Attention: if you¡¦re struggling to start making money online and want to start making money in less than 3 days ¡V read this letter now¡K

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Yes! I Want To Start Right Now...

Before I dive into this system, let me take a minute to answer some COMMON questions (and misunderstandings):

  • Yes, you do NOT need any experience¡K
  • Yes, you can be a complete beginner!
  • Yes, you can start our system with less than $30¡K
  • Yes, you can see results in 3 days or less!

I¡¦m about to reveal a very funny story about how I got Saj P (BIG time Super Affiliate) to pay me a $25,000 consulting fee ¡V only to later find out, we were both quietly using the SAME secrets to make our fortunes!

I¡¦ve been using this system for YEARS ¡V I personally started it in COLLEGE. It¡¦s worked so well...

  • I never needed a job afterwards.
  • I helped retire my mother.
  • I paid off all my school debt in 20 days from graduating.
  • I travel the world.

Now, I¡¦ve been tricked into revealing the system. But, if I¡¦m going down, I¡¦m taking Saj with me. As it turns out, the both of us use the SAME EXACT secrets to make over $103,569 using Clickbank a MONTH¡K

Enough about us ¡V now it¡¦s time to see how this system can change YOUR life.

From: Anik (on Behalf of Saj P as well)
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2010
Location: On a plane to London
(¡Kvisiting Saj to smoke some hookah ¡V I¡¦m serious)

First let me say this; ¡§I know how you feel.¡¨ It actually wasn¡¦t that long ago, just 6 years ago that I was sitting in my dorm room scratching my head thinking¡K

¡§How do they do it? I don¡¦t get it¡Kare they lying to me?¡¨

"They Never Teach The Whole System, They
Save The GOOD Stuff For Themselves!"

Honestly...Have You Felt This Way Before?

I used to ask myself this question EVERY night before going to sleep. I had tried it all and nothing was working. It seemed that EVERY single course, well it always just got me 50% there, then I¡¦d fail¡K

I had promised myself that I would never get a ¡§JOB¡¨ after college, but graduation was coming around the corner ¡V my clock was TICKING

I can sit here today smiling and tell you, I FOUND THE SECRET! I found the very system I needed, it took me over a year ¡Vbut I finally got it.

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

  • Once I started using it, I was making money within 10 days.
  • Within 30 days, I was making more than most of my college professors.
  • Within 60 days, I was making more than almost anyone in my family! (Including lawyers, doctors and top engineers)

No, I¡¦m not telling you this to brag.

I¡¦m telling you this so you realize that I simple 20 year old ¡§KID¡¨ with NO internet experience (who hates computers) changed his life using this system.

Truly¡Kif ¡§I¡¨ can do it, so can you. And¡Kheck, if SAJ can do it, then you definitely can¡K

Hi ¡V I¡¦m Anik.

I just turned 27 about 2 weeks ago, I started ¡§messing around¡¨ online about 7 years ago¡K

I literally started with $100 in my pocket (won it at a super bowl game).

Today, I run an Inc 500 company looking to make over $10 Million this year. Since I started, I¡¦ve easily sold over $25M worth of products. I was also named by BusinessWeek as one of the Top 3 Entrepreneurs Under 25 (2008).

Again, I swear, I¡¦m not bragging. I¡¦m just showing you the power of the system Saj and I use. It¡¦s THIS system that made it possible for me to build so much success.

Now, let¡¦s meet Saj P...

Saj P and I are actually recent friends. We just met months ago. One day I got an email from Saj asking if I could help him out. Honestly, I had no idea who he was¡K

I wanted to know if he was SERIOUS.

So¡KI charged him $25,000 to talk to me. One week later, he not only paid me, he was on the next flight to come to my office!

Now, it¡¦s when he spent a day with me in the office that everything changed. The first few hours of talking to him, I felt like I was talking to my twin!

Saj P was just as young as me. He was even MORE dedicated and motivated. But my favorite part...

"Saj Was Using The SAME System As Me!¡¨

Saj P lives in London, owns a Lamborghini and all that jazz. But mostly¡K

He¡¦s a very cool young guy with almost no stress in his life. He¡¦s been in the rat race before. He¡¦s even tried running a few offline businesses that completely failed.

Today, he uses the same SECRET you¡¦re about to learn to make millions a year on complete auto-pilot.

He travels the world. Basically, he does what he wants. Think about it for a minute. Think how amazing it¡¦d be to be able to say:

"I do what I want, when I want, how I want..."

We Failed Many Times, It Took Us
Years To "PERFECT" Our System¡K

I was just weeks away from having to get a real ¡§JOB¡¨ just years ago... Saj was at the brink of bankruptcy as his OFFline business was tanking with the economy.

Little did we know, we were both in similar positions (all be it, his was more serious), sitting on the opposite ends of an ocean.

We were both trying to perfect the SAME system. We were both making the SAME mistakes. But, by spending TIME and MONEY, we were both finally making progress.

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

We got lucky.

Now, I¡¦m not a fan of the word ¡§lucky¡¨ ¡V but in this case it applies. Both of us were just weeks away from being forced to throw in the hat and QUIT online.

We got lucky and were fortunate that we had the time and money to ¡§stick it out.¡¨ But, not everyone does. Ask yourself¡K

¡§Do You Have 3 Years & $67,000 To
Figure Out This System On Your Own?¡¨

Yes, it took Saj and myself over 3 years of mistakes to finally perfect our ¡§Clickbank Wealth Formula.¡¨

When we put our heads together we also estimated (at MINUMUM) we spent over $67,000 of our CASH testing and learning.

For 2 kids who weren¡¦t making much money and were weeks away at one point from having to quit - $67,000 was a FORTUNE!

Fortunately for you, OUR troubles and OUR investment has turned into a huge opportunity for YOU.

Saj and I are very proud that our hard-times can help someone else. Like I said, we were lucky that we had 3 years and $67,000 to blow.

Not everyone does, do you?

The Day I Made $15,359
In 5 Minutes of Work...

I had started making money here and there and was doing great. BUT, this system didn¡¦t really ¡§click¡¨ for me until the day I made over $15,359 in just 24 hours!

Ok Anik...I've Seen Enough. I Want To Start!

I literally did about 5 minutes of work to earn this¡K

This is not hype. See, the system was working for me and earning me a good $10,000+ a month ¡V BUT I heard about some secrets others were using.

One day, I decided to try it out myself.

The results were eye opening! I would go from making $10,000+ a month to now having SINGLE days where I¡¦d make over $15,000!

The power of the system you¡¦re about to learn was 100% unlocked. My life was changed.

What Are We Up To Today?
Do We Use The Same System?

I¡¦m running an Inc 500 company now (#2 Fastest growing Education company in 2009 as named by Inc Magazine). I was also personally named Top 3 Entrepreneurs under 25 by BusinessWeek magazine in 2009.

I¡¦ve now sold over $25M of products on the Internet ¡V through VARIOUS ways¡K

  • Clickbank
  • Private Affiliate Programs
  • CPA Networks
  • My Own Merchant Account

Ok Anik...I'm Ready To Start!

Am I still using the same system?

You bet you¡¦re AS* I am! No matter what niche I go into, I use the EXACT system secret system to take over within just a few weeks.

At this point, I live myself however I want. I buy whatever I want. I had a chance to retire my mom from her ¡§J.O.B¡¨ and I do all this while traveling the WORLD!

Sometimes I travel the world to speak on stage, sometimes I just do it for fun!

Where In The World Have I Been?

Vancouver, Canada Mumbai, India London
Houston, USA Dubai, UAE Miami, USA
Germany Chicago, USA Brussels
Los Angeles, USA Singapore Goa, India
Malaysia Boston, USA Las Vegas (Many Times!)
Tokyo, Japan Dominican Republic Israel
Hawaii Paris, France Hollywood, California

Saj started just a few years ago and has taken London by STORM. He¡¦s already sold over $5M worth of products on the Internet and lives the ¡§DREAM life.¡¨

Rather than hiring employees or any of that, he used the SAME system to go in a different direction than myself (Anik) ¡V Saj mainly runs his MULTI-MILLION empire using Clickbank¡K

But, that¡¦s not it ¡V Saj promotes affiliate programs ALL over the place.
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • CPA Offers
  • Product Launches

Not sure if Saj wants me sharing this, but he just recently told me that he¡¦s getting his Lamborghini delivered in just 4 weeks! Check it out!

Saj has achieved true freedom using his online business. He went from MANY failed offline businesses to now living the life we all dream of!

Although We FOCUS On ClickBank.
This Secret System Works On ANY Network!

Yes! Let Me In...

Listen, ClickBank is the lowest hanging fruit! It¡¦s the easiest way to start ¡V without a doubt. However, I want you to know that the SAME system can help you dominate MULTIPLE affiliate networks (in addition to ClickBank) ¡V ALL at the same time with NO extra work!

You can use this Secret System in ANY niche, ANY affiliate program (even if it¡¦s private) and ANY affiliate network.

Actually ¡V EVERY affiliate network LOOKS for affiliates who can use this kind of system.

You¡¦ll be HIGH in demand!

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

Can You Give Us Just
3 Days of Your Life?

It took Saj and I over 3 YEARS to perfect this system and LOTS of money. We spent THOUSANDS of dollars developing and testing our system. Now, you can grab it TODAY for literally close to nothing.

But, if you can¡¦t give us at least 3 days of your life to DEDICATE to this training, then please don¡¦t join the program.

It¡¦s going to be USELESS to you if you just get started and give up or move onto the ¡§next best thing¡¨ ¡V we KNOW we have the system that can absolutely change your life ¡V you just need to dedicate to it.

NEVER Worry About Google
Shutting You Down!

I almost get sick to my stomach with all the ¡§Google Horror¡¨ stories out there. They can literally RUIN lives and care less. Many affiliates have had $100,000+ a MONTH incomes just disappear over night because Google randomly decided to shut them down.

With our system, the WORST that can happen to you is that Google just ¡§dents¡¨ you a bit. But, you¡¦d have an ASSET that NO one (not even Google) can take away from you.

The worst case scenario, you¡¦d go on to make at LEAST (every month) what you were making before Google tried to ruin you.

Hear me when I say this ¡V if you get nothing else out of this letter ¡V BEWARE of any business model that relies in ANY way on Google, Yahoo or MSN.

You¡¦re literally putting your LIFE in the hands of companies that DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY.

Saj and I have worked non-stop to make sure our businesses are 100% protected and only in OUR control, no one else¡¦s¡K
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Introducing The System That'll Change Your Life,
The Clickbank Wealth Formula¡K

This system can work in ANY niche you can think of ¡V not just one or two (like most systems are limited to)¡K

Dating Health and Fitness Beauty
Weight Loss Gardening Parenting
Marketing Sports Pets
Forex Betting Real Estate

The best part is that the system works just the same no matter WHAT you¡¦re doing. You can be on Vacation with your family, you could be sleeping, traveling the world ¡V the system will run itself.

All you need is access to a computer every now and then (but since you¡¦re reading this letter, I guess you already have that!)

A Formula?
What Does That Mean?

Well, it simply goes like this...

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

  • Find a GREAT offer on Clickbank (we¡¦ll show you exactly how)
  • Set-up our Secret System
  • Automate Your Traffic (we¡¦ll show you how too)
  • Send People To a STUPID-Simple Page (we¡¦ll give you the exact template)
  • Let Clickbank send you a BIG check

OK, maybe I oversimplified a BIT ¡V but really that¡¦s how the process works (Especially once you get it down). Saj and I are both very busy and we¡¦re always traveling the world.

We don¡¦t have the time to ¡§babysit¡¨ our business ¡V so we specifically developed this formula to function on it¡¦s own!

  • How to get started in less than 3 days¡K
  • How to start collecting checks from Clickbank your FIRST month!
  • How to AUTOMATE your entire business so it doesn¡¦t need you¡K
  • The same system that took us $67,000 to develop ¡V yours for PENNIES¡K
  • How to NEVER fear Google again¡K
  • The easiest way to PRINT money (on demand and legally)!
  • The 3 easiest techniques to pick the BEST niche to start with¡K
  • The exact TEMPLATE you can copy (the stupidest site but it works!)
  • FREE Traffic ¡V Why worry about paying for traffic?
  • How to earn more than $15,000 in ONE day with 5 minutes of work¡K

Module 1
Getting Started The
¡§3 Day¡¨ Way¡K
In this first module, I¡¦ll introduce you to the EASIEST affiliate startegy ever created! By the way, of course we¡¦ve broke it down into VIDEOS!

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in this module...
  • Why ____________ is the #1 EASIEST way to start online!
  • FOUR different approaches to affiliate marketing ¡V pick whichever one you like!
  • Why affiliate marketing is COMPLETELY useless unless you PROTECT yourself from the 3 BIG obstacles¡K

Module 1 sets the ground, but we¡¦re just getting started! This is the BASE thought, you have to start here ¡V we make it fun too!¡K

Ok Anik! I Want To Start!

Module 2
The Easy Mechanics
You Need¡K
Now, most people fail RIGHT from the start because of the horrible advice out there about picking products and niches. Using our easy system ¡V you¡¦ll never make this mistake again¡K

Here's just a SAMPLE of what you¡¦re about to learn¡K
  • How to immediately set-up your ¡§autopilot sales machine¡¨ in SECONDS!
  • Our ¡§SECRET¡¨ method for choosing the RIGHT domain and getting your site up in just 5 minutes¡K
  • We¡¦ll show you to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY ¡§STEAL¡¨ a website! You¡¦ll never be stuck at this step again¡K
  • How to get others to do your work ¡V FOR PENNIES ¡V This is how Saj P and I can work on so many things at a time!

After you get the mechanics together, the rest is EASY ¡V but this is also a MAJOR fail point. It¡¦s why we dissect the entire process in simple and quick videos.

You¡¦ll never be at the same risks that all other affiliates fall into.

Module 3
Picking The Most
Powerful Niche¡K
Clickbank makes it SO easy for you yet it¡¦s still pretty tough. Especially when you¡¦re first starting, most of the advice about ¡§picking a niche¡¨ is just dead WRONG.

Saj and I have a very simple system we use ¡V so simple that we actually felt ¡§stupid¡¨ writing about it. But once we taught a few students and saw their jaws drop to the ground, we knew we were onto something BIG.

Here¡¦s what you get in this quick module...

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

  • How to instantly increase your chances for success by 187% just by using our ¡§Niche Picking¡¨ formula¡K
  • The only 3 stats to pay attention to at CLICKBANK to know if a market will make you money right away¡K
  • Competition? Is it good or is it BAD? We¡¦ll BREAK one of the biggest LIES and myths in the internet marketing world here¡K
  • What ¡§type¡¨ of products sell the FASTEST and are the MOST profitable ¡V believe me, there is ONE particular type you want to start with¡K
After you finish this short module, you¡¦re going to be a ¡§niche picking¡¨ ninja¡Kyou¡¦ll always NEVER fail at picking a strong niche¡K

Wow! Let Me In Already...

Module 4
The Fastest & Most
Shocking Website Process¡K
Scared of putting up websites? Me Too! Until I figured this LAZY process out, it actually feels like I¡¦m STEALING when I use it¡K

We¡¦ll GIVE you everything you need so you¡¦ll never be afraid of the word ¡§website¡¨ ever again.

Here's a sample of what you learn in this module¡K

  • The dumbest looking page you can ever make but it converts like CRAZY!
  • Absolutely FREE ways to get your website up FAST¡K
  • The EASIEST way to use VIDEO to EXPLODE your conversions!
  • Creating a 5 minute ¡§automation machine¡¨
    Trust me, I¡¦ve been building an online business for 7 years now and I still couldn¡¦t put up a website to save my own life...

This is the EASIEST and SIMPLEST (and most EFFECTIVE) way to put up your website in just minutes ¡V we¡¦ll show you exactly how!

Module 5
Creating Your AUTOMATED
Sales Machine
What if we told you there is ONE technology out there that can single-handidly run your ENTIRE business for you. We mean it.

It¡¦s like having a LIVE salesman who NEVER sleeps, NEVER eats, NEVER takes a break and NEVER bothers you or asks you a question¡K

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in this module...

  • The 3 techniques to use to STALK your Industry ¡V Always know who the best movers and shakers are (before even THEY do)!
  • The ¡§Content Mix¡¨ strategy ¡V Instantly make your visitors fall in LOVE with you hence buy more from you!
  • The ¡§Diversification Game¡¨ ¡V Making sure you always keep it fresh so you¡¦re conversions keep sky-rocketing¡K
    Why waste time ¡§running a business¡¨ when it can run itself. I¡¦ve said it before and I¡¦ll say it again ¡V REMOVE YOURSELF from your business and it¡¦ll make you MORE money and GROW faster!

Nice! I Want To Get In...

Module 6
Lock and Load ¡V
Make Money!
How to INSTANTLY start making money (as early as 15 minutes from when you follow our Module 5 coaching). We¡¦ll show you to make it so that YOU never sell a thing ¡V you let your computer do ALL the work for you¡K

As a matter of fact, you don¡¦t even have to use your real name ¡V use a ¡§Pen¡¨ name and no one even has to know you exist!

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in this module...

  • A system that will work for you on AUTO-PILOT for YEARS.
  • THE BEST TOOL TO USE FOR YEARS ¡V The one simple tool that will automate your ENTIRE business and buy you FREEDOM.
  • The ¡§diversion¡¨ technique ¡V how to actually make MORE money by keeping yourself OUT of the business!
  • The ONE way to LEGALLY print money!

    This is where the CASH starts to come in ¡V if ALL you did was get to this module and NEVER go beyond it ¡V you¡¦d be better off than 99% of the affiliates out there!

Module 7
Using Words To Sell
(A LOT!)
Here¡¦s a secret ¡V Saj and I are both HORRIBLE writers. I actually got a C- in high school (when I got A¡¦s in every other subject). But, online, WORDS are your #1 weapon!

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in this module...
  • The ONE word, _____, that can litearlly increase your income by over 78%!
  • The EXACT templates to always use ¡V without fail ¡V never think again!
  • My ¡§10 Day Attack¡¨ Method ¡V How to ASSURE you make money from every person that visits your site¡K
  • My ¡§TUBE Method¡¨ ¡V Increase your conversions by more than 258%!

Why would you want to waste time writing when you can simply copy and paste from us. We¡¦ve taken over 3 years to build this secret formula and this is the FIRST time we¡¦re putting it out in the market!

Yes Anik! I Want To Start Right Now...

Module 8
Making $15,000
In 24 Hours
We debated putting this in here because it¡¦s THAT powerful, but in the end we decided we want you to have it. Imagine if I told you that you can use what you already have to actually pull in MULTIPLE days where you cash in more than $15,000 in less than 24 hours with just 5 minutes of work¡K

Here¡¦s just a sneak peak...

  • My ¡§5 Minute Bananza¡¨ strategy that DESTROYS all other affiliates ¡V making you a BOAT load of cash¡K
  • ¡§The Bonus Blitza¡¨ ¡V Easily destroy any ¡§competition¡¨ within minutes using this blueprint!
  • How to STEAL all the sales in a ¡§Product Launch¡¨ the HOUR before the product launches!
  • The one place to see where and WHEN all the BEST products are launching¡K

There is at least ONE day a week that I now make over $15,000 in just a day ¡V this strategy can work over and over for you.

Just using this strategy Saj and I earn over $720,000 a year!

Secret Module #9
Starting MASSIVE Traffic
In Just DAYS!
FREE, FREE, FREE Traffic ¡V We don¡¦t even WANT you to pay for any traffic in the beginning! We¡¦ll show you all the TOP ways to start driving HEAPS of traffic to your site for FREE.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn in this module...
  • How to get SO much traffic that you crash your server in 15 minutes!
  • Even if you DO pay for traffic ¡V how to get QUALITY traffic for LESS than $.02 a CLICK¡K
  • The ONE * Secret * traffic technique that every guru is scared S***less to give away¡K
  • How to start traffic within 4 minutes of launching your new site!
This might be the MOST crucial module of them all ¡V but also the funnest. We¡¦re going to give away our BIGGEST and DARKEST traffic secrets.

These traffic generation techniques can kick off your traffic in just minutes and some are so amazing that they could NEVER be turned off (even if YOU tried)¡K

Secret Module #10
Instant 238% Increase In Income ¡V Insider Secrets¡K
Again, you don¡¦t always need MORE traffic to get more money ¡V there are lots of SMALL tweaks you can easily make to see immediate results.

In this module we¡¦ll show you EASY tricks to use that will instantly explode your income.

Here¡¦s just a sneak peak...

  • My ¡§Thank You¡¨ strategy ¡V you can see an immediate 30+% increase in sales JUST by using this one simple trick¡K
  • How to give away FREE reports but make more money from that report than if you were selling it!
  • Direct Shameless Selling ¡V Hey! Sometimes it works very well¡K
  • How to offer a bonus and find out EXACTLY who the buyers are ¡V this way you can build a STRONG list of ¡§just buyers¡K¡¨

Use the same work you¡¦re already going to be doing but see it close to TRIPLE your income. No extra trafic, no extra work ¡V just a few tweaks.

This is the part that has taken Saj and I years to build ¡V we¡¦re still improving and innovating on it (everyday) ¡V as we do, we¡¦ll keep sharing it with you!

All Right! I Want In...

Here¡¦s Why Is ¡§The Clickbank Wealth Formula¡¨ DIFFERENT From All The ¡§Rest¡K¡¨

Here¡¦s the #1 difference...

We actually USE our system ¡V everyday ¡V all the time! We live by this system. We¡¦ve been using it now for years and it only gets better! It¡¦s not ¡§victim¡¨ to all the other things out there¡K

  CB Wealth Formula Most Other Courses
Creators Actually Use
Works In ANY Niche
Works w/ ZERO Experience
Use In Any Niche
Doesn¡¦t ¡§Require¡¨ Google.
Builds a LONG-Term Asset
Little Work ¡V Then Automated
Full System ¡V No More Needed
PROOF For Our System

Saj and I have been waiting for years. Then, when we met each other and realized that we were using the EXACT same system, we realized that we had already perfected the system.

Once we both felt comfortable that they system was perfect ¡V ONLY then did we decide to release it to the world.

So, this isn¡¦t something ¡§we just threw together to make a few bucks¡¨ ¡V we¡¦ve been waiting years for this.

This is the ONE system you can truly use in ANY niche, it won¡¦t be at any ¡§Google risk¡¨ and it can start working for you almost IMMEDIATELY¡K

We¡¦re here to hold your hand through the process ¡V so let¡¦s get started!

The CB Wealth Formula Is JUST 5 Simple Steps¡K

Don¡¦t let the ¡§7 Modules¡¨ confuse you ¡V this system is really simple. It¡¦s just 3 basic steps (the modules just get into details).

Step 1: Clickbank

Take literally 3 minutes to sign-up for and we¡¦ll show you EXACTLY where to access the ¡§SECRET¡¨ backdoors of Clickbank.

Get access to information (and how to use it) that other affiliates are COMPLETELY oblivious to!

Step 2: Easily Pick Your Product

Watch us, step by step, as we show you the CORE rules to quickly and easily picking a DEADLY product that is almost guaranteed to convert for you.

It¡¦s really pretty simple ¡V but you have to see the videos to really ¡§get it.¡¨

Step 3: Copy Our Template For a Stupid Simple Site

People make websites TOO complicated, that¡¦s why it¡¦s so hard to make them. We¡¦ll give you a template you can follow. But, just be ready¡K

You may be shocked and appalled by how easy it is ¡V it may even be unbelievable.

But in the end of the day ¡V it works!

Step 4: Use Our Traffic BluePrint (So Easy)

I only have one thing to say here ¡V after you go through these sections, you¡¦ll have MORE traffic ideas than you need, keep yourself busy for years!

Traffic can be tough when you just think about it (or read other products that are just full of theories) ¡V but in our case, we use this stuff EVERYDAY.

You¡¦ll be able to quickly get MASS traffic to your sites very fast.

Step 5: Forget and Move On

Maybe a better term would be ¡§Rinse and Repeat¡¨ ¡V because once you automate the traffic (which we show you). The best thing you can do after that is start repeating the process over and over.

This way you create little sales machines ALL over the Internet that are always working for you ¡V even while you sleep.

Awesome! I'm Ready To Start...

"Of Course, I'm Ready To Start! But
How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"

Now, you know it cost us over $67,000 to develop this material ¡V so yes, we COULD reasonably charge thousands of dollars (and I¡¦m sure people would pay for it too).

But, the honest truth is that Saj and I aren¡¦t really ¡§Cash Strapped¡¨ ¡V so we¡¦re trying more at this point to HELP people.

We consulted all our top friends and heard the same advice that may (with a great strategy) get¡K ¡§charge at least $997 for this.¡¨

But, at this point, our BIGGEST goal is to create a LARGE community ¡V so we know that charging $997 (although it may make us more money), will not HELP us build mass.

We debated, $497, then $397, $197 and even $97 and decided against all of it! So, we decided to a SIMPLE one time payment of just $77¡Kyes, no gimmicks either!

Click Here for Cb Wealth Formula

  • This is just ONE payment ¡V you pay and you¡¦re done.
  • There is NO tricky recurring.
  • There are no GIMMICKS to get you to buy more.

We¡¦re being 100% honest with the way we charge this ¡V I HATE those who try to get tricky just to rob you of your money.

Saj and I don¡¦t need to do that and that¡¦s no way to live a life ¡V after all, I need to sleep at night!

So, that¡¦s it! A ONE-TIME payment of $77...

We Have So Much Confidence¡K ¡§We¡¦ll Give You a FULL 60 Day Money Back Guarantee¡¨

Ok, here¡¦s the deal ¡V we have nothing to hide ¡V we KNOW our stuff WORKS ¡V heck, we¡¦ve been using it for years..

Full 60 Day (For Any Reason) Money-Back Guarantee

You¡¦ll never even have to give us a REASON ¡V just ask for a refund and it¡¦s done. Plus we¡¦re using CLICKBANK to sell this ¡V so they REQUIRE us to immediately refund (if we don¡¦t they will)!

So you have TWO lines of defenses (in case you feel uncomfortable asking US for a refund ¡V just ask CLICKBANK directly!)

Now this is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE for you.

Why are we doing this? Because we¡¦re 100% CONFIDENT that this system will work wonders for you ¡V if it doesn¡¦t, we don¡¦t¡¦ deserve your money!

Start My Coaching Now!

Order Right Away And We¡¦ll Throw In Over
$1,291 In FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1: 8 Steps To Article Marketing Powerhouse
Get IMMEDIATE Free Targeted Traffic To Any Niche!
Value $497

3 years ago I mastered the art of article writing when I figured out a system that would change the game completely! Check out these results¡K

Before I started writing articles, my name ¡§AnikSingal¡¨ appeared on exactly 7 sites on the internet. Then I started putting my system into play and TODAY my name is on over 155,000 sites!

In just 8 short Modules, I¡¦ll reveal my entire system to you in BABY Steps! Before tonight is even over, you¡¦ll be mastering the art of traffic generation through content.

You could even have your first FREE Targeted visitors TONIGHT!

Bonus #2: How I Made $356,000 From Just 10 Hours of Work Using YouTube!
The Lazy Tubester Method
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This is a technique I¡¦ve kept VERY close to my heart, but I discovered it 2 years ago. It¡¦s been THE EASIEST money I¡¦ve ever made using affiliate marketing.

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Full Blog: DIY Burglar Alarm Kit: Keeping Your Home Safe and Sound The home security systems that are considered very important in homes today are burglar alarms. What is exciting about it is that there are DIY (Do It Yourself) kits which provide easy installation for many home owners. However, it is necessary for individuals who are going to use a burglar alarm system to know and understands its basics. Burglar alarms are sensors capable of detecting someone who enters your home. Then these sensors take actions such as make loud piercing noises, call the police, make valuables safe as much as possible, and do other safety measures. Generally, these burglar alarms are hard-wired in the walls of your home. This is done to keep it intact preventing it from being removed or disabled. In this manner, the alarm will be easily triggered when tampered. However, the mechanisms which activate or deactivate it vary widely. It could use a more common key and Personal Identification Number (PIN) or even hi-tech fingerprint systems. Many people prefer the DIY burglar alarm system kit as they can be less expensive. These systems can be wireless or wired as mentioned earlier. These are capable of setting off audible alarms whenever an intruder moves or breaks into the house. These systems are available in two types. It can be either a closed or an open circuit. If the alarm has an open circuit design, the alarm works whenever its circuit is closed. Take for example when a window or door is opened, the circuit is completed setting off the alarm. If the alarm has a closed circuit design, the alarm works in opposite ways. When a window or door is opened, the circuit breaks setting off the alarm. These burglar alarm systems kits can include (a.) single premise alarm systems which provide specific features such as door alarms, heat or smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and others (b.) local alarm systems which creates sounds when intrusion takes place (c.) Telephone dialer alarms which can dial a specified phone number when the alarm is triggered (d.) monitored security systems which are monitored constantly by an alarm company Keep in mind that there are existing home security systems rated as more advanced equipment. Some salesman could play on the fear of people for crimes in order to sell them their latest alarm system that are controlled by computers, complete with expert installations that are expensive, and monitoring center open 24-hours on a monthly-basis subscription. As a potential buyer, you should also weigh different options when purchasing DIY alarm systems kits. Sometimes it can be very luxurious yet unnecessary. Some people have thought of different ideas to cut down their expenses on purchasing burglar alarms. Their DIY burglar alarm system is made from an alarm box which resembles a real burglar alarm box installed outside their house. This could prevent all hassles and expenses of obtaining the real alarm system. Nevertheless make sure it actually looks real since you cannot fake experienced burglars. It is a rule to make it a secret or else your efforts would be useless. Remember, it is not the features of the burglar alarm system that is making the difference. The secret of using this home security device is keeping the burglars away from your home. The burglar's tendency is to avoid alarm boxes outside your home since they will unlikely expose themselves to great troubles.

Free Reviews: The Crafts in Patching your Quilt Patches can make up a fashionable, yet old-style quilt that will last for a long time to come. To create patchwork you will need fabric. You merely cut the pieces of your fabric to form patches and design, stitching in simple numerical lines. If you are creating the traditional patchwork, you will need fabrics, including lengthy stripes, squares, curved shapes, and rectangles. You can leave out the shapes that curve if you don’t want to go through the steps of creating a complex quilt. Crafters often use patches to create quilts with many parts, such as the quilts that resemble the Picasso arts, or the basic quilts. Once you gather your patches, you will need to form blocks of your fabric. The blocks in crafter terms include the “corn and beans,?motifs, “turkey tracks, maple leaf,?and so on. One of the more attractive quilts is the “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?blocks. Regardless, you will need blocks to finish your quilt. To start you will need to select your block scheme. You have the choice of the 4-patch scheme, or the 9-patch. The patch block schemes make up grids, which fill in various simple lines in numbers and shapes. The 4-patch is one of the common patterns used to make traditional quilts. The 9-patch is also used, yet other styles are made up on different geometric grids. The 4-patch: The 4-patch is 4-squares factored into a numerical grid. For instance, you can picture a box, draw a cross inside, and count 1-4 to achieve the 4-block scheme. To continue to the 4-patch scheme you would need to add squares, stripes, etc. The overall notion behind the 4-patch scheme is that you can use a variety of patches to create a multi-color quilt, yet you must lay out your block foundation first. Now if you want to use the 9-patch scheme you would create nine squares in your grid and either leave them together or break them into parts. Still, you must leave the 9-patch structure. For instance, if you were to take a piece of craft paper, rather graphing paper and draw per inch, four squares, eight squares, and then another ten, you would have your foundation to start your patchwork. To make up your designs however, you would need to add shapes to your grids. Once you design your craft on graphing paper, you can create a full-size block. You will need to cut your patches, as well as create templates however before you can start your quilt. To start your quilt you will need to consider the style again. Do you want the 12, 14, 16, 18, or larger blocks? If you are new to making quilts, you may want to start with the lower block inches. However, you will need to learn how to make borders to complete the quilt. Once you decide you will need to consider your schemes. If you are working the 4-patch scheme on blocks, around 4 inches then you will need to cut your patches 2 inches in squares. The higher the scheme, the more patch inch squares you would need. For instance, if you want to create a 12-block scheme, you would need twelve patches and cut in six-inch squares. On the other hand, if you were using the 9-patch scheme, choosing the 12-inch blocks then you would need to cut your patches into 4-inch squares. Now you can move to create your templates. Templates in crafter terms are patterns, which are cut from strong fabrics, or materials. You need the templates to create an easy squared quilt, otherwise prepare to battle.

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Article Page: women who has borne and raised up warriors." She proceed- ed to say, "lam fond of hearing that there is a peace, and I hope you have now taken as by the hand in real friendship. I have a pipe and a little tobacco to give the commissioners to smoke in friendship. I look on yon and the red people as my children. Your having determined on peace is most pleasing to me, for I have seen much trouble during the late war. I am old, but I hope yet to bear children who will grow up and peo- ple our nation, as we are now to be under the protection of Congress, and shall have no disturbance,"