I Want To Help You Make Money SO MUCH That
I・ve Left Almost NOTHING For You To Do!
Making Money online isnt rocket science, it's a matter of NOT running down the wrong road!
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I am about to show you how I took an unemployed single mom and led her step by step to erasing her money problems forever, and how you can start down the same path in (Literally) 5 minutes from right now!

But first thing's first. If I expect to help you out, I can't afford to hold anything back. So let's get to know each other a little first.

Even though by all accounts I・m a pretty successful guy, I didn't start off as one of those "Trust fund" cases. I started off at the bottom... way at the bottom.

When most people talk about hitting "rock-bottom", they are usually referring to being on welfare or unemployment and ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Not me.

For me, I hit rock-bottom when I was living in New York, homeless and addicted to drugs. That was the day I was robbed of all my valuables while sleeping in a chair at the public hospital. I called my friend and said "goodbye" (you can guess why...)

It was right about then that I asked "someone up above" for a sign. Right at that moment, I found that random stranger who took my things AND HE GAVE THEM BACK! If that wasn't a sign from Somewhere... I don't know what is!

I'm not proud of that part of my life, but thankfully I was able to make a fresh start. In fact, within just a few months of that fateful morning, I bought my first airplane! It seemed like the harder I worked, the luckier I got!

Over time I became an industry leader in online marketing thanks to successes like:

The list above is not designed to impress you or beat my own chest.

I just want to show you what can happen when things come together for you:

A) You Have a plan that works, and...

B) You Take action.

C) You make money!

And that's what I'm doing for Katherine. (And YOU!)

So who is Katherine?

Like anyone she・s got a story that・s all her own, but she・s really not that different from you and me.

Katherine grew up in Jacksonville, and has never traveled much farther away than that. A single mom, Katherine came to me looking for work and knowing absolutely NOTHING about making money online. Believe it or not, she had never even eaten at Olive Garden before, because it had always been out of her budget.

Needless to say, Katherine・s never had much money. Of course, when you・re flat broke, she had a MOUNTAIN of problems that went along with her empty bank account.

Imagine for a moment the inconvenience of being about 50% sure your car will start when you jump in and head off to work, and then driving on a hope and a prayer that you won't have to add quarts and quarts of oil to the leaky motor just to get to where you're going.

How about diligently checking Caller ID whenever the phone rings to see if its another bill collector?

Then there・s the whole "sharing an apartment with your ex-husband because neither of you can afford a place of your own thing".

Still, Katherine didn・t ask for much. She had only 2 dreams:

Money doesn't buy happiness, but I'll tell you what I know for sure...

Anyone who has ever had to grit their teeth through unhappy situations because of money knows the frustration Katherine felt as she tried to make a better life for her and her daughter.

That・s why when she came to me looking for a job, I didn・t give it to her.

I didn・t want to be one more person in a long line of people who was just going to give her a paycheck, not when I could help her get a better LIFE!

Instead, I decided to show her how to make money on the Internet.

Making money on the Internet is easy, as long as you know what you're doing.

The problem is that there is WAY too much garbage online - its either confusing or just plain useless and it covers up this simple truth:

If You Want To Make Money Online You ONLY Need 3 Things:

A Website
And Products

That's all there is to it. Pretty simple, right?

The trick is to figure out what kind of website is going to pull in the kind of visitors that are going to spend money on the products you have.

If there is a genie in a bottle, that's it.

Once you find that "money road" in the maze of the Internet, you run straight down it towards big profits and you don't look back.

That's what I did. But it didn't exactly come easy.

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Not easy at all...

I have no idea your state of financial affairs friend, but ALL of us have money challenges from time to time, and I KNOW that if someone came along from the other side of the "wealth wall" and wanted to share some advice or even DO some stuff for me, I'd be all ears and happy as hell!

I'm Giving Katherine THAT kind of help and I want to do the same for you friend!

Lesson 1: Forget everything and focus on these 3 basic facts. You can almost hear the confusion and frustration leaving the room, just listen for it...

There are only 3 things you have to get right to make a lot of money online.

Its not that complicated, believe me I know. I've BEEN to the millionaire parties in the fancy resorts where these rich Internet guys hang out, more often then not, they are high school dropouts like me with more ambition for fast cars and first class travel then spreadsheets and boring courses.

In my opinion 90% of ALL beginners stumble, get stuck in the morass of details, looking for the next whiz bang secret, or the next piece of software that will spit money out the back of your computer.

Seriously, a magic pill? That only works in the movies.

True, setting up a website and getting traffic takes work, luckily when I committed to helping Katherine, I also committed to having my team of writers, photographers, artists, coders, etc. JUST DO IT FOR HER!

Lets go over the steps a sane person will go through to make honest money online:

The Hard Way:

The Easy Way!

With such a fantastic head-start, it should come as no surprise that things started changing for Katherine.

The first thing we did was go with Katherine and her daughter to her first dinner at Olive Garden! She insisted on paying with her earnings, buying dinner for my wife and I, and even some of the staff that helped train her!

I've got to tell you, I never imagined that a dinner at Olive Garden could mean so much to someone...

After that dinner, it seems like all the pieces started falling into place for her, and that couldn't make me happier!

Katherine's next big change was getting her car situation in order. She told me, "I can't believe I was driving my daughter around in that hunk of junk! It feels so good to not have to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road with my baby, y'know?"

I want to give you the same opportunity I gave Katherine.

I don・t want to just give you some good advice and then send you on your way. I want to give you EVERYTHING!

The websites, the visitor blueprint, the products, the whole enchilada!

And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!

You need a place for people to gather and spend their money - and websites are perfect for this!

With a website, people from all over the world can go on the internet and spend money on your products.

While websites are GREAT for making money, they can be expensive and time consuming to put together.

You need to make sure your sites are well designed by an artist, or no one will want to spend money with you.

They have to be well written, because there is a special way of writing called "Copywriting" that causes people to be EAGER to spend their money with you... believe me you want that!

And you also have to have a web programmer, or "coder" to put it all together for you. You don't want your site to get tons of people wanting to spend money, but they can't just because you misconfigured your MySQL server (whatever that is)!

That's why I made sure that you don't have to lift a finger! The websites you'll get when you act now are fully built, tested and ready to start earning within moments of you saying, "I want to make money with these sites!"

That means you don't need to learn how to design or spend thousands of dollars hiring a designer, because I've already done that for you.

That means you don't need to spend hours writing content or thousands of dollars hiring a competent writer, because I've already done that for you.

That means you won't have to learn PHP, HTML, or spend thousands of dollars to hire a coder to explain exactly what those things are, because I've already done that for you.

You don't even have to worry about visitors, because I'm taking care of that too! After all, I don't want to leave you to figure this out all alone - I want to help you and that means helping you get visitors too!

Visitors are extremely important if you want to make money online... because they have all the money! In order for you to make money with your websites, you need people "visiting" your website who are eager and willing to open their wallets for you.

As you can imagine, there is a science to this, and our step by step taining makes it brain-dead simple!

And as for the product part of your profit plan, I've also taken care of that part of it for you. Getting the right products can not only be a pain, it can also be VERY expensive if you don't know some of the simple short-cuts I use every day to get the products people can't wait to hand me money for!

The reason why picking a product can be so difficult is because CREATING a product is expensive, and people might not buy it once you've finished making it!

Selling someone else's product also has its pitfalls. First of all, you have to figure out if THEIR product is any good, and if you can make money by putting it in front of people!

Even if you have that part of it figured out, you STILL have to figure out how to collect their money. They don't just hand credit card scanners to anyone you know. You have to have something called a Merchant Account, and you will pay for the privilege of getting paid for Visa, Master Card or Discover.

That's why I made sure that you won't have to think twice about ANY of that nonsense!

When you act now, all your product problems are completely taken care of for you!

Don't worry about how people pay, just wait for the checks to come to your door!
Don't worry about finding products. Your sites come fully equipped with HOT SELLING products!
Don't worry about customer service online or over the phone either. This is all handled automatically!

So by now you must be wondering what exactly this is going to cost you.

Well, doesn・t that depend on how badly you want :it;?

You do know what :it; is, don・t you?

:It; is that feeling when you realize for the first time that you aren・t worried about paying your bills and enjoying a fun night out with friends and familyK you can afford to do both.

:It; is the experience of walking into a bank and having every teller smile at you because YOU are a :Somebody; whose business they want to keep because you haven・t run a negative balance. Not even close.

:It; is not having to be satisfied with what you have because you can have, what you want, when you want it.

:It; is FREEDOMK no strings attached satisfaction that everyone deserves and few people experience.

So how much is :It; worth to you?

I know that・s not a fair question, after allK

Financial Freedom Is PRICELESS.

You can・t put a price-tag on freedom because people search their whole lives just to taste it and some NEVER succeed.

But let・s try to put a number to success anyway. Just look at what it would cost for you to try and do this WITHOUT Fast Profit Pages.

Here・s the bare minimum of what you would need:

Hosting Account - $360

Hosting is just a fancy way of saying, :The place where online visitors check out your site;. You can・t have a website without hosting. Period.

Designer - $200

You can・t just put up a :buy stuff; button and expect to make money. People need something to look at, and a good design encourages people to open their wallets.

Copywriter - $200

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Just like with a good Design, the words you put on your website will either drive people away or drive cash straight into your bank account. Copywriters make cash happen.

Coder - $300

Once the site is designed and written, you still need a techie to put it together. Because these sites live on the internet, you need to make it EASY for people to give you money, and that・s what coders do!

Video - $2000

We・ve crunched the numbers over and over again, and the simple truth is that a video on a page increases sales. Unfortunately, shooting a video that converts (and doesn't look like a cheesy home movie) isn・t cheap. But when you can possibly TRIPLE your earnings, its worth it!

Of course, once you have your site put together, you'll still need products to sell. While that might not cost you in money, unless you're making the products yourself, it will definitely cost you in time.

The fact of the matter is that some products just don't sell, and you have to constantly test out different products to find out which ones make you money, and which ones just take up space on your website.

After you've done that, you still have to come up with a way to allow people to spend money on your site, PLUS you'll have to deal with all those customers that buy stuff from you.

That gets REAL expensive REAL fast, and more often than not it・s just not worth the headaches to do it yourself.

By now your beginning to see that these Fast Profit Pages had an amazing impact on Katherine・s life. This wasn・t something I just threw together for her, we・re talking about something that I've put a TON of work into for you, but I want to be crystal clear:

If you think the world owes you, or that success THIS big comes at the push of a button, I'm probably not your guy. But...

If you ARE ready to change your circumstances forever, and just need a helping hand to get started, you are in for a real treat!

That's Why With Fast Profit Pages, I Did
All The Hard Work For You!

Everything I just mentioned, the hosting, the designing, the writing, finding the products, taking care of the customers and making it easy to take their money...

You don't have to worry about ANY of that.

How much does just one site cost to make?

Graphics $200
Sales Copy $200
Content $200
Product selection $100
HTML coding $300
Hiring an actress to walk across the page and get people to buy stuff $2,000
Hosting $30 a month x 12 months ...
Total for JUST 1 site ($3,600)

And that's just for One! You won・t pay anything
even CLOSE to that number for 20 Full sites!

I・ve invested well over $50,000 in getting these sites to where they are today and I could easily charge $5,000 for the whole package, all 20 sites, the training, the pre-loaded products, and all the bonuses. I could get it too, but the people who could afford that aren't the ones I'm trying to help.

I could charge $2,000 and be making some lucky people one heck of a good deal.

If it were $500 I imagine I would give my business manager only a little more gray hair...

I decided to make the next 50 packages available at the insanely low price of only $97. Why? because I don't just want to make this affordable for you; I want to make it absolutely STUPID for you to not take advantage of this opportunity.

Why am I doing this?

Quite frankly, it・s because I'm trying to help you, but I can't afford to keep these sites at this price forever.

Putting them together cost me a fortune, so rather than making them so expensive only rich folks can afford them I'm going to do the next best thing for you.

I'm going to make all of these cash earning sites available to you for JUST 5 dollars apiece... But there's a catch.

I want you to do something for me.

I want you to write me your story and tell me how these Fast Profit Pages changed your life.


To be perfectly honest, once I get enough folks telling me how these sites helped them out, I'm going to raise the price to protect the value of these sites for the folks that wrote me.

I could reasonably charge a few thousand dollars for EACH of these sites, which would go a long way towards covering the cost of putting all this together for you.

So once I get enough letters from people who loved these sites, which shouldn't take long, I'm raising the price on these sites and this opportunity will be gone forever.

So please don't wait, act now and be one of the first and few to take action at a ridiculously low price so that you can experience the freedom and income you deserve. I look forward to hearing your story...

Ok, here's where things get serious: we both know that this is the opportunity you've been looking for, and we also know that the guarantee makes it a complete no brainer.

So if you move fast - like right now - you can get the whole thing for just $97.

$97 for something like this offer just isn't something to be missed... I mean, how FAST could you make it back, with the stuff I'm giving you.

And here is a good question, what else are you going to do with that money?

Spend it on the latest re-hashed, pie in the sky ebook? Google Money Bags or whatever this week's serving of garbage ala-mode is called...

... or you could go out for a night on the town with your pals..

On the other hand, you could be responsible and conservative and just use the money for bills.


The things above are what you've been doing all your life, and they all have something in common.

NONE of them will make you a single penny. Not one.

That IS why you are here on this page right now, correct? To make money, and make it FAST.

Well, that's exactly what I'm trying to help you do!

You're about to get your hands on the 20 sites I built Katherine, the training, the products that are preloaded, the whole shootin match.

Now it's your turn. The life you deserve is just a click away, so DO IT.

When I say :You can have sites live and ready to make
money in 5 minutes; Do I really mean it?
Click :Play; on the video below to find out...
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Hit the button below, and grab a hold of that life with both hands...

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But That・s Not All!

When you act today you・ll also be able to take advantage of the best Guarantee on the planet! For Support, please click here!

Friend, I'm so completely confident that your Fast Profit Sites are going to make you a ton of money, I'm going to do something crazy.

Completely Crazy.

In fact, more than that, I'm POSITIVE that with the help of these Fast Profit Pages that you can unlock the life you've been looking for all this time.

I'm so sure of it, I'm ready to take on all the risk here, no matter how crazy it sounds.

So go ahead, and try Fast Profit Pages right now, and I'll protect you with my completely air-tight, zero-risk guarantee...and it lasts for a full 60 days.

That means you can completely test my sites before you make a decision on keeping it...

... And if it doesn't make you money...

... If you don't think it's worth it...

... Or even if you just plain old don't like it

... you get every single red cent back.

No questions asked, I promise you.

And it gets better - when you get your money back, you still get to keep your sites.

That's how positive I am that your Fast Profit Pages are going to completely change your quality of life...

... even though most folks might think it's crazy, I'm taking on all the risk JUST so you can try it out with no strings attached.

Tom, I Can・t WAIT To Start Making Money Now!
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That・s Right, Try Fast Profit Pages With Me Taking All The Risk! If You Aren・t 100% Satisfied For ANY Reason, You・ll Get Every Penny Back!

The reason I make a Guarantee this strong is because I・ve been where you are right now, and I am where you want to be right now and believe me, I know how hard it is to risk it all because you just can・t stand living life by the seat of your pants for 1 second longer!

This is my way of giving you an honest and fair shot at changing your life forever. I believe, given half a chance, ANYONE can make money online the same as me and the THOUSANDS of other folks who are working from home.

If it were up to me, I・d go ahead and give these incredible Fast Profit Pages to you just for the asking, but the programming bill was astronomical, so I am about to do the next best thing.


YES TOM, I want to finally grab
the life I've always dreamed by starting
with my Fast Profit Pages TODAY...

I understand and fully agree that:
From now on I'll never settle for a crappy job where I work hard to make someone else rich!
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I'm the one in control of my life, and I can change it for the BETTER by changing what I do!
I also completely understand that I'm covered with a totally no-risk 60 day guarantee, and I can get a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED within that time.

Also, I understand that with these sites I am free to work when I want to earn AS MUCH as I want to finally experience real freedom.

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20 Fast Profit Pages

Right from the very beginning, we realized that because of the quality and QUANTITY of what we teaching Katherine, that it would be VERY Valuable to record the actual instructions for Katherine so that she could watch it later. Well as it turns out, we were RIGHT... but in a way we never imagined!

We never imagined that anyone would see these :behind the scenes; shots of the step by step process we・ve used to help make Katherine a great living from home, but when you act today, you・ll gain access to these amazing money-making modules that will make earning with your Fast Profit Pages a snap!

Just look at what you・ll get with these in-depth bonus recordings:

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  • Learn how to suck in visitors with the right words!
  • Discover the secrets of creating :Internet signposts; to your Fast Profit Pages!
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  • Discover first hand how the Experts make mega-bugs with just a fist full of dollars!
Overall Profit Blueprint   $47 Value ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • Watch how everything gets put into action!
  • Learn the advanced tips Katherine used to tie everything together!
  • Maximize your results by learning the perfect combination for your online presence.
Fast Profit Pages Fast Profit Pages Fast Profit Pages Fast Profit Pages
All You See Here For Just $97!


Think about it this way-

When you have your own business, you never have to worry about getting fired or replaced. You are the boss for LIFE, which means that with a business like this you could have money coming on FOREVER...

But let's say that doesn't happen. Let's be realistic, and completely logical here.

Let's say you make a very solid income, but the income will end within the next 5 years.

$97 over 5 years works out to $19.40 a year.

Surely it's worth LESS than $20 bucks a YEAR to give you and your family the life you've always dreamed of?

I mean, seriously, that's around 5 cents a DAY!

Just 5 cents could give you a FANTASTIC income that could last a lifetime...

So do it now! Change your life today and hit the link below!

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Please keep in mind, I'm not sure what's going to happen with these sites down the road.

I had these put together JUST to help Katherine out, but then I realized there were so many other people out there who could benefit from this too.

That's why I'm making them available now, to help out Katherine, and to recoup the THOUSANDS of dollars I spent helping her build her business so she could feed her kid. That means I DEFINITELY can't let EVERYONE at these sites or they would lose their value for Katherine and the others that take advantage today...

... so consider this your only warning. If I decide to take these sites off the market tomorrow - you had your chance.

Bottom line: If you want to take advantage of these sites, you'd better act now.

This could be the only time you ever see this page. When it's gone, it's gone FOREVER.

Regular Price $297 ... Today Only $97

I've Got To Be Honest...

At this point you've got 1 of 2 choices:


Turn up your nose at this HUGE chance to make money from home.

If you take this option, well nothing happens.

Your life doesn't change at all. You will still have bills you can't pay, and if you are lucky enough to have a job you HATE, you'll be stuck in it for the rest of your life.

That's what will happen if you're LUCKY.



You could try to change your life today by trying something new and different.

Let's face facts, when you do what you've always done, you get what you've always got.

You have NEVER before been given an opportunity like this, where you can take action right now and start making money with these Fast Profit Pages...

... and by next month you could be making more money than you ever dreamed of... and next year, who knows?

You could be anywhere.

Doing anything.

Imagine having all the free time in the world, and all the money you'd ever need to enjoy it.

That will NEVER happen if you don't take a chance and try something new. Something different.

Isn't ESCAPING your dead end job and wasting your life making someone else rich something that you WANT in your life?

Of course it is, and the only way to have that happen is to MAKE that happen.

So do it.

Grab your credit card, and hit the button below.

You're about to change your life FOREVER...

You are just 1 CLICK AWAY from completely transforming your life forever!

Just take action now by clicking the button above, and I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

Best Wishes,

P.S.- Remember, this opportunity won't be around forever. In order to make sure these sites STAY valuable for Katherine and you, I have to limit the number of folks who take advantage of them. When enough people have these sites, I'm taking down this opportunity FOREVER.

P.P.S.- Don't Forget! There is no risk to trying these sites today. I really went all out to make the decision to make money from home a no-brainer. Make as much money as you want for the next 60 days, and feel free to ask for a no questions. asked refund within that time...


P.P.P.S.- The next time you are dodging a bill collector's phone call, or spending time away from home at a job you hate, just remember that for around 5 cents a day you could have been making WAY MORE MONEY FROM HOME!

The Smartest Decision You・ll Ever Make Is Taking Action To Reach Success Today. The Only Regret You・ll Ever Have Is The Opportunities You Let Slip AwayK

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Full Blog: Free Wireless Burglar Alarm System to Drive Your Intruders Away With numerous reports of break-ins, robberies and other crimes happening all over various neighborhoods across America, who won't be worried of the security of their homes? Even if you can replace the items that might be taken from you, youd never know the extent of harm that these intruders can do. So to keep you away from these worries, make sure that you install a security system in your house. The most convenient of the burglar alarms are the wireless type. It is because you dont have to bore holes in your wall just to set up the alarms. This way, you also dont have to disfigure your whole house just to secure your properties. Wireless burglar alarms use radio waves to send and receive signals. The system is composed of sensors, which are distributed all through the house, and a control panel which receives signals to monitor the activities of the house when it is turned on. To fully understand the function of a wireless burglar alarm, the following are components that make this security system works: The control panel serves as the brain of the security system. Basically, it is situated in a secured place such as a closet or the basement. It is responsible for monitoring the signals that are sent by the motion sensors. When the control panel detects an intruder or any illicit activity, it produces an alarming sound. A sophisticated version is connected to a remote security personnel office to summon for aid. Next is the keypad. This switch is used in order to activate or deactivate the alarm system. It also contains the code that must be kept confidential for the family. For nighttime use, it is designed to be illuminated. It could be fixed to one-touch setting so that it will be easy to arm and disarm it. Another of its components is the magnetic contacts which are placed in the zones to be protected. They could be positioned in doors and windows, the openings in the house where the intruder could possibly pass. When the keypad is armed, the magnet shall detect the opening of its zones. Therefore, the alarming sound is activated. The wireless burglar alarms also contain contact sensors which detect any motion in their covered area. When the family is not around in the house, this alarm is activated. These sensors are usually located in places where there is no expected human presence. Once any of the sensors detect a movement, then it sets off the alarms. Now, you may be completely convinced of the advantages of mounting burglar alarm in your place. The question is, how much will it cost you? Good news! There are free security systems in the market! And you can be sure that they are also of finest quality. The free security system is usually awarded by large security firms which survive even just from monitoring revenues. They own the monitoring system which also serves as the source of profits. You will own the system, with highest quality, and pay for the monthly monitoring fee. Also, the home owner will post their yard sign of the security company to serve as an advertisement. The ad plays both for commercial and security purposes. With a free wireless burglar alarm secured all over your house, you can sleep with peace of mind. And you are driving your intruders away without having to do a thing. Keep your home burglar free.

Free Reviews: How to Craft the Pieced Wall hangers Wall hangers make nice gifts. In addition, wall hangers make a nice decoration for your home. The flowerpots, which are pieced by hand, make fancy decorations or gifts as well. In view of the fact, we can start designing a wall hanger together. Lets get started: Now understand that we are not talking about making something that will hang on your wall, rather we are speaking of a quilt. The notion behind the wall hangers is to assist beginners, since it is one of the easiest in the craft business to create. To get started you will need one yard of fabric, i.e. green print. Add another ?yard to tan fabric print, and another 1/3 yard of blue and yellow, ?peach, and ?rust. You need at least 128 x 36 inches of pieces of fabric that coordinate. This will make up your background. Purchase another traditional-weight piece of batting in the same dimension as the background material. Add 4 yards of coordinated quilt binding fabric, and gather all-purpose thread to complete your task. Throughout the process, you will need rotary cutters, scissors, needles, thread, thimble, pins, pincushion, and so on. The cutters will assist you with cutting ?inch seam allowances throughout your quilting experience. If you do not cut the ?as advised, your quilt will come out uneven. Now that you have gathered your tools, it is time to start assembling the top of your quilt. Before we get started however, lets require the pieces you purchased. The fabric green print colors are your upper and lower borders. You should have the amount of two when you get started and you will need to re-size your inches to 2 ?x 19 ? You will need to of your prints for the border sides, which equals two, and the size of 2 ?x 27 ?inches. You can start making squares or building blocks to prepare to stitch your quilt. Use your green print as the D square and mark the amount of 36, and the inches in size at 1 ?x 1 ? Next, move to your tan print. You want to make the tan amount to eight, and have five blocks, or pieces. The tan should go as follow: A-Strip, B-piece, C-strip, D-square, E-square, and F-strip.?Now the A block amounts to eight, and has inches in size at 1 ?x 4 ? The B block should amount to eight also, and measure to 2 ?and 3 ?inches. The C block should amount to 28 and measure to 1 ?x 2 ?inches. D amounts to 52 and measures at 1 ?x 1 ?inches; E is eight counts and 2 ?x 2 ?inches. Finish your final block and should amount to 12 and measure at 1 ?and 3 ?inches. Now you have your blue print, which is the C-strip and amounts to 26, measuring at 1 ?x 2 ?inches. The C-strip for the blue print is important, since you will use eight of the blues as borders for your quilt, and the remaining amount to create your blocks. The blue has a D-square at 12 and measures to 1 1/2 x 1 ?inches. Now you have your yellow and peach prints left. The yellow is C-strip, D-square, and the last four is the cornerstones. C has a value of eighteen, and measures at 1 ?x 1 ?inches, while the D has a value of 12 and measures at 2 ?x 2 ?inches. Moving along the F in Peach Print Strips has the amount value of four and dimensions of 1 ?x 3 ?inches.

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Article Page: records does it occur that the Indians who committed these " atrocities " were simply ejecting by force, and, in the con- testa arising from this forcible ejectment, killing men who had usurped and stolen their lands X lands ceded to them by the United States Government in a solemn treaty, of which the fifth Article was as follows: "If any citizen of the United States or other person, not be- ing an Indian, shall attempt to settle on any of the lands west- ward or southward of the said boundaries which are hereby allotted to the Indians for their hunting-grounds, or having already settled and will not remove from the same within sis months after the ratification of this treaty, such person shall forfeit the protection of the United States, and the Indians may punish kim or not as they please."