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Even if you don・t know jack about Internet or online marketing 

Even if you・ve promoted multiple products as an affiliate and none of them have made a profit 

Even if you・ve tried everything you can think of and nothing has worked 

Even if you・re dead broke & only have a few hours a week to spare

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From: Paul Walker

Re: How To Quickly Rake In Thousands of Dollar Per Month With Clickbank On Autopilot

Dear Friend,

I'm going to cut straight to the chase, because there really isn't any time to waste if you want to avoid falling behind completely in your market. I・ll tell you more about my system in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself, because from the very start, I want you to know... 


Who Am I to Talk about Making Money 

Hi, my name is Paul Walker, and I have spent the past few years as an information product marketer, working with ClickBank as a publisher and as an affiliate. I・ve helped many ordinary people just like you to make fast and easy money online.

You see, the difference between myself and some other so called marketing gurus out there is that, I not only talk the talk, but I also walk the walk.

Over the years, I have made over a million dollar in sales promoting other people's products. In fact, right now I am making over $38,000 per month as an affiliate promoting information products through ClickBank.
I don't mean to brag. In fact, I was not always that lucky. When I started out, I was flat broke! Frustrated making no red cents month after month.

My life has completely changed since the day I discovered how to make money with Clickbank. I・m talking about life-changing income that has allowed me to take vacations and live in a house I never imagined I would live in.

But instead of showing you fancy sport cars, expensive yachts or huge mansions like some 'so-called' gurus did, how about I show you the real proof of my Clickbank income. Watch the live recording of one of my Clickbank accounts below...

Watch The Proofs of My Clickbank Income

(click the play button to watch-click pause for the video to load if your internet is slow)

But don・t get me wrong, it・s not about me. The bottom line is about YOU!
I went through all of this, because I know that with the increased popularity of the Internet, there are people claiming to be things that they・re not and there are a lot of worthless material floating around, so from the start, I wanted you to know that you・ve found the real deal.
You see, where you are right nowK..I・ve been there and done that, so I know how hard it is for you right now and how frustrating it feels to put a lot of effort, only to experience little or even no results.

But now, I am about to shock you with a cold hard truth.

Making money online is easy. And especially...


Making Money from Clickbank Is Extremely Easy

It took me about almost a year to figure it out. You see, back when I first started, I had nothing at all, no website, no list, no capital, no one to tell me what to do...And I was almost computer illiterate.

It took hard work, and a lot of trial and error. But after I figured out the secret methods to make money from Clickbank and put everything together, everything is easy like taking candy from a baby.

Now money keeps rolling into my account every single day like this...

In fact, I had never imagined making money online can be that easy.

It's so easy that I taught the system to my 14-year-old nephew and he started making money within the same day.

Over the years, I've perfected my Clickbank cash pulling system. I've added in the SUPREME methods that the 'gurus' actually use to rake in massive cash. The methods that the 'gurus' never share to anyone else...

You see, I will be the last person to call myself a guru.  I am just an average guy who luckily discovered a good system to make money on the Internet. That's why I am doing something totally different from what the 'gurus' did. Please let me explain:

The  successful Clickbank 'gurus' won・t openly reveal to you their secrets and what works for them. More than often, the gurus claim that they reveal all the secrets to their success in their online courses. But the truth is they're afraid of the competition so they leave out some key secrets.

They want to provide you with inaccurate, ineffective and incomplete information so that you will struggle and lose! They want you to rely on them forever!

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These 'gurus' don・t want you to cut into their profits. They don・t want you to steal their thunder. And they absolutely don・t want you to become as successful as they are!

The successful Clickbank 'gurus' won・t take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to dominate and rake in quick, easy cash from Clickbank!
The successful Clickbank 'gurus' won・t take the time out to break everything down for you and put it into simple language that you can understand and apply within minutes!
The successful Clickbank 'gurus' won・t tell you the tricks of the trade!
The successful Clickbank 'gurus' won・t tell you what you・re doing wrong without getting something in return!
But I・m not like the other Clickbank 'gurus'K..I・m my own man, who has been where you are right now and TODAY, I・m going to tell it all to you, so you・ll finally be able to uncover it all in my system...

The system is unlike anything else you've seen. I am about to explain everything to you later...

But first, let me repeat...


My System Requires Absolutely No Experience At All...

It simply doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about marketing, getting a website online or any of the things that might have held you back before...

...if you can read and watch then you are already over qualified...

Basically, this is the perfect system for either those who are struggling to make money online, people who are desperately looking for a way to make more money... or even more experienced online entrepreneurs who are already making some income online, but still want to make MUCH MORE!

With my system: 
You don't need a website to start...

You don・t need have a ton of money to spend. In fact, all the methods are F*REE to implement...
You don・t have to have any previous marketing experience (or any technical skills at all!).
You see, making money with Clickbank is easy. But it is hard to find a successful Clickbank affiliates and publishers willing to sit down and show you the ropes or spill the beans on everything they know so you can profit without charging you a fortune for it.
But TODAY, I・m going to break all of the rules and...


Flat Out Tell You How To Get The Cash Flowing In...


 Clickbank Cash Supreme

Supreme Techniques To Generate 5-Figure A Month Consistently With Clickbank

    You Are About To Access A Complete Making Money Online System With Clickbank

    ...So Simple But Powerful That You Only Need to Spend A few Hours Per Week

    ... To Rake In Five Figure Income Per Month Just Like I Did

    ...It's So Easy And Simple That Anyone Can Follow Because It Requires Absolutely Nothing To Implement

    Your autopilot income - your online empire... the step-by-step blueprint to massive successes is right here!

Finally, the search for a system that guarantees your success is over...

Clickbank Cash Supreme is the exact system that generated for me $38k per month and now you too can use it to make your way to huge online successes.

Clickbank Cash Supreme is a perfect solution for:

Average people looking for ways to increase their income, to make massive money comfortably from home besides their daily jobs...
Entrepreneurs looking for ways to boost their online income into overdrive... to eventually build their empires and to quit their jobs...
Anyone looking for ways to achieve financial freedom... to enjoy their dreamt lifestyle...

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Basically, Clickbank Cash Supreme is for everyone...

You・ll never look back and you won・t need any more strategies or systems.

With this profit-producing system, you・ll be empowered with the knowledge, skill, and ability to take your  efforts to the next level of success and start experiencing the Clickbank profits that you truly deserve.
You see, I・ve been where you are right now, so I know exactly how you feel. It seems as if you・re in it all by yourself and there・s no clear path to online success.
But through trial and error, over the years, I・ve built a booming business as an affiliate through Clickbank and in this unique system, I lay it all out for you

Listen, you've heard of many Clickbank courses before, but wait...


My System Is More Advanced Than Most Making Money Online with Clickbank Systems Out There...

You might have seen a lot of offers from so-called "Gurus; going on and on about how they made millions of dollars online with Clickbank, and how you can to.

Well, actually only a few of them possibly could make that much. However, the systems they shared to the public are not going to help you quickly dominate and rake in massive money with Clickbank.


Because as I told you... they never share the real secrets as they are afraid of competition... they only throw a few tips and tricks here and there... most of the methods they teach require you to work long and hard hours, to invest a lot of money ... then wait years until you can see some little money coming in...

Listen, I am doing something very different. I am revealing all of my the secrets that I am using to make six-figure income per year with Clickbank. And I have no doubt you can use it to achieve the same level of success that I have.

My system teaches you how to build your online empire and help you rake in massive cash in the long run. It also teaches you the fastest ways to bring in cash.

But, remember... my system won't make you a millionaire overnight V actually no system can do that and I won't promise you that.

What I can promise you is my system can give you an unfair advantage... by letting you to look over my shoulder... to copy the exact techniques  that generated for me massive cash working only a few hours per week.  And that's why I can confirm my system is better than most making money online with Clickbank systems out there...

"The Most Complete Course I've Ever Had..."

"Hey Paul,

Thank you for revealing all the secrets to make money with Clickbank. I'm amazed that you held nothing back. I bought many Clickbank courses before and most of them didn't actually show me how to make REAL money with Clickbank. And most of their methods (like Adwords) require some investments to get started.

Your course is at a different level. I absolutely love how you gave me a complete picture of this business opportunity. I love the videos and I love your free cost methods. Thank you for creating such an amazing course!

Best Regards,

Stephanie Holmes
Houston, Texas

Notice: No one was compensated for their testimonial. However testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results!



Here's Exactly What You Get With Your
Clickbank Cash Supreme System!

Listen, my system is not just another rehashed ebook that you can find all over the internet ...

Trust me... I've been once in your shoes... buying many systems from 'gurus' but still ending up in frustration...

Therefore, in my Clickbank Cash Supreme system, I am going to reveal something different... I want to reveal to you all the techniques that helped me become a Clickbank millionaire in full details.

With my system, you will be able to find the best ways to make money with Clickbank... to build your long-term business... and to rake in thousands of dollar paydays over and over...

Click Here For Paul Walker's CB Cash Supreme

I am going to show you the exact system that I use to make money with Clickbank... no hidden details!

And I've prepared for you the member area jam-packed with blueprints and videos in my system...

... that's just like I hold your hands and walk you to success...

You see, the Clickbank Cash Supreme has over 15 training videos, a complete blueprint and many valuable materials that are designed to help you make money easily...

And Here's Just a Sample of Powerful Things That I've Packed Into Clickbank Cash Supreme:

You're About To Find Out:

How to sell someone else's products and rake in your thousands of dollar paydays over and over...

How to get a massive list of buyers who are eager to hand over you the money without effort... how to build residual income up to thousand of dollar per day!

How to find profitable niches that make you money consistently in years to come... How to 'Xray' the thousands of ClickBank products to determine which ones will generate millions and which will leave you flat broke.

How to find the next big things in the Clickbank market... How to quickly rake in quick money and hundreds of subscribers from them...

How to create squeeze pages that convert at 67% rate  - And how to build your autopilot online empire from there...

How to humiliate the gurus with big lists by making more sales than them...and make them ask for your secrets!

How to rank your offers or your squeeze pages in Google and Yahoo's first page in 5 minutes FLAT! How to bring :sh*tload; of free traffic to your offers or your landing pages! And how to quickly see yourself among top 1% of Clickbank marketers!

How to create your own product in 5 minutes...and quickly dominate Clickbank generating five-figure income with it!

How to have someone else make money for you, ethically!

The secrets that no gurus will share with you... building your empire with a huge army of affiliates and customers...making any of your products a huge success...

The Key To Bigger Success...autopilot income pouring into your pocket every month without lifting a finger!

And much more...


All the methods in Clickbank Cash Supreme are simple to follow... and they require no cost, no experience, no skills to implement...10-30 minutes each day to build your online empire!

This powerful system takes everything a step further and breaks down complicated Clickbank jargon down into simple language that ordinary people like you can understand and apply for fast and easy profits!

Let・s go over what you have inside the Clickbank Cash Supreme's member area in more detail.

The ClickbankCashSupreme Blueprint: A complete picture about making money online business as an affiliate or as a information product publisher. Plus, all new insane strategies for DOMINATION.

Find out how to make 6-figure income by selling someone else's products, how  to quickly rake in your 5-figure payday, how to get a list of hungry buyers who will buy any of your offers.

Over 15 training videos: Replace your daily job salary by online income. Build your 7-figure business empire online. Work comfortably from home, anytime you want... No stress, no worry...

These videos together with the blueprint will help you just that.  

Valuable Extra Materials and Surprised Bonuses: Template Packages, PLR products that you can just stick your name on and sell immediately for 100% profit...

And much much more...

"Paul, Finally I can Make Consistent Income With Clickbank...It's No Longer A Dream"

"Hi Paul,

I just wanted to write you a short thank you note. Your system WORKS like charm! Last year I was so desperate looking for a way to make money online to pay off my debts. Thanks to your amazing system that now I am able to rake in consistent cash from Clickbank. I just started using your system a few months ago so I believe I will make much more money in the future.

Below is how much I made in February. Not so much. But I believe I will be able to eventually make more money and quit my terrible job soon. Thank you so much, Paul!"

Mark Channon,

San Jose, CA

Notice: No one was compensated for their testimonial. However testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results!



Zero Experience, Zero Cost To Implement
And Only A Few Hours Per Week Required...

Listen, Clickbank Cash Supreme is the exact system that I used to make 38 grand income per month... almost on autopilot...

Click Here For Paul Walker's CB Cash Supreme

And by saying "on autopilot", I meant you might only need to spend a few hours per week to set up a few simple landing pages, and send a few simple emails...

... and then watch money rolling in... automatically...

If you don't even know how to set up a simple page, no worry. I've covered everything in my blueprint and videos. There's no stone left unturned

The fact is, you will be able to start applying my system to make money within the next 15 minutes. And remember, the techniques in my system don't cost you anything to implement.

All you need to do is to put my system into action.

You see, I am honest with you, unlike many 'so-called' gurus out there who promised that you could make money with their systems without any effort. I must tell you this truth:

You have to spend a few hours per week to put my system into action.

But that's all required to eventually build your empire and make 38 grand or more per month with my system. That's it!

Let me repeat:

This is a complete, but simple-to-follow system that teaches you the supreme methods to make faster, easier and bigger money with Clickbank...


Clickbank Cash Supreme Is For
Anyone Who Take Action...

It's for everyone. It covers from the basics so that the green as grass newbies can follow to make their first online bucks...

... to the advanced techniques so that experienced affiliates who've made money online before can use to double their website traffic, triple their list size and quadruple their profit...

You see, $38,000 a month is a cool  income.

And now you have a lifetime opportunity to, once and for all, build your online empire, eventually make that much money, and increase your wealth like most people only dream of and live your life as YOU want to live it.

But above all...


Being able to do WHAT you want, WHEN ever you want,
AS you want it...

...and not having your life being dictated by an 8-5 job, working for your boss, or all day thinking of how to pay that debt...

...or even earning a just a bit more to go on that vacation you always wanted to go on, buy your loved ones the things you wish you could... not having to worry of what will happen tomorrow.


"Paul, Finally I can Quit My Job!"


I quit. I finally quit. I just quit my job to 'live my life'.

You have no idea how terrible my daily job was. And you can't imagine how happy I am now. Thanks to your system that now I can replace my job salary with my online income. Now I feel very secure and happy.

I intend to take a short vacation soon! Hey, now I am my own boss and I can do anything I want, right? The best thing is that I still can make money when I am on vacation.

Thanks Paul for your system. It made all this happen. "

Stephen Ross,

London, UK"

Notice: No one was compensated for their testimonial. However testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results!




Listen! If you can turn on a computer - check your emails and browse the internet...


Then You Know Everything You Need...
To Make Money With This System!

Listen, I have made everything very simple for you...

I've made this system jam-packed with easy-to-understand blueprints and videos so that you can copy the exact methods that generated for me five-figure income to build your online empire...

If you can read and open emails then you are already over qualified to make money with this system! Even my 14-year-old nephew can use this system to make money online...

Click here to get a copy of Clickbank Cash Supreme now...
Today is the day for you to make a change for the better. After all...


Think Of This Opportunity As Your Financial Insurance Policy...

You already know 2009 was a bad year... layoffs and bad news were everywhere!

Then you probably should know that 2010 is  going to be a tough year financially... again! No one knows what is going to happen next...

You seriously need think about having some sort of a financial back up right now... in the case the unthinkable happens to you...

Listen, making money online with Clickbank not only can give you a consistent stream of income besides your daily job, but also can help you to eventually achieve financial freedom and live your dreamt lifestyle...


Just imagine what a five-figure income can help your family... can change your life forever... no more bosses... doing what you want when you want... buying anything that you want... taking vacations whenever you want to...

And don't forget... my system is for everyone ... a work-at-home mom, a student ... no background required, no skills required... nothing required...

It's so simple...making crazy money from Clickbank... working only a few hours per days.

And it's just got even better! In fact, I will not only give you the system, but I am also so confident about my product that I give you...



My Iron-Clad No-Excuses 60 Day,
100%  Money-Back Guarantee

I won't ask questions. If you want your money back, you got it! It's that simple!

Look, I・m so sure that the Clickbank Cash Supreme system will provide you with the results that you・re looking for that I・m willing to back it up for a full 60 days.
This unique system MUST provide you with the knowledge to help you start reeling in boat loads of cash on Clickbank in not weeks, but in just days from now.
If you・re not completely satisfied with the results you receive, even if it・s on the 59th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I・ll insist that you let me refund 100% of your money directly from my bank account!

No questions asked. No excuses. No arguments. It・s as simple as that.
All I ever ask is that you give it an honest try. Fair enough?

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.


So you will get a complete supreme making money online system, 24/7 support, and a rock-solid money-back-guarantee if you order Clickbank Cash Supreme today!

But wait! That's not all you'll be getting...

If you secure your Clickbank Cash System copy today - I'll give you free instant access to this $197 value Fast Action Bonus...

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Fast Action Bonus For The First 300 Customers!

The bonuses in this package can cost you as much as $197 if you buy them separately. But today, you can get for FREE.

It's a way for me to say thank you for trusting and choosing Clickbank Cash Supreme! Here are the bonuses:

Traffic Fantasy

Get your free membership to my Traffic Exchange website that can boost your website traffic into overdrive... and make a lot more money quickly!

PLR Fantasy

Secure your free membership to my PLR membership site where you can download tons of free Private Label Rights products that you can stick your name on and sell them right away! or do anything you like with this!



Squeeze Page Collection&Video Editing Instruction

Download a collection of killer squeeze page templates and videos guiding you step-by-step how to make your squeeze pages work like cash machines...

And much more... Surprised bonuses from my business partners such as:

 Keyword Annihilation & Home Study Course (worth 497$)

  Traffic secrets for pennies a click (worth 67$)

(and much more...)


Only 300 117 bonus packages left...

Click here to order now...


So the question you're most likely asking yourself now is...

So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Well, the real question you should be asking is how much is it worth to you to have the exact system that generated a million of dollar online... and you can start applying it 15 minutes from now ... to eventually get your first $1,000 payday... or much more than that...

In many ways,  it's "Priceless"...

You see, this system can completely change the way you make money online. No skills, no investment, nothing required.


If you're serious about creating a real Internet business and about making massive money online... then this supreme system is for you...

Just imagine what your life would be like once you put the Clickbank Cash Supreme to work for you...

Just imagine the financial freedom you will have. Just imagine the GUARANTEED profits you will make...

Just think about it. I can offer this powerful system for the price of $147. And at that price, it's still a bargain.

Yes, it would be an incredible bargain at $147, but I was in your shoes once before... and I want you to be in my shoes now and live your life to it's fullest! If I charge at $147, it would most likely put it out of reach of those who need it the most. So...

... to give everyone a chance, I have decided to offer you... 


That's right! I am going to allow you to get access to this amazing system at an almost insane $147 $47.

So, you can get your very own copy of the revolutionary Clickbank Cash Supreme, and the chance to start your own money making business right now for an introductory price of only $47.

But there's a small catch. I only offer this crazy insane deal of $47 for the next 200 70 people who are eager to TAKE ACTION. After the 200 70 copies are gone, I will raise the price up to $147.

So you need to order quickly. The word is getting out about Clickbank Cash Supreme V and these 70 copies are going to sell very quickly.

You need to order today while you can still take advantage of this incredible, very limited time offer.

You see, $47 for a package like this is a complete no-brainer. 
What else could you buy for $47? 
Another rehashed making-money-online ebook? A couple of drinks or movie tickets?

Sure, you could go ahead buying those things for only $47. But the problem is...

Click Here For Paul Walker's CB Cash Supreme

They can't help you make more money. They can't change your life for the better...

However, for the same amount of $47, right now you have a chance to get access to a supreme system that will make you money,  money that can help change your life forever...

Think more carefully... If you use the techniques inside Clickbank Cash Supreme to make money for the next 2 years... 
That means you're paying $1.96 a month... or just 6  cents and a half a day... 
6  cents and a half a day to build an online business empire?

I think you know that's an insane bargain...

So what are you waiting for?


The time to ACT is NOW

Listen, I am not here to take your money if you're not serious.

What I really want are people who have the drive to change their lives for the better... the drive to take action and make massive consistent cash for months, years, or possibly decades to come.

In other words, if you're a tire-kicker then please move over and let someone in. Thank you for understanding.

I know it can be hard to get motivated and start something new. I understand that no matter how dull and dreary your current job is, many of us fear the unknown. It can seem easier to put things off until tomorrow V even if we know we should make a move.

But, every day you put off purchasing Clickbank Cash Supreme is another day you have to go into work and waste hours of your day doing something that isn't making you happy.

In fact, every day you are not making money is a day you are losing money V while other people are taking advantage of my system.

So, can you really afford to procrastinate? Don't you deserve to start living a better life today?

Order Clickbank Cash Supreme Today V for only $47 V and get ready to live the life of your dreams.

You will never regret this.

You have nothing to lose - Reserve your spot right now!


  'Clickbank Cash Supreme'
Secured No-Risk Acceptance Form

"Paul  , I'm ready to finally invest in my future. I'm tired of financial troubles and being controlled by others. This is the perfect money-making opportunity I've been waiting for. I understand that..."

YES! I will be able to download the system and start using it to make money right now! 

Yes! I want to download the system at the introductory price of $147 $47 before it goes back to the full price again. On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful system now before it's too late...

SALE Only $47 Right Now!.

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To your huge online success,

PS: Remember, once you say yes to the Clickbank Cash Supreme system, it・s guaranteed to work for you and it・s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! Order it now!
PPS: You・ve struggled long enough. You・ve tried to experience online success on your own, doing it your way, and it hasn・t worked.
You・ve given it all you・ve got, but the results just aren・t there and the chances that your Clickbank sales will suddenly come flooding in, anytime soon, is unlikely to happen.
But right now, you can learn how to make fast and easy money through Clickbank for less than what you would pay for a sack of groceries!
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"Paul  , I'm ready to finally invest in my future. I'm tired of financial troubles and being controlled by others. This is the perfect money-making opportunity I've been waiting for. I understand that..."

YES! I will be able to download the system and start using it to make money right now! 

Yes! I want to download the system at the introductory price of $147 $47 before it goes back to the full price again. On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful system now before it's too late...

SALE Only $47 Right Now!.

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I can get started now and make profit from now if I use the system properly, and this is backed by a full 60 days 100% money-back guarantee- if I don't see results I'm overjoyed with in that time, I'll get all my money back from you, Paul! No need to ask question!

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Full Blog: Top Quality GE Burglar Alarm and Security Systems 'Making the world a brighter place, GE, have you heard that line before? Perhaps you've had because it's one of the many advertisements of GE. This particular company has been in the business for many years, and now they have a new line of product which includes the burglar alarm. Burglar alarms are not new in the market. In fact, they have been around for quite some time now. But because of improvements in technology, burglar alarms nowadays are very much different from the ones manufactured years before. Burglar alarms presently offered ranges from the simple systems to the complicated installations. GE is a well-known company which manufactures top quality products. There are many stores offering GE products, and some even offers a complete package of GE burglar alarm security-systems. This GE Security Line UP includes the Concord Ultra, Caddx NX-4, Caddx NX-6, and the Caddx NX-8E. These packages are the latest of GE's burglar alarms which helps protect your homes from unwanted visitors in the dead of the night. You might not know it, but there are probably criminals just waiting for the right timing to rob your most-prized possessions or properties. Safety must always come first above anything else. Besides, youve acquired your properties through your hard-earned money and you want to treasure it all your life; and not just be stolen by burglars. With GE, your home is monitored and protected twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You can enjoy your life without worrying about burglary. Aside from protecting your home against burglars or thieves, your family is also protected from possible dangers like poisoning due to carbon monoxide and fire. With today's new technology, you can ensure the safety of your homes even when you're not around. GE systems are also a great help for homeowners having an insurance of some sort. Once you install a GE home system, you are automatically eligible for lesser rates which can save you as much as 20% on premiums every month. So while you're protecting your home, you get to save a certain amount of money. This is just some of the benefits if you live a quality life together with GE. Find a store/shop which offers GE packages on security systems. If you're lucky, you can find one that offers free system installation, and you will pay only for the monitoring each month. With GE, the monthly fee for monitoring can reach as high as $30 per month. It's a great deal for your money and the security it can provide is unquestionable. If what you want is maximum protection and safety, go for reputable companies, and GE is one of them. GE has already proven this, because it has remained competitive in the market up to the present. If you're looking for GE security systems, you must get it from their authorized installer so that you won't get a fake one. There you can get the best possible price, product, guaranteed monitoring, and lifetime warranty on parts. Safety and security, that is what most families need nowadays. As crime rates are soaring higher, it's just right to protect your family. And the best way to do this is to get a GE burglar alarm and security system. Hurry and purchase now, and get total family and home protection.

Free Reviews: How to Craft Camille Outfit How to choose materials Do you have Camille? Would you like to create an outfit for her, yet you have no clue where to start? If you answered yes then continue reading, since we are going to design Camille a fashionable suit. To start you will need materials. You will need 40 inches of pink plain-woven, fine fabric made of linen and/or cotton. The fabric is needed to make Camilles loose fitting pants that gather at the ankle, as well as her underskirt. Purchase 2 ?yards of soft lightweight, fabric with small prints and made up of wool. The material is used to create Camilles cape and her dress. You will need 28 inches of material for the cape, such as stiff shining, silk lining. (Taffetas) Purchase 26-inches of entredeux and 6 ?yards of brown lace edging. You will need some thin lace edges, (30 inches-2/5 inches) and matching poly-cotton DMC-4442 thread. The thread will match your plain-woven fabric, which you will need DMC-4446 (light brown) to coordinate with your soft, lightweight, pink fabric. To make a rose, purchase 3 ?yards of ribbon. You will need ?inch buttons, one/8 inch level elastic, and 3 ?yards of silky spherical cord to finish your rose. Once you gather your materials, you will need to cut a fold at the front region of the bodice, and cut another two at the back. Next, cut the fold of the skirt front and two at the back. Cut two pantaloons, i.e. the wide pants that gather at the ankle. Once you cut out your patterns use the 50-point pale brown DMC cotton broder to stitch your lace. Now that you have your materials, you can design Camille an outfit. For those who are not familiar with Camille we can briefly describe the doll in case you want to purchase her and create a dress later. Camille is a gorgeous doll, which stands around 25 inches tall. Camille includes the collection edition, regency or the Victorian series. Jennifer Esteban is the original creator of Camille. Camille wears collected sleeves and folded skirt, as well as a taffeta cape. Camille also wears batiste underwear, which the lace is pale brown. The pantaloon and skirt extending from the petticoat is also laced with pale brown lace. To make Camilles dress you will need to start with her pants, or pantaloon. Once you complete the pantaloons, you can move to the undergarments. We can get started now on the project, yet you must find information to help you complete. Unfortunately, a single article cannot produce the length required to make up a complete outfit. How to make Camilles Pantaloons: At the over-locker, begin French stitching the seams, collecting them at the back and front. Press and then turn the seams under the cover on your folded line. Press the garment again and create a minute size hem at the cover. Stitch a straight line at the cover. You want to leave space to thread from side to side your elastic. Around the edges of your crown, stitch in a straight line in the direction of your cover. Now you can use starch, spray your fabric, and press once you finish. Cut two, 7 ?inches length of lace and stitch a row at the edge of the legs near the bottom of the pantaloons. On the right area, press your lace so that it folds back. Perform a crisscross stitching pattern over the crown of your lace. Your stitches should entwine with both the lace and fabric. Near the crisscrossing stitches, cut the extras. Next, trim two, 7 ?inches of your entredeux. Use your starch, spray, and then press. You will need to trim the ends that extend to the entredeux and the edges of your lace where it crisscrosses, meeting the other, and connecting it. Press and you can move to connect the seams of the legs to the crotch. Align and gather the legs and ankles by threading ribbon so that it goes through the entredeux.

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Article Page: of about eighteen inches long, made sharp at one end and fractured at the other, bo that the torch might not be extin- guished by throwing It. After these weapons of death were prepared, and a fire made for the purpose of lighting them, the scene of horror commenced. It was deemed a mark of dexter- ity, and accompanied by shouts of applause, when an Indian threw one of these torches so as to make the sharp end stick into the body of tbe suffering youth without extinguishing the torch. This description of torture was continued for two hours before the innocent victim was relieved by death." These are sickening details, and no doubt will be instinctive- ly set down by most readers as proof of innate cruelty peculiar to the Indian race. Let us, therefore, set side by side with them the record that in this same war white men (British of- ficers) confined white men ("rebels") in prison-ships, starved,