lead to hand-holding, closing with a kiss or even bringing her home later

  • ¡§Word for word¡¨ questions you can ask to build instant connection & rapport to get a woman you¡¦ve just met to open herself up to you & secretly have that ¡§Oh my God, we¡¦re sooo connecting with each other!¡¨ thoughts as you¡¦re talking to her.

  • Hilarious one-liners you can use to get women laughing in seconds and enjoy your company even if you previously sucked at making jokes.

  • How to easily implant an impenetrable positive mental shield for yourself¡K that even the harshest, most downgrading rejections bounces off it

  • How to increase the effectiveness of your ¡§rehearsed¡¨ routines by making them appear as the most spontaneous things to catch women¡¦s attention and talk to you¡K (it works every time!)

  • ¡§Mindset transformation¡¨ that will DRASTICALLY change the way you look at approaching women FOREVER. When you know this, you¡¦ll finally know why & how successful ¡¥naturals¡¦ easily ¡§turn the tables¡¨ on women and have them make you the ¡§bait¡¨ they should ¡¥work¡¦ hard for¡K and NOT the other way around

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  • A simple technique on how to smoothly walk up to ANY woman and strike up fun-filled, playful, flirtatious conversations and instantly have her feeling that funny ¡¥I don¡¦t know what¡¦s with this guy, but I just want to be around him¡¦ vibe within the first few minutes of interaction 

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

You¡¦ll Learn How To Open Beautiful Women And Groups Anywhere With New Relaxed Confidence & Style¡K

      I'm talking about some of the "juiciest" techniques that's never been shared before like:

  • How to effectively approach and open up groups of women who looks "off limits" and have THEM ask YOU to join in and "roll" with them.

  • A smooth way to approach women who are already with other guys without creating any uncomfortable vibes within the group

  • How to ethically "use" your female friends to meet MORE women as you're out with them with little or no effort on your part

  • Word-for-word lines to bust on women and flirt with them the moment you talk to them that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • A step-by-step detailed plan on how to walk up to ANY woman, get her number or email and have her desperately EAGER to contact YOU the following day

  • A sneaky yet crafty way to have women secretly wishing to talk to you BEFORE you even approach them (I¡¦ve tried this and I can proudly say this technique works EVERY time!)

  • You¡¦ll learn about 2 surefire calming exercises you can use during your most crucial moments before opening ¡¥sets¡¦ to effectively overcome these fears to approach women in a laid-back, relaxed state

  • The single most important rule you MUST follow to ¡¥get it right¡¦ when approaching women that are SUPER attractive (yes, these women get ¡¥hit¡¦ on ALL THE TIME, this is the only technique you can use to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the 100 others that have approached her!)

  • Real Proven Game openers with ¡¥word-for-word¡¦ scripts that one can use ANYWHERE, be it in bars, clubs, the local shopping mall, the library, gym, etc... and how they work WITHOUT ever getting rejected or being blown away

  • How to quickly come up with riveting ¡¥killer¡¦, natural, yet highly effective openers on the fly¡K even if you¡¦ve never approached anyone before in your lifetime!

  • Exposed! A shocking new discovery on how to INTEGRATE the learned/canned techniques in a way that is completely in line with your own personal characteristics and style (I guarantee you won¡¦t find this piece of information anywhere but here..)

  • A down and dirty look into the true art of using teasing & playful conversation techniques to create sexual chemistry with the woman you¡¦re with¡K even if you are of a more "uptight" character ie. someone who's not the "playful", "fun" sort of guy!

  • How to make any conversation 'interesting' enough & keep it going in order ignite the inner attraction within her

  • Learn about cool, natural ways to 'spice up', turn the conversation to sex and turn her 'on' in the course of interaction & instantly amp up HER attraction for you in the process!

  • A lot has been discussed on the topic of flirting with women. Unfortunately no one goes to detail about what it really means. Here, you¡¦ll discover the 7 best ways to 'seductively' flirt with a woman (all broken down and explained)¡K

... and a whole lot more!


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"This Program Serves Up Tons Of Scenarios And Suggestions To Help Unleash The Mack In All Of Us..."

"Refreshing, humorous, and on-point from start to finish, this training you're giving is clearly in a league of its own.

From meeting women and steering the encounter in the right direction, to eliminating your fears and heightening your level of self-confidence, this program serves up tons of scenarios and suggestions to help unleash the Mack in all of us." ~~ A. Smith Wyoming

"This Training Is The Missing Link All This While! It Is An Explosion Of Fresh Ideas, Clever Techniques, And A Very Unique Twist..."

"I've read a number of books in the dating/seduction genre, a lot of which tend to recycle the same information. This training is the missing link all this while! It is an explosion of fresh ideas, clever techniques, and a very unique twist: a Hostage Negotiator actually helped write it!

This provides an incredible understanding of the power of words and phrasing, and how to quickly create bonds with people, keep a conversation flowing, and ultimately get what you want. It explains how to take Negotiator techniques and apply them to how you interact with women, with your boss, anyone who you want a tactical advantage with. The methods it teaches are easy to follow and apply"

~~ P Martinez Nevada

"It Shows Men How To Approach And Communicate With Women With Confidence, Decency, And Style, Without Allowing Themselves To Be Compromised, Or Victimized, By The Current Feminized Expectations Of Manhood..."

"It's way better than I ever imagined it would be. I signed up with skepticism, I'm now your loyal apprentice. It shows men how to approach and communicate with women with confidence, decency, and style, without allowing themselves to be compromised, or victimized, by the current feminized expectations of manhood.

What you learn through these well-explained techniques carries over into all aspects of your life. I wish someone had taught me these lessons when I was younger; it would've saved me many years of mostly unsuccessful relationships with the opposite sex. Highly recommended."

~~ R Campbell Montana

"I've Used Them And They Will Further Your Conversations. And Of Course You Have To Run Through The Section On Conversation Control. These Training Uses A Lot Of Definitions That Are Easy To Understand, Remember And Most Importantly APPLY..."

"This training arms you with powerful tools for interacting with people, specifically women. The modules on I.O.U.s and Hypotheticals are gold.

I've used them and they will further your conversations. And of course you have to run through the sections on Conversation Control. These training uses a lot of definitions that are easy to understand, remember and most importantly APPLY.

The biggest nugget I got out the program was how to collect Intel, and how to have the right conversational topics figured out in advance. I'd recommend anyone who's looking for guidance to join and follow, follow, follow."

~~ E Bell California

"I Have Read Every Dating Book On The Market And This One Is The First To Make The Gradual Transition From Basics To Advanced, Without Being Too Wordy..."

"Your training program has truly changed my way of looking at dating. The chapter on Hypotheticals are pure genius. I have read every dating book on the market and this one is the first to make the gradual transition from basics to advanced, without being too wordy.

I am a college professor in Iowa and am considering using this book for our Communications series. Bang up job.

Grab this one!"

~~ F Bailey Florida, US


      I know that this sounds a little "hard to believe", but the undeniable "success stories" and results for those who have used it don't lie. I admit, they are unusual and they are contrarian but they are also universally applicable to any "dead-duck" impossible situation you can possibly get into.

So Why Are You Giving It All Away For FREE??! What's the Catch?

      Two reasons.

      1 -- I want you to spread the word about my upcoming exclusive "Bullet-Proof Seduction™ " Grandmasters Advanced Level Training Program.

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      Because our team has spent the last 10 years perfecting these methods, networking with the top pickup artists around the world, we have a HUMUNGOUS archive of material; with well over 700+ pages of notes, 56+ hours of hidden cam (pick-up, attraction, sexual escalation, seduction) videos, CD recordings, mp3 audios, video tutorials, etc. --- which are still rapidly piling up as I'm sitting here writing this (We've kept this "stuff" tightly under wraps until now.).

      So if you want our approach book FREE OF CHARGE , we want to give it to you... but we want you to listen out for the name "Bullet-Proof Seduction™ ", because pretty soon you'll be hearing A LOT about it from every nook and corner of the Internet, and when you're completely obsessed by the results you'll be getting just from using this material alone, you'll be begging to register for our mastery advanced classes, "secret archives" and joining our "underground" community then.

      2 -- I Want YOUR Freakin' Success Story.

      I truly want to help people experience the kind of success these guys have enjoyed¡Kcall it ego.
I want AS MANY success stories as I can get this time around, and this is my way of pulling all the stops to make it happen... by giving you my very first gem... FREE.

      Of course, it's definitely a financial gamble for me to do this. And that's one of the reasons why you have to download everything for FREE and activate your free membership right now because...

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We'll talk to you again on the inside,


    Dean Cortez                                     Simon H

P.S - What you'll find inside will reawaken you to the great feeling of being back in control... and bring you closer to your own goals of endless OPTIONS and POWER over women coupled with nightly romps of amazing, out-of-this-world SEX. Seeing and understanding how this kind of success really gets done is inspiring. This isn't work -- it's more like reviewing the itinerary of the BEST trip you've ever planned for!

Successful people make quick decisions and change them slowly while unsuccessful people make slow decisions and change them quickly. Who do you want to be?

YES! I Want To Download Everything FREE Now!


Check Out What Other Members Are Saying:

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"Women Keep Telling Me What An Attractive, Funny Guy I Am, And They Even Buy Me Drinks! And That's Just The Weekends... Every Day, If I'm At Work, The Mall, The Gym... I'm Always Meeting Women And Building New Connections..."

"I've been testing these tactics and ALL of them are working for me. Women keep telling me what an attractive, funny guy I am, and they even buy me drinks! And that's just the weekends... every day, if I'm at work, the mall, the gym... I'm always meeting women and building new connections.

As a bonus, work is better too -- I've been promoted, and I'm now the most successful salesman in a nationwide company.

This is proof that when you master your 'Inner Game,' as this program shows you how to do, you can conquer any area of your life. I can't thank you enough."

Vidar, Norway

"This Is Something That All Of Us Need, Not Just In Scenarios Where We Meet Women, But In ALL Areas Of Life."

"Last New Year's, I made a resolution that I would become a more self-confident and assertive individual. A few weeks afterwards, I met a friend who told me about your stuff, and how it's loaded with information on how to be confident and comfortable with meeting new women and being able to talk to them. I was skeptical but curious at the same time.

The day I signed up, it glued me in. This is the type of stuff that I wish I had when I was growing up as a teenager as it would have helped me avoid many useless dates, bad relationships, and the wrong women.

It's filled with information on not only how to talk to women, and what signs to look for in certain situations, but it also helps you to develop greater confidence and the right attitude. This is something that all of us need, not just in scenarios where we meet women, but in all areas of life. Your training program is a must recommend, and I highly encourage ANYONE to sign up and stick to the program from start to finish" Sterling W Auckland, NZ

"It's The Weekly Action Plans You Laid Out That Makes It All Become So DO-ABLE And REAL..."

"Finally... a one-stop-shop that really goes deep into they way it really is!! To me, your training is not just a program on how to pick up women.

This is a program that provides the tools to discovering your true self and being true to who you really are! Mixed in with some great tips and amazing insight, it easily gets 5 stars any day of the week.

Thank you! Thank you thank you for finally creating something that every guy can relate to, learn and to put into ACTION. I feel it's the weekly action plans you laid out that makes it all become so DO-ABLE and REAL. It's in the baby steps that makes things happen. I see that you're truly in this to sincerely help guys like us and I really appreciate that.

And the results I have seen in myself and with women have been through the roof!"

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~~ M Rogers Sydney, Aus

"This Program Taught Me An Incredible Number Of Strategies And Techniques, But In The Final Analysis, It Showed Me How To Unlock My Own, Authentic Nature."

"As I learned from your program, I had several `aha!' moments where I reflected on my past behavior with women...and realized that I'd been taking the wrong approach for years. (Me, and just about every guy I know!)

This program taught me an incredible number of strategies and techniques, but in the final analysis, it showed me how to unlock my own, authentic nature. This has been priceless for me.

Now, every day, I look forward to having fun, positive conversations with all kinds of women and I always feel like I'm in control of the situation.

Even though I'm in a relationship now with a 100% loving, feminine woman (thanks to you), it's my duty as a Mack to put a smile on every woman's face. Please let your readers know about the amazing impact this has had on my life. I'll keep you posted on my progress, Dean. Thanks again."

David S, U.K.

"I Feel Revitalized Going Through Your Entire Program, It Helped `Gel' Everything Together..."

"Simon, This stuff is awesome! Your re-branding technique was AWESOME how could I not see it that way before! I own a couple of seduction program but this was the one I  needed all this while! You highlighted A LOT of the mistakes I did when I tried to win her over. What gave me the most value was how you your day-to-day instructions on how to turn things around, I lost all hope the day she said she only want to be friends.

The inner game modules helped more than I could imagine, you're right, it was had so much more do with myself as a person compared to the techniques I wanted to learn. Thanks again, I feel revitalized going through your entire program, it helped `gel' everything together. And that's why I'm writing you a glowing story. It really works! From your jealousy amplifier, role reversals, physical conditioning to "pp" techniques, you WOMAN! Are you sure you're not a woman??!! lol."

~~ Tom S, Idaho

"...About An Hour Ago, She Came Over And Asked ME To Be Her Boyfriend...!"


Loved the videos, it gave me all the info needed to become the man I needed to be. I'm 26, fairly good looking, nicely sculpted body but somehow couldn't get my crush to see me as more than a friend.

Skipping all that, I gave her our first kiss 5 days ago, she was obviously ecstatic about it, the fire in her eyes whenever she sees me now, it's an AMAZING feeling! And guess what?? About an hour ago, she came over and asked ME to be her boyfriend!!! Can you believe that?? SHE ASKED ME!! Woooo!!!

I couldn't have done it without your help Simon and I owe what I'm having now, this amazingly beautiful girl with me, to you. That's why I'm writing this, feel free to use it anyway you want to, it's the LEAST I could do for all you've done for me.. Thanks again man you ROCK!"

~~ Peter C, Consultant, NY



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Full Blog: Why Go For Wholesale Burglar Alarm? Do you feel that your simple door sensors are not just enough to make you feel secure against thieves? Are you thinking of buying other security gadgets to protect your home from unwanted visitors? Or perhaps you are considering an upgrade to the latest anti-burglar devices in the market? Really, what are the best burglar alarms to buy? You can make most of your cash if you buy burglar alarms in wholesale. In a wholesale package, burglar alarms of different types are sorted to serve your security needs. Most sellers of alarm systems give you more options with their offered packages, so you can be assured of a cost-effective deal. The most common wholesale alarm systems include the following devices: Control Panels If the human body has the brain, your alarm system has the Control Panel. The Control Panel is the main processing body of the system. This is where the AC power, keypad, siren, and other elements of the security system are interconnected. Keypads Basically, keypads are connected to the main control. It displays the status of the burglar alarm system. Other features are available depending on the model of the keypad. Actually, there are four kinds of keypads you can select from. These are: * LCD Alpha English Hardwired * LED keypads * Fixed display wired keypads * Wireless keypads Motion Detector Motion detectors are mostly used if no one is home. They are pretty futile if you’re at home. This gives you a little assurance that your home is safe even if you are away. Motion detectors are commonly placed where the biggest area of the house floor can be seen. Usually, they are installed facing the backside of the house. You may also decide to mount another detector in the hallway of the second floor. For additional security, you can set-up another unit in your bedroom. Glass Break Detectors Glass break detectors are usually installed throughout the first floor and the basement. These devices serve as your primary protection for your window and door switches. Glass break detectors depend on the sounds that they “hear? They easily react to sounds that may have potential threats. “Smart?models have excellent standards for sensitivity as well as immunity to misleading or fake alarms. Outdoor and Indoor Siren You have a wide selection as to where to place your sirens at home. Most people prefer fixing them in the attic vents, wall vents, under the eaves of the roofs, or a tall building side wall. You may also choose to put them above the closet or tall furniture, in the basement, and bedrooms. When setting up a siren, just make sure that it will be out of reach of anybody who may try to remove it. However, if it can really be accessed, be sure that the unit has a built-in siren tamper. The alarm will automatically set off in case somebody tries to move the unit from the place where it is fixed. Smoke Detectors Some wholesale packages of burglar alarms are not just dedicated in handling intrusion, but as well as fire. These devices are basically available in hardwired and wireless versions. Some alarm systems are made of combinations of the two. Other optional accessories include backup batteries, transformers, voice dialers, and wireless receivers.

Free Reviews: Answering Advertisements on Craigslist Craigslist is an online community which has a great deal to offer to both individuals and business owners. Some of the features on Craigslist include sections for community events, activities and news, personals advertisements, discussion forums, housing opportunities, for sale items, services offered, small business advertisements, jobs and resumes. While some of these sections such as the discussion forum and parts of the community section exist exclusively for the purpose of exchanging information or ideas, other sections such as the personals, housing, sale, services, job and resume sections provide the opportunity for users to respond to advertisements for more information or to make a purchase. In these cases uses should exercise caution. This article will focus on specific precautions which should be taken when answering advertisements in the personals, housing and jobs sections of Craigslist. Answering Personals Advertisements The personals section of Craigslist can be a great place for individuals to meet platonic friends or potential romantic partners. However, it can also be a location for predators to prey on unsuspecting victims who do not realize the threat of danger which may exist with meeting online partners in person. One of the simplest ways to avoid potentially harmful situations is to never agreeing to meet someone in a desolate location. Initial meetings should take place in busy, public locations to minimize the potential for danger. Predators are much less likely to attempt to harm you in a public location. Additionally, it is wise to not travel to a secluded location with someone you don’t know until you are positive they do not intend to do you any harm. Precautions should also be taken to avoid giving out personal information such as your address to those you meet online. The Internet affords a certain degree of anonymousness and some unscrupulous individuals can take advantage of this to mask their true identity. Answering Housing Advertisements The housing advertisements on Craigslist offer opportunities for those who are seeking housing situations such as rental of a housing location, roommate opportunities, sublets or house swaps. Care should be taken in all of these opportunities to ensure the person you are working with does not have any ill intentions towards you. This can be done by carefully screening all potential roommates or others who might be using your house or apartment. When selecting a potential roommate it is important to verify the individual is trustworthy and able to pay the rent. It is also important to seek out an individual with living habits similar to your own to avoid the potential for conflict. Answering Job Advertisements Craigslist is an excellent location for finding exciting new career opportunities. There are many different job advertisements in a variety of different categories. These job opportunities include full time, part time, telecommute and contract positions. The downside to answering job advertisements on Craigslist is the advertisements are often placed anonymously. Those who place the advertisements are given the opportunity to either use their own email address for candidates to respond or to have candidates respond through an email address generated by Craigslist. Therefore, candidates do not always know who has placed the advertisements. For this reason care should be taken when responding to these advertisements to avoid supplying specific contact information. Candidates are instead urged to supply only an email address when responding to advertisements. PPPPP Word count 559

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Article Page: For twenty years Oglethorpe's colony struggled on under great difficulties and discouragements, 'Wars with France and with Spain ; tiresome squabbles with and among Methodist missionaries, all combined to make Oglethorpe's position hard. Again and again England would have lost her colony except for the unswerving fidelity of the Indian allies; they gath- ered by hundreds to fight for Oglethorpe. In one expedition against the frontier, four hundred Creeks and six hundred Cherokees set out in one day, under an urgent call for help sent by Indian runners to their towns. His Indian friends were the only friends Oglethorpe had who stood by him past everything: nothing conld shake their fidelity. " He is poor ; he can give you nothing," said the St. Au- gustine Spaniards to a Creek chief at this time ; " it is foolish