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No More Slaving Away For "Free" Traffic! No More Adwords Traffic Jams! You Now Have A Straightaway To Almost Effortless Conversion Rates As High As 72% With Keywords As Cheap As 5 Cents A Click And No Rules Or Red Tape To Slow You Down!

And You Don't Need...

Landing Pages íV Direct Link To Any Page You Want (And If You Want To Use A Landing Page, Feel Free To Break All The Rules That Would Get You Slapped Silly By Google)...

High "Quality Score" (Want To Run Traffic To Squeeze Pages... Sales Letters... Direct To Affiliate Links? No Problem!)

A Big Budget (Prepare To Find Bargain Basement 5-10 Cent Clicks In Nearly Every Campaign!)...

Best Part: There's Zero "Guess Work" íV So You'll Be Free To Take Massive Action Right Away íV Without Even Risking A Penny Of Your Own Money!*


From The Desk Of: Philip Mansour

Location: The Traffic Fast Lane...

Hi, I'm Philip Mansour, and I'm about to PISS OFF a lot of "gurus" who have been feeding you a pile of lies about traffic.

Here's the truth:

There's No Such Thing As "Free" Traffic!

Your fate's in Google's hands, and let's face it: If you can't control it... you don't own it.

The only people telling you it's "free" are gurus who think your time is worth nothing, and warn you to stay away from the "competitive" keywords where all the buyers are.

And the money? Well, if you need money NOW... not "whenever Google lets me out of the sandbox"... you can't count on "free" traffic to bring home the bacon.

Is that the end of it? Hardly.

Heck, I'm building up steam, so I'll go ahead and get this off my chest while I'm at it...

There Aren't Any More "Loopholes" In Google... And Facebook Traffic's Downright Worthless!

Here's a word of advice: Anytime you hear a guru tell you they've discovered some "hidden loophole" in Adwords, ask yourself if you really think they're smarter than Google.

And "social media" traffic? If you think Google's rules are nuts, try Facebook on for size.

So what's the real truth about traffic in 2010?

Is there any way left to tackle the really hot, high-paying markets without losing your shirt, getting "Google slapped" or spending months trying to "rank" with SEO?

Here's what some 'gurus' don't want you to know

(and may not even know themselves):

Pay Per Click Is Still The Easiest, Cheapest,
Most Profitable Traffic Around...
(IF You Know Where To Buy It!)

How do I know?

Because when I got started with affiliate marketing four years ago, you could still become a "super-affiliate" with Google Adwords just by throwing up direct-linking campaignsíK

íK ditching the losersíK

íK and ramping up the ones that pulled profit to the moon.

It was so easy, and so scalable íV I scrapped SEOíK article writingíK and the other so-called "free" methods as soon as I had the seed money for my first Adwords campaign.

And with the profits rolling in on cruise control from every campaign I set upíK I never even bothered with any traffic source but Google.


Google Decided To Shut Affiliates OutíK And All
Those Direct-Linking Profits Dried Up Fast.

You've probably heard about Google's slash-and-burn banning spreeíK

Heck, even a lot of "gurus" got their accounts shut down for life, whether they'll admit it or not.

Truth is, though, I didn't even wait around long enough for the "Big G" to get around to banning me.

Because I was sick of getting my campaigns "slapped"íK click prices going through the ceiling (turning cash-pulling campaigns into money pits)íK

íK and my direct-linking campaigns killed off before they left the ground.

I saw the writing on the wall íV and I walked away.

And sure, there are still a few marketers out there talking up the "content network" and "Gmail ads"íK

You may have even bought into a couple of these products recently yourself.

But the bottom line is, Google's shut the doors on affiliate marketers íV word is, another big "slap" is coming around the bend as I'm writing this.

Here's the kicker:

Yahoo And Bing Are Now
Following Google's LeadíK

... by jacking up click costs and stacking up rules that make things so complicated you can forget direct linking or the easy CPA lead offers where the real money is.

If you want to get back the real "set it and forget it" campaigns that generates fist-fulls of cashíK

You Have To Do The Opposite Of What All
The "Guru Followers" Are Doing íV And Find
Where the Real 'Money Traffic' Is HidingíK

That's exactly what I did, and let me tell you how it's changed my lifeíK

I'm 22 now, and there was a time not so long ago when I was struggling, worried about whether I'd be able to keep supporting my young family with a baby on the way.

We lived in icy Maryland, and I almost had to work from home because my rattletrap car wouldn't start below 30 degreesíK

Just 4 years later, I live in a 5,000 square foot house in San Diego, California just steps away from the beachíK

Front HouseFront House

My new house two blocks from the beach in La Jolla... and me with my dream car íV a white Bentley convertible!

My View

The view from my balcony íV I love enjoying the sea air right from home...


I know my kids are set for life íV they can go to any college they want, and have all the advantages I never hadíK

All I did was keep looking for traffic in places where all the "followers" weren't looking.

Truth is, I didn't have any "unfair advantage" working for me íV I wasn't unusually smart or luckyíK

And here's my big "confession": I need the easiest, most "plug and play" traffic available becauseíK

I'm A "Lazy" AffiliateíK

I like to just set up my ads and not have to worry about optimizing a landing page or spending hours finding obscure "long-tail" keywords.

Just put them together, put some high-traffic keywords in, and let them ride.

So even though it took so long I almost jumped on the "PPC is dead" bandwagoníK and even though I nearly fell for the whole "social media" traffic fad and gave up looking for the good stuffíK

Click Here for Confidential Conversions

When I dug deeper I realized...

The Best Traffic Is Hidden In Plain Sight!

Now, when you start turning over rocks you find literally dozens of networks that claim to offer all kinds of traffic íV and some of them are outright scams.

It wasn't easy: for every home-run traffic source, I tested a dozen losersíK

But after 11 months of testing I had found the best of the best íV PPC networks not one in 100 affiliates has had the patience to findíK

íK and when put together let you target vast and almost untapped pools of hyper-responsive traffic.

And when I hit on the winners, I knew it immediately because I started seeing almost eye-popping conversion rates like theseíK


What does this have to do with you?


Because when you see what these previously underground traffic sources do for your campaigns íV from quick setup to autopilot cash flow when you hit a winner (and I show you exactly how)íK

You'll See This Untapped PPC Traffic Lets You
Get Your Share Of Markets All The "Gurus"
Say Are Too Hot To Compete In!

That means 5 cent to 20 cent clicks in the "credit report" market... Clicks you'd pay $2 PER CLICK and up for on Google...

... clicks as low as 4 cents in the "make money online" niche you'd pay no lower than $1 PER CLICK for on Google, Yahoo or Bing...

And many, many more!

So it should be easy for you to picture how, whenever I set my sights on somethingíK

íK whether it's moving from icy Maryland to a house with its own movie theater and a balcony overlooking the Pacific (best part is the breeze off the ocean) or my old white BentleyíK

I just create a campaign (OK, for the house and the lifestyle, a few campaigns) to pay for it!

Think that's just a fantasy?

Well, it's exactly how I got the house, car, and multi-million-dollar view I showed you a minute ago. (I hate to think how long I'd have had to work at a regular "9 to 5" to get all that by 24íK)

Now, with all the gurus chanting that PPC is over and done withíK you might be wondering how I'm managing to get "Astonishing" results when everybody else is getting the back of Google's handíK

And even if you got to watch me put together a real campaign in real time last weekíK

íK you might still be scratching your head about how a direct-linking campaign with no landing page could possibly survive and thrive long enough to make that kind of money.

So I'm going to show you in step-by-step detail exactly how I put together my campaigns.

That means I'm literally showing you the exact steps I follow in my own business (and not six months ago or a year ago íV right now, as you're reading this)íK


Confidential Conversions!

Confidential Conversions

You're about to discover traffic that's...

... chock full of high-quality leads actively looking for solutions and ready to take action now íV NOT money-draining "window shoppers" ...

... almost completely untapped and yours for the takingíK yet many of the most obsessed marketers I know haven't discovered it yetíK

íKthe fastest... easiestíK and just plain fool-proof way to go from zero to sixty in affiliate marketing I've seen yet...

íK If you know where to find it and how to put it in gear.

And in the first module of the Confidential Conversions course I'm calling...

Network Traffic Recon

Confidential Conversions

I've put together 10 videos laying out every last step I take daily to set up profit-pulling ad campaigns on four underground PPC networks that control massive traffic, includingíK

And because I'm revealing all the PPC sources I've discovered at once (not drip-feeding them like the gurus)íK

So in the module I'm callingíK

Mobile Matchmaker

Confidential Conversions

I'm delivering the real inside scoop no one is telling you about mobile PPC íV and why getting in on the "ground floor" will explode your affiliate commissions over the next year.

And in another 10 packed videos, you're getting actual case studies of my latest, most profitable campaigns, PLUSíK

That's not all, though íV because remember how I said I stopped using the "Big Three" search engines for PPC traffic a long time ago?

Well, just in the last few months I hit on a strategy nobody's talking about I'm callingíK

Artificially Organic

Confidential Conversions

íK that lets you literally "piggyback" on traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing on commandíK

íK without paying their ridiculous click costs or playing by their rules (that means no landing pageíK no "quality score"íK no "sandboxing").

Because I don't work for this traffic íV I just borrow it.

In fact, I've been quietly using this tactic to siphon off laser-targeted traffic from keywords that get millions of searches a monthíK

Keywords that would normally cost a small fortune per click íV or take months and hundreds of hours of work to climb up the organic ranks with SEO.

And in 11 videos, you'll see how toíK

PLUS, exactly how to target, track, and ramp up your campaigns without landing pages or expensive software.

Here's What Some Of My Coaching Students
Are Saying About The Traffic Sources
You're GettingíK

Click Here for Confidential Conversions

Alanluk Testimonial Dominic Testimonial Dominic Testimonial
Alanluk Testimonial Dominic Testimonial Dominic Testimonial
Julie Hanson Testimonial Victor Testimonial  


And just in case you're still on the fence, here'síK

7 Reasons Why You'll Agree These
Never-Revealed PPC Traffic Sources Are
More Powerful Than Any Traffic You've Seen Before!

  1. Unlike SEO, article writing and other supposedly "free" traffic, you'll never spend hours on a campaign only to wait days or weeks for it to be "approved" íV your campaigns go live almost immediately, and you see results the same day.
  2. You'll never struggle with arbitrary "rules" you'll find on Google or Facebook about what kinds of campaigns you can and can't promote íV and you'll never be penalized for not direct linking.
  3. You don't need a website íV that means no hassles with web hosting, registering domain names, or learning HTML. Just link directly to any offer you choose to promote, and your campaign is set to go.
  4. There's no approval process to get into any of these PPC networks íV once you know where to find them and how to use them, you can start using them today.
  5. It's cheap to get started íV Unlike some traffic sources that seem cheap until you realize there's a huge minimum buy-in, you can get started on any of these traffic sources paying just pennies a click for $50 or less I'll cover the cost of getting started for you with $XXX in exclusive ad credits.
  6. You can use simple, easy-to-write text ads (I'll show you how to bang out high-converting ads fast even if you've never written a PPC ad in your life). There are no banners to design or boring articles to write.
  7. These traffic sources will never get saturated íV because of the innovative ways these PPC networks display ads, you'll never run into the costly "bidding wars" that make Adwords and the other "Big Three" ad networks so difficult to profit with.

Now, I know you may be thinkingíK

Phil, If These Traffic Sources Are As Good As You
Say They Are,Why Aren't You Charging A
Fortune? Heck, Why Reveal Them At All?

I admit it: There was no way I was going to release this without charging a hefty upfront fee (at least $997)íK

íK AND limiting it to my private coaching students íV ironclad contract in hand stating I get a nice cut of the first two months' earnings (and even at that price my students would be getting a steal).

Then one phone call changed my mindíK

And here's where this really gets good (for both of us):

You see, the CPA networks are also hurting from all the recent "Google slaps" (think of all those profitable PPC leads down the drain)íK

So when I mentioned to one of my affiliate managers I was planning to reveal the same underground PPC networks and methods to a small group of studentsíK

íK the same networks and methods that's made 2010 my best year yet (and made me and the network a fat stack) while other "super-affiliates" packed it iníK

"Wait a minute," he said.

"If you'll teach these guys how to use these traffic sources like you do, I'll set up a special link that'll make sure anybody you're coaching can get right into our network íV no interview, no wait."

And it gets better íV because not only do you get immediate back-door access to a network that's very selective about the affiliates they let iníK with none of the hoops everybody else has to jump throughíK

It also means you're getting a huge discount on the Confidential Conversions trainingíK

Because the network is picking up most of the tab for you íV giving me an extra bonus for every lead you make out of their own pocket.

So not only do you get to keep every dollar you earn...

I'm able to give you access to everything I've described here for just $197!

You know what, scratch that:

For fast action-takers I'm knocking another $100 off íV because the faster you get started, the faster we both make bankíK

íK And that means I'm pulling out all the stops to make this as close to a "no-brainer" as possible.

So because I'm impatient to see you start making money íV I'll honor an even deeper discount price of just $77!

(Of course, you're free to use offers from any affiliate network you belong to íV but if you've been waiting on the sidelines to get into CPA marketing because you've heard how hard it is to get in, this is your chance).

It gets even better, though, becauseíK

*Remember I Said You Could Start Without Even
Spending A Penny Of Your Own Money On Ads?

If you take action todayíK I've negotiated $75 in FREE ads for you to get your first campaigns off the ground at zero risk to you íV so your first earnings will be 100% pure profitíK

You have to grab these fast, though: the credits are exclusive íV and the ad networks are not going to let me give too many of them out.

And I'm also going to give you FREE access to a report I've never released before called the "2 Hour Master Plan"

I put this "cheat sheet" together at the request of some of my top coaching students íV and it contains a "just the facts" blueprint to getting your first campaigns launched even before you've gone all the way through the training.

And You Only Pay Anything If The Secrets I
Reveal Immediately Begin Putting
Profits In Your Pocket!

Here's the dealíK

There's no pressure íV take your time deciding if this is everything I've promised you:

But lock in your spot first to make sure you have a full two months to create your own profit-pulling campaignsíK

And see real money-in-the-bank results "on me" while you try itíK

Because I'm giving you two months to put me to the test and see for yourself I deliver on every promise I've made you here.

(and if you've seen my stuff before, you know I never make a promise unless I know I can over-deliver on it!)

So here's what I absolutely must deliver inside
these two months (or everything's free):

100% Guaranteed.

So just click this link to grab my Confidential Conversions training and all the early-bird bonuses for just $77.

Then, take a full 60 days to decide if it's for you. Actually USE it to generate many times the low cost in cold hard bankable profits.

Then and ONLY then, make your final decision. You must be absolutely convinced that Confidential Conversions will keep delivering hand over fist, or simply e-mail me at the address in the members' area and I'll rush you a full refund íV no questions asked.

So grab your spot now, before it slips your mind.

So Here's How To Get Started:


There Are Two Roads You Can Take From HereíK

And there's no escaping it: In the next few seconds you'll either decide to let me show you the underground PPC networks and the unique strategies that haveíK

Or, you'll choose to continue going it alone íK settling for "second-best" traffic sources and keep fighting high click costs, Google slaps and landing page headaches in 2010 and beyond.

As you make your decision, please remember this offer is strictly limitedíK you come out ahead of the game with a quick profit by taking action quickly, andíK

With the guarantee you're getting,

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!

YES, PHIL!I want to make this my most profitable year ever íK with the underground PPC strategy that has made 2010 your best year ever íK despite the worst recession ever!

Please give me immediate access to your Confidential Conversions training and honor the $77 discount price because I'm taking action fast.

Click Here for Confidential Conversions

I understand that for this remarkably low priceíK

  • My Confidential Conversions course will give me everything I need to mount successful PPC campaigns beginning immediatelyíK
  • I receive an instant $75 cash back in PPC ad credits in to build my first campaigns without risking a dime íV PLUS instant back-door access to a CPA network absolutely FREE
  • I must be absolutely convinced that every last bit of your Confidential Conversions strategy is everything you say it is or I pay nothing (and keep the $75 and all the other bonuses as your "thank you" for giving it an honest try

Add To Cart


I'll see you on the inside,

Philip M


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.):

» How much money do I need to get started?

PHILIP: Anyone can get started for $50 or less on any of these PPC networks, but members of Confidential Conversions can get started for FREE with $XXX in exclusive ad creditsíK and you can start out testing campaigns for as little as $5 a day!

» How much competition is there on these PPC networks? Is it like Adwords, where you're lucky to get on the first page?

PHILIP: Not at all! Remember, 98%+ of affiliates don't even know these traffic sources exist íV I see every product about traffic that comes out because of my extensive JV partnerships, and I have never seen anyone reveal these sources before. Plus, most big companies haven't yet found out about them íV so you won't be bidding against Fortune 500's for keywords like you are on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

»How much of a "learning curve" is there? How long until I can run my first profitable campaign?

PHILIP: You could be running your first campaign today if you're a fast action-taker íV short answer is, you can take it at your own pace, and the "2 Hour Master Plan" action guide will show you exactly how to get started the right way from day one. Anybody, and I mean anybody, can see success with this traffic quickly íV and I know that because almost all my successful coaching students have come in with no PPC experience at all.

» Is there support if I have questions?

PHILIP:Of course íV I'm not one of those "pay me and have a nice life" marketers who hides behind a "support desk" and asks you to file "tickets" to get answers. You'll find my email address in the members' area, and I answer all questions personally.

» Could I just figure this stuff out on my own if it's so easy?

PHILIP: Maybe íV but then, it took me quite a while and thousands in testing to figure out which traffic sources were home-run winners and which were account-draining losers. Trust me, I would have paid an armload to skip all that frustration and get what you're getting now íV a no-guesswork road map to the best sources of traffic and exactly how to get the most profits out of them.

» If these PPC networks are so great, why haven't I heard of them?

PHILIP: You've probably seen ads run through some of these PPC networks on websites you visit and never realized it íV they don't advertise like Adwords, and I've only learned about them from my relationships with affiliate managers and from "reverse engineering" where the biggest super affiliates really get their traffic.

» I've heard there's "click fraud" and low-quality traffic on some ad networks besides Google Adwords. Is this traffic as high-quality as the traffic on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

PHILIP: A lot of times, the quality's even better. Don't get me wrong, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found the PPC networks that I'm showing you íV there are some out there where the traffic just stinks, and by using only the sources I recommend you'll avoid all the expense and frustration of getting burned by the bad apples.


The networks I'm showing you in the course consistently give me much better conversions and ROI than I've found anywhere else, and they're obsessed with guaranteeing the quality of their traffic, even more than Google is, because they actually welcome affiliate marketers rather than giving them the cold shoulder.


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P.S. Remember, you're completely covered by my 60-day 100% money-back guarantee íV if you're not satisfied for any reason (or for no reason at all), just shoot me an e-mail and I'll rush you a courteous refund íV and we part friends.

P.P.S. If, like some of my coaching students, you have any trouble coming up with winning PPC text ads, I'm giving fast action-takers access to another report I've never released publicly at any price íV and it shows you an incredibly simple process I use to get extremely high click-through rates on my ads. You can literally crank out a whole campaign worth of click-magnet ads in just minutes with this method, even if you hate to write!



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P.P.P.S. One last thing íV and it's important. Because I know even with this unbelievably low price and "can't lose" offer you may still be skeptical. And I totally understand.

So here are some testimonials from some of the coaching students who have actually used the methods and traffic sources I teach in Confidential Conversions íV take a look at what they have to say (And by the wayíK these are "for real" testimonials, and I'll happily send you their emails and phone numbers on request).


Alanluk Testimonial Dominic Testimonial Dominic Testimonial
Phil Testimonial Jon Testimonial Jamal Testimonial



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Disclaimer: These testimonials are REAL, and each person has been through training with Philip Mansour. Due to the FTC regulations, I'm required to state that each persons results will vary, and the chances are - most people (including you) will not make any money at all, meaning $0.00.


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Free Reviews: How to Zigzag Lozenge Stitch in Craft The zigzag stitch is a common stitch expert cricketers?use to create Afghans and more. The steps are relatively easy and must be learned to finish the ôEvening News?Afghan, or other patterns of Afghans. After you finish your chain, bobble, Chevron, cluster, cross double, crossbatch, V-stitch, etc, you will need to zigzag your lozenge stitches. To get started we encourage you to read the steps below. How to Zig your Zag to create the lozenge stitch: To start the zigzag lozenge stitching you will need a base. The base is factored by multiples of two, plus one. In the first row, starting on the left side, chain two stitches to start your half-double crochet. Half double in the following stitch and skip one stitch including a half double, chain, and another half double in the following stitch. Repeat the steps starting with the final stitches skip one stitch and work two half doubles in your final stitch, then turn. How to half double stitch: Chain stitch and then intersperse your hook so that it goes into the second chain stitch and away from your hook. Chain stitch again and draw up your yarn bringing it through your finished chain and three loops on your crochet hook. Chain stitch again and draw up your yarn bringing it through each of the three finished loops on the hook, and the finish, working a half-double stitch into your pattern. In the second row, continue to zigzag on the right side. Chain stitch 3 times to complete the start double crochet. Double crochet your first stitch and chain one time, and double crochet three clusters in the following space. Repeat your steps starting across, and to the finish working through the final space, adding one chain, two double crochets in clusters and at the crown of your turning chain, and then turn. Moving to row three, chain stitch twice for your first half double. Skip the starting stitch and half double, one chain, and another half double followed by space and repeat your steps across, and to the finish, completing with a half double in your crown section of the turning chain, and then turn. Adding Zigzag to Row 4: Row 4 you will chain stitch three times for your first double, skip the initial stitch and cluster three doubles in the following space. Chain another stitch across, and to the final working a double crochet into the crown of your turning chain, and then turn. Moving to row, five add two chain stitches to the first half double. Half double another stitch into the first stitch, half-double, first chain, half double, and into the following space. Repeat your steps across, and to the finish working two, half doubles into the crown of your turning chain, and then turn. Complete your steps by repeating the second through five rows. You have completed the zigzag lozenge stitching steps. Now you can move to the sample squares, which sums up eighteen rows. Once you complete the steps, you can move onto the borders, and finally finishing your Afghan. Once you finish however, you will need to edge the pattern to finally finishing your Afghan. Remember when you design an Afghan, particularly the Evening News; you will need to work through a seven ?inch gauge. When you start your pattern, keep texture and colors in mind. We encourage you to visit the Internet to learn more about the Evening News Afghan and the patterns available to you. In the period in-between, we can continue learning how to sample your squares.

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