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From: Neil Pesce

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Location: Azeroth

Dear Smart Warcraft Gamer,

I¡¦m going to wager a small bet right now. You¡¦re exhausted by having to go around and try to learn the secrets to making real WoW Gold....am I right?

You know exactly what I¡¦m talking about. The so called ¡§insider¡¨ secrets that you¡¦ve been looking for on the forums and in other gold guides. The ones that say they have it all.

Don¡¦t worry ¡V this isn¡¦t another one of those. In fact, keep reading and I¡¦ll spill the beans on that exact secret in just a few moments.

And no this isn¡¦t another trick. I¡¦m not some ghost writer from the middle of nowhere who¡¦s never played this game before. I¡¦m the real deal and I have the secret you¡¦ve been hunting.

And I¡¦m going to reveal it in just a few short paragraphs.

But, before any of that, I want to tell you a bit about myself ¡V the guy who finally got the secrets and managed to put it all together.

My name is Neil. I¡¦m just 23 years old and I¡¦ve been playing World of Warcraft since the days it was still just a beta floating around the net in secrecy.

I was there for the launch and both the expansions. I saw exactly how hard it was to get that gold.

Whenever new content would hit, I would sit and beg for gold. I would practically prostrate myself in hopes of getting that not new gear.

Yeah¡Kpeople didn¡¦t like me much

Don¡¦t worry, it managed to get worse before it got better....

I actually had friends ¡V people I spent time with in real life and who I really respected ¡V tell me to get off their coat tails and start farming some gold on my own.

Can you feel me flinch? I ran back to my burrow from there and started spending hours every day farming gold. I wasn¡¦t going to be the idiot who didn¡¦t know what he was doing anymore.

I would at least know how to farm some freaking gold.

I managed to get some gold ¡V a bit of it anyways. I could cover my repairs and buy the consumables I needed. But, when everyone else got rich at the first expansion launch, where was I? Farming in the old world¡K.like a schmuck.

And I was spending 10+ hours a day playing this game and I was getting nothing out of it.

Huge Waste!

What¡¦s worse, I was not having any fun in the process. Who would, really? Farming gold in WoW is by far one of the least fun thing I can think of to do on the Internet. No one should be stuck doing that when they could be enjoying life.

So, I started experimenting. I tried the Auction House¡K.

And lost hundreds of gold trying to do something only the truly dedicated have time for. I wanted to save time, not spend more of it.

But, I was desperate. I wanted to make more gold and stop spending hours a day on WoW.

But, everything I tried failed¡Kand failed again¡Kand again.


I could buy items. I could farm items. But, flipping them all for a profit was next to impossible.

I lost a LOT of gold ¡V more than you¡¦ve probably ever made¡Kand I spent real cash on some of that gold.

But, then something happened to me.

I started to make a profit. I experimented with some new ideas I¡¦d had and one day I logged on to see that I¡¦d made a tidy profit.

It wasn¡¦t much but it was my first real profit in a long time.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm being rude here. Let me backup a little by giving you this....

Free Introductory Report

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Just let me know where to send the report to...

Cataclysm Gold Free Report 

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Where was I... Ah yes...

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And like any good entrepreneur, I did it again, but tweaked it to get more profit. I kept tweaking and kept making a bit more¡K

And then it all crumbled down.

Yeah, you guessed it ¡V Blizzard nerfed the whole thing, taking away the items I was making such a big profit on. Arggggh.

I had been pulling it off, about to make a huge profit.

But, then Blizzard threw a wrench into the mix and there it went ¡V down the drain.

But, that didn¡¦t necessarily stop me. I started to think ¡V what if there was a way to make gold that would keep coming in, no matter what Blizzard nerfed or what expansions came out?

I had a new goal and so I started experimenting with it ¡V trying new strategies and techniques, pushing to get it all to work in tandem.

Guess what ¡V I started making gold.

A LOT of it.

The simplest, easiest things in the world turned out to be exactly what I should have been doing in the first place.

I started making more gold, then as much as I was making before, then a LOT more than that.

Not just that, but making gold was fun ¡V a lot of fun. It didn¡¦t take much time before I was dictating the economy of the game, making gold hand over fist.

I shared some tactics with friends just to see if I had gotten lucky, and before I knew it they were rich too.

Different servers, different farming methods, and all the same results ¡V massive profits.

I made over 100,000 gold that first month¡K

wow gold cap 

wow gold limit screenshot

And I cut my play time down to just a couple hours a day. I was making gold in my sleep, spending more time with my family and having a hell of a time doing it all.

I stumbled right into the perfect gold making secret¡Kthe simplest thing I had ever seen and the source of HUGE profits no matter what happened in the game.

It was right in front of me. And guess what ... Now it's right here...

"Introducing Cataclysm Gold Secrets. . . " 


cataclysm gold

Find a simple system that you know will work for some gold, then systemize it and do it over and over again until you make a LOT of gold¡K

Guess what I did? I made a lot of gold and now I have the brought that income producing method to you ¡V here today. I¡¦ve been passing these methods around a bit now and they¡¦re turning out massive profits for friends that were just as bad off as me when this whole thing got started.

I wasn¡¦t just getting lucky. I¡¦d stumbled upon a secret that I could share with everyone. And I knew that there were people who needed this information, who are begging just like I was in the forums and in the trade channels.

I could give you this system right now, show you what to buy, what professions to have, and how to setup your auctions and you could make some cash almost instantly.

You¡¦re probably wondering what¡¦s going to happen when these secrets get unleashed on everyone at once ¡V won¡¦t they stop working when everyone¡¦s doing the same thing?

Nope¡Knot even close.

I can practically guarantee you that these secrets won¡¦t over saturate your server. I was giving these tips away to people I have known for years and not a single problem popped up because of it.

Your server is loaded with gold making methods ¡V thousands of them right now¡K

Once you have my secrets in hand, it won¡¦t matter if you have a million competitors or three ¡V you¡¦ll be on your way to riches either way.

Cataclysm Is On the Way. . .

Right now, we¡¦re only a few months away from the biggest new expansion to hit World of Warcraft since it was released. Cataclysm is going to turn this entire game on its head.

Blizzard is talking about expanding the gold cap to accommodate the cost of the new items in the expansion. Are you serious? That gold cap is already over 214,000 gold!

And the big boys are saying we¡¦ll need even more?!

Yeah, you¡¦re going to need to get as much gold as possible and that¡¦s where my guide comes in ¡V the secrets and strategies that you¡¦ve been searching for since you first logged on to the

Internet and heard about World of Warcraft almost 6 years ago.

These strategies are designed to keep working for months to come ¡V even when Cataclysm hits.

So, why would you go with the other, constantly out of date strategies when you could use my gold secrets to make a fortune before Cataclysm hits?

¡§I Get it , this Thing is Awesome ¡V How Much?¡¨

Before all that, let me tell you just how much gold this thing can make you. For example, I will be able to show you how to make a system that will immediately start making you over 10,000 gold every day you login ¡V with minimal work output.

With that much gold every week, you could own every single thing you would ever want ¡V the mounts, the gear, the consumables¡K.all yours.

This isn¡¦t 300+ pages of junk that won¡¦t get anything done for you, and only waste your time. This is a guide that is full of discreet, potent secrets that create gold making systems designed to make you rich.

We¡¦re talking about creating a simple system and pouring all of your time and resources into making that system work. And guess what? You don¡¦t have to work for the gold ¡V just set it up and it comes pouring in.

Just imagine waking up one day to see that you have pages upon pages of gold waiting for you in your mailbox.

Imagine, doubling your characters ¡V setting this system up on two characters¡Kor three. Now we¡¦re talking about 200,000 gold a week¡K.a WEEK! That¡¦s almost impossible to fathom..and yet it¡¦s being done.

This system creates possibilities that are endless, and you¡¦re going to need those possibilities if you really want to be competitive when Cataclysm hits.

Now, with all that in mind ¡V with a system that could make you hundreds of thousands of gold a month ¡V how much would you pay for that system?

A gold selling site would charge you $7 for 1,000 gold. You¡¦d need $70 to buy just one batch of 10,000 gold. Sure, they have some discounts, but then you¡¦re still paying over $50 for 10,000 gold.

Let¡¦s not forget the massive risks of getting your account banned too¡Kno one wants that.

Never take that risk ¡V it¡¦s not worth losing years of your hard work on your WoW account just to have some quick, expensive gold.

Especially when I have a system that will change your gold farming techniques forever. Now, I¡¦ll ask you again ¡V how much would you pay for 10,000 gold a day¡Kor for even more than that.

Some of my guildies tell me $297 is a good price or that $197 is a steal.

Stop worrying. I¡¦m not going to sell it for nearly that much. I¡¦m here to help you, not the other way around.

That¡¦s why, if you act right now, you can get my Cataclysm Gold Secrets guide ¡V to help you prepare for Cataclysm immediately ¡V for just $47.

 ** Special Launch Offer Now Only $27. Only 12 copies left! **

The Ultimate Guarantee

I don¡¦t want you to walk away from here today thinking that you need to part with your hard earned money permanently for a chance to get some big gold.

I¡¦ve seen the other guides and their offers and I can see your nervousness. That¡¦s why I am going to offer you a one of a kind warrantee you won¡¦t see anywhere else.

If you act right now, and try out my Cataclysm Gold Secrets, you¡¦ll be able to try the guide without any risk for 60 full days.

No hassle, no reasons for a return ¡V just 60 full days to check out what makes my guide the best on the market. If you don¡¦t make 10,000 gold a day and don¡¦t have the stuff you need send it back for a refund.

No questions asked.

Seriously, you could not like the font and I¡¦ll send you your money back without a second thought.

I won¡¦t even ask you to show that you tried these secrets. If you don¡¦t like the guide, send it back ¡V that¡¦s all there is to it. This is completely, absolutely risk free and it¡¦s crazy on my end. But, I¡¦m that confident in what I¡¦ve written.

So, take me up on it, because you¡¦ll never find an offer like this anywhere else.

Yes! I want access to the Cataclysm Gold Secrets now to Start Making Huge Piles of Gold

This is a deal you¡¦re not going to find anywhere else. Seriously, I¡¦ve seen the other guides and know what they cost. This is the best and it¡¦s downright insane if you ask anyone else out there. I know this guide will work for you.

But, to make sure you give it a fair shot, I¡¦m going to do something crazy and drop the price even lower than my rock bottom early pricing.

$27 is a very special, limited time launch price¡K.

I have a limited number of copies at this extremely low price. Once they sell, I¡¦m setting it back to the original price of $47. That will be the last chance you have to get this incredible deal¡Kperiod.

This is a deal you¡¦re not going to get anywhere else. It¡¦s literally insane and I can guarantee it will not last much longer.

These are strategies I¡¦ve put to the test time and again and I know are working as we speak. They will make you HUGE piles of gold, but only if you act fast.

These are unique, original secrets you won¡¦t find anywhere else online.

Everything you need is in this set and if you act now, you¡¦ll have the only gold system you¡¦ll ever need to hit the gold cap before Cataclysm lands.

Want to prepare for Cataclysm with a massive pile of gold? Then you need to step up and check out this guide immediately.

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Yes, Neil! I'm In!

cataclysm gold

I understand I¡¦m about to turn my gold fortunes around forever.

I¡¦m aware these strategies have been optimized for Cataclysm and all new WoW content.

I understand that this guide will change my WoW account and how I play for months to come.

Right now, you have one of two options:

  1. You can sit back and do nothing while everyone around you starts prepping for Cataclysm and you waste time grinding with tired old strategies. If you do that, you¡¦ll always need to work for gold and will spend 10+ hours a day farming just to stay caught up. Good luck with Cataclysm.

  2. You can step up and save yourself time, money, and a huge headache by farming on Gold with the best strategies on the planet for pre-Cataclysm play.

Over 90% of gold making in World of Warcraft comes down to simple knowledge. I have that knowledge and I¡¦m ready to share. But you need to take the leap and prepare to make the big cash you¡¦ll need to prep for Cataclysm super early.

The price is limited, the supplies are running low and your neighbors are already beating you. You cannot wait another minute. Act now¡K.

(Clickbank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in

digitally delivered products.)


Note: Upon completion of payment, click on "Return to Merchant" and Clickbank will direct you to a page to the members area. This means that you can receive the whole package at anytime of the day, even at 2 a.m!


To your success,
Neil Pesce.

P.S. There are no hidden costs on this puppy. Order today for the super low price of $27 and you¡¦ll have everything you need laid out in front of you on day one. It¡¦s step by step, it¡¦s easy to follow, and it¡¦s world class.

P.P.S. I don¡¦t want any misunderstandings ¡V if you order Cataclysm gold Secrets today, you¡¦ll have 60 full days to try it risk free. If you so much as don¡¦t like the font, send me an email and I¡¦ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. Still not sure I could possibly make this much gold without spending hours of my life online? Believe it. I have a job. I have a girlfriend. I have a lot of things keeping me very busy and this guide is the fruit of all that labor.

But, if for some reason, you still cannot get this system to work for you, you never need to worry. This thing is on a risk free guarantee for 60 full days.  You cannot lose.

Yes Neil! Take Me To the Member's Area Now!



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