Almost everything you've ever seen, heard, or read about making money online is completely wrong...

That's a strong statement, and you probably don't believe it - but in a moment, you're going to see such undeniable proof, that you'll know I'm being nothing but honest with you...

You're about to see:

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How to get online and make money almost immediately...
How to very easily get all the traffic you need... for free
And how to do it all with simple little sites that take next to no time to finish...

Online business doesn't have to be the struggle everyone makes out...

... you're about to find out exactly how effortless and simple it can be...

And yes, I know you hear claims like that all the time, so I want to give you complete and undeniable proof immediately...

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Bertil Jenner                                                                               
Location:  Some dark alley in Grand Rapids, MI

Dear business builder,

Let's be honest about it...

Making money online hasn't really gone how you wanted... has it?

Sure, you've bought all the latest guides - the good ones, the ones that absolutely suck... and I'll bet you've even thought about buying a couple of the big ticket products too, right?

Maybe you've made money, maybe you haven't, but I can guarantee you one thing...

Making money online is nowhere near as hard as you think it is.

Yes, I said it. It's bold, and it will upset some people, and that's fine.

Truth is, the internet marketing world needs to be upset... right now you've got too many self proclaimed gurus and experts...

... And they're all selling you on the idea that making money online is like some super secret club that only they have the keys to.

Well, it's all BS. Stick with me and I'll prove it. You've already seen how much I'm making, and I've never followed a guru product in my life.

Take it from me - you don't need the gurus, and you don't need their rehashed information.

You just need someone to give you the real skinny... and, here I am.

Keep reading, and you'll see undeniable proof that my system is the thing that can let you live the dream of a substantial passive income.

And that's what it's about right? Passive income. I mean, who really wants to work for their money?

Not me. If I have to choose between working 100 hours a week for $50k a month, and almost zero hours a week for that same $50k, I'm choosing the easy one every time.

Click Here For Fat Cat Blueprint

I'm hoping you don't want to work 100 hours a week?

I know I don't.

And I can totally relate to what you're going through now, because I did the same.

Ten years ago I was struggling to get by, like most people are.

I worked ten hours a day as a Telecommunications Analyst, and as if that's not bad enough, I had to travel 2 hours there each morning, and 2 hours back each night.

Basically, I was a faceless drone. Yes, I worked in Fortune 500 companies, but I was basically a paper pusher.

Yes, it was soul destroying... but like a lot of people, I had no idea that life could be any different.

But in the year 2000, it all changed...

Because I stumbled across a book about internet marketing.

Boy, were my eyes opened. I'm sure you remember being blown away when you discovered IM?

My journey into marketing was different from most people's... you see I made a lot of money very fast, almost like a fairytale ending type deal...

You see, I started out as an affiliate. It was easy. I build sites by hand from instructions I found online, and sent PPC traffic. Simple, foolproof, and insanely profitable.

But you must remember, this was almost ten years ago. Back then, it was still possible to get 1 cent clicks in every niche, and get as many of them as you wanted...

So it wasn't long until I was making $10k a month, and I quit my job. And I've got to say, anyone could have done it then. It was so easy.

And it was about to get easier...

Around that time, Google released Adsense for the first time. I jumped on it right away. That was also about the time that the first "site generator" type software appeared.

I used this software to build thousands and thousands of Adsense sites... and pretty soon my income started spiralling upwards.

The most I ever earned in a 30 day period was $105,000...

Not bad for just throwing up some websites and using computer-written content huh?

Unfortunately, Google caught on fast. My sites began getting de-indexed rapidly, they were dropping like flies.

Over the course of a few months I saw my income grow from $10k a month to $100,000 a month, and then drop to just $3000 monthly.

Can you imagine losing all that money suddenly?

Let me tell you, living on 3 thousand bucks a month when you're used to 30 or 40 thousand is pretty darned tough.

I started over. From scratch.

I stuck with Adsense, and I went back to the fundamentals. Building good sites, good content... building an actual business, instead of a get-rich-quick machine.

And I saw almost instant results.

After just 8 months, I was again earning $30k a month.

My income's been climbing ever since.

Recently my family have been asking about what I do... so I showed my brother how to do it. I'm not great at explaining things in person, so I wrote it down and sent it as email "lessons."

Since starting our "lessons," my brother has gone on to build a $12k a month business.

And seeing his success made me realise how these lessons could help a lot of other people. So for the past 4 months, I've been taking the basic lessons I taught him, and fleshing them out.

I've basically created a step by step course, showing exactly how I rip down $50,000 each and every month with Google Adsense.

If you thought Google Adsense is dead, well, I've got a big fat bank account that says otherwise.

If you want a serious online business, or just to earn a little more money on the side, this is it. This is exactly what you've been looking for.

If you're looking for:

An online business guide that just about anyone can follow and use to make money fast
An income that increases every single month, regardless of what's happening to other people's businesses
An unlimited income that floods your accounts 24/7... so you get paid whether you work or not...

Your search for a reliable business has finally ended.

And I don't say that lightly. I know exactly what it's like to struggle through a mind-numbing day job that just sucks the life out of you.

I'm deadly serious when I say this is what you've been looking for... I don't just believe it, I know it for a fact.

You see, I've already "leaked" the FatCat Blueprint to a handful of struggling marketers...

Here's what one of them had to say about it:

Click Here For Fat Cat Blueprint


"As a Civil Engineer, there are few things I like better than a proven workable plan.

The Fatcat Blueprint is exactly that and much more. Bertil showed me how to make a six figure income by working only 2-4 hours per day.

I am already earning over $3,000 per week!

In a time when my industry is suffering nationwide, this internet income has been invaluable to me.

Over the past 2 to 3 years, I had accumulated quite a collection of internet business courses, special one time offers and seminar DVDs. Desperation does that to a person. Only now do I realize how useless, misleading and a waste of money all of those purchases were. I have thrown them all away.

Once you finish the Fatcat Blueprint, I bet you will too!"

Keith Watkins
Akron, OH


Keith is still increasing his income today, from what the FatCat Blueprint showed him... and he's just one of the success stories you'll see on this page.

You see, that's just how powerful this thing is... it's helped almost everyone that's used it to make money...

When I leaked it to these guys, I made sure that they weren't pro, high level marketers already. I didn't want experts testing my stuff... what would be the point?

I wanted it to be accessible and workable enough for everyone. So I was sure to only work with people that were still battling a day job... maybe even guys that never made money online...

And yes, they made money.

You see, this really is a step by step blueprint, with all my techniques inside. It's literally the same blueprint I work from to continue building my empire every day.

So you'll see me reveal killer secrets like:

How to quickly and easily start putting together a passive income empire that pays you five figures a month, month in, month out, like clockwork
Why you'll never have to worry about traffic if you follow my simple blueprint... and don't worry, the traffic is totally free
How to put the whole business on autopilot so you have very little actual "work" to do... this has got to be my favorite part
The seven step method I use to set my sites up... this works without fail, and provides each of them with ongoing, unlimited free traffic, and means every site makes me money...
How to maximize your income while putting in the minimum of effort- once you see the return on investment you get with this, nothing else comes close...
Guarantee your success - a lot of online business owners use the hope method - they put a site up, and hope it makes money... but there's no hope necessary with this, you'll know
How to make big money in less work than you probably do right now at your job... if you hate your job, don't worry, your working days are numbered
The secret behind getting monster, one-off paydays from these sites... and don't worry, it's got nothing to do with list building, JVs, paid mailings, or anything like that
How a simple six page website can be a complete income machine, lining your pockets for years to come with zero further effort on your part at all.

Now, that really is just a tiny hint of what's inside...

... but I'm betting you can already see how this will help you make money, right?

Can you picture what it's like to make $59k a month?

I'll tell you, it's great. It's everything you hope for.
The freedom that comes with money like that is just wonderful.

Think about it... $59,741 a month is $13,500 a week.

Or $1964 a day even.

An extra two grand a day would change your life, right?

It's definitely changed mine, and it would do the same for you, I'm thinking.

Imagine waking up each day knowing that you just made another $2k overnight...

Let me tell you, it never gets old, and the fact that it's autopilot income means you can do just about anything you want with your time...

Imagine it... waking up in the morning, at whatever time you feel like waking up. No alarms, no pressure to get ready for work. No battle with the morning traffic, struggling to even make it to work on time...

Instead you wake up when you feel like it...

Then maybe spend an hour sitting around the kitchen while your chef makes breakfast. Sure you've got a chef. If you're making almost seven hundred grand a year, you can afford a chef no problems...

After breakfast you hit your home gym - because, hey, it's just great to have the time to take care of yourself properly, right?

Well, frankly, you won't have to imagine for much longer, because I'm going to show you how to achieve it...

And once you've got a high profit business like this, you can spend your time doing whatever you choose to do.

And that's the real benefit here - that you're in control of your own life. No more answering to a boss that just doesn't care about you, no more wasting your life making other people rich.

I mean, think about it... isn't it about time you were the one calling the shots?

The economy is in a terrible situation right now - you've seen the headlines and the news reports, so you probably don't need me to tell you that your job just isn't safe...

And that's why you need to be in charge of your own destiny. You need to be controlling your future- not leaving it up to some faceless corporation who would cut your job in a heartbeat if it means saving a buck or two.

Thankfully, the secrets I reveal in The FatCat Income Blueprint are designed to give you exactly that kind of freedom...

Secrets like:

How to find out the profit in each niche before you get involved...
How to use simple articles the right way, and bring on floods of traffic & money
How to boost search engine rankings with "link bait"... easy, and very effective
How to take your income and multiply it by as many times as you want... easily
How to guarantee your sites come up big in the search engines
How to choose the right domain name... the wrong name can put you behind by months
How to outsource everything so you have nothing to do but spend the money
How to get the most accurate keyword data on the planet... without lame tools...
How to structure your Adsense sites for maximum profit and compliance...

Yeah, impressive list I know, but that's still just the tip of the sword.

Right now, I know what you're probably thinking.

You're wondering why this business is about Adsense right?

After all, Adsense is dead. The "gurus" said that a couple of years ago right?

Click Here For Fat Cat Blueprint

Yes, I know everyone talks about how good it is to be an affiliate - so many products to promote, no need to have your own product etc...

And that's where I started out. Way back when I began online, my profts came from affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing only.

Sure affiliate marketing can be great. But mostly it's not.

To begin with, you've got the hassle of finding a good product - without that, you're wasting your hard earned traffic. Which means you're basically wasting your time.

Trouble is, high converting products are tough to come across.

If you've ever sent a few hundred hops to something only for it to make ZERO sales, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

And then you've got the whole preselling thing - you have to write some compelling content to actually get the people to click on the affiliate link... and boy, that's much harder than you probably think.

It can be very frustrating.

And think about this...

... some of the biggest, highest trafficked websites in the world use Adsense... why would they use it if it wasn't profitable?

Look at the New York Times website... or even There's Adsense all over all of them.

Do you really think they're not making money? Or they could make more through affiliate links?

Fact is, they couldn't. I know that for a fact, because I tested it.

In the early days when I was still tweaking the business, I conducted some very serious, long term split tests, pitching my Adsense against the sites with affiliate links.

And you know what?

Visitor for visitor, the Adsense sites made way more money. So I stuck with it ever since.

Also, instead of withering and dying over time like most affiliate sites, my Adsense sites actually get more profitable as time goes on - they get to be trusted sites, and some are even considered authority sites in their niche.

So yes, following my techniques, Adsense is way more profitable than affiliate marketing. Truth is, it's not even close.

And yes, I know that people say Adsense sites get closed and sites get de-indexed.

But don't worry. I'm going to help you build the kind of empire that means you never have to worry about minor details like that.

Maybe you have... and the chances are it didn't go so well.

Statistically speaking, most internet marketers fail to make any money at all.

So if you didn't make money, what was it that held you back?

Maybe you couldn't find a niche? Or couldn't get traffic?

Well, don't worry - when you follow my step by step plan, you'll be getting all the traffic you need.

Maybe you just couldn't quite generate a stable income...

Well, you don't need to concern yourself with that either. I make money like this, month in, month out, from following the exact plan that you're getting...

No matter how much experience you have, The FatCat Blueprint is tailored exactly to you. This really does contain everything you need to get a business running, and making money.

You see, inside, I reveal exactly how to beat the stuff that kills most online businesses.

And don't worry, this isn't some lame marketing 101 stuff - sure, if you're a newbie you'll be able to understand it, but if you're a seasoned marketer, I'm pretty sure you'll find some things that will definitely help you build your empire...

Things like:

The secret code you can put into Google to find undisclosed keyword info - yes, it's real
3 top secret methods that give you unlimited keyword and niche ideas, for free
The 4 step process you can use to "steal" your competitor's keywords and niches... legally
Get a 25% clickthrough rate on your Adsense ads... without breaking TOS
The exact content you need for consistent high clickthrough rates...
40 quick methods to bring you an unstoppable wave of backlinks...
3 factors that determine how much money you can make from a keyword
7 easy and effective promotional steps to almost guarantee any site's success
Real social bookmarking secrets... how to actually make it work for you

Are you starting to see what something like this can do for your life?

Not only can you have a very high profit internet business... you can do it by working way less than you probably do now.

It really is a win-win situation.

To be honest, I don't blame you for thinking that.

I mean, the idea of starting an online business can be very daunting.

I learned to build my first website from a free course years ago, but right up to that point I was terrified that it was going to be super difficult.

You hear people talk about all kinds of complicated sounding things- stuff that you may not have a clue about - Search Engine Optimization, content creation, HTML code, RSS feeds, finding niches, and all kinds of other stuff.

Sounds complicated doesn't it?

Well don't worry, it doesn't have to be.

You see, once you have the FatCat Blueprint, you're going to be taken by the hand and lead to the land of internet profits...

I'm going to show you everything you need to know - how to get your sites set up, how to make them look exactly how they need to for maximum profit (I've got a surprise for you that covers that in just a second)

So think about it... allow yourself to imagine what it would be like...

You download this package today, and a couple of hours from now you've got your first profitable site online... this time tomorrow you've got another one finished...

And by this time next week you've got even more...

Each one of them making you money - this time next month you could have an insane number of different websites, each generating a serious income, 24/7

But that's not even the best part - the best part is that it's passive income. So even if you stopped there, you'd most likely be receiving that money for years.

Can you imagine that - putting in a handful of hours now, and getting paid for it over and over?

Certainly beats working for twelve bucks an hour, right?

Well, first, don't worry - it's going to be way less than you imagine, I promise...

Second, before we get into thinking about price, I think it's important that you know what you're getting, don't you?

You see, the FatCat Blueprint itself is just one part of this thing...

So let's break the package down a little... here's exactly what's inside:

The FatCat Blueprint

The killer 244 page guide to building a highly profitable autopilot online business in as little time as possible.

FatCat Seo

Devastating guide to SEO for your Adsense sites... use the secrets in here and your sites will be drowning in high quality SE traffic.

FatCat Templates

You get my very own proven high CTR site templates... on their own, these cost me $1,750 to get designed.

The "Secret" Bonus Chapter

These advanced techniques will show you how you can quadruple your earnings instantly

FatCat Domain Hunter

You get a pretty version of my custom made software for instantly finding money sucking domain names. This tool alone will save you hundreds and hundreds of hours of your time. It cost me $2,500 to get this application developed.

As you can see, this is an insane bundle.

Not only do I tell you exactly how to make the same fortune I make every month, but you'll also get everything you need to do it.

Let me tell you, the Adsense site templates alone are worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I could probably set up shop selling just those and make a killing.

But you're getting the whole package...

First of all, instead of thinking about how much it's going to cost you, do me a favor, and think about how much money it will make you...

Because that's the important thing here.

After all, if somebody offered to sell you some $100 bills for $20 each, you'd jump at the chance wouldn't you?

And not because they're cheap, but because of what you can do with them.

Well, that's how it can be with something like this. With a business guide like this, you're basically going to be exchanging a little bit of money for a lot of money.

We've already seen how this thing can pretty easily generate $1000 - $2000 a day without much trouble... so think about this-

How much would you pay as a lump sum for someone to show up at your house every day and hand you $2,000 cash?

It may seem like an odd question, but that's basically what we're looking at here.

Click Here For Fat Cat Blueprint

Personally, I'd pay whatever it took - $5k, $10k, whatever.

Because once that payment is made, $2000 a day will get you into profit pretty quickly...

Don't worry though. I'm not asking for anything like $5,000

In fact, not even $1000.

And yes, this is a serious product, with the kind of killer content you usually only get for a thousand dollars or more...

But that doesn't mean I have to charge a thousand bucks for it...

Or $500.


Your peace of mind is very important to me - I want to make sure you realize that this a completely no-risk deal for you.

That's why I wanted to go above and beyond with my guarantee. Sure, you'll find all kinds of products with 30 day guarantees, but I wanted to go way beyond that.

That's how confident I am that the FatCat Blueprint will change your life.

So you can use it for a full 60 days... that's 2 whole months, 8 weeks even.

In that time, if you aren't happy with it, or you can't make any money with it, you get a full and complete refund.

So you can download it all - try it out, put my techniques to the test, for 2 full months.

And at any point, if you're unhappy, you get your money back. So it's totally no risk.

Don't worry, there's no catch - I'm not going to ask you to prove you tried the system, or didn't make money or whatever.

Sure, others may do that, but not me.

You see, this is a no-question guarantee. You want your money back, you got it. And you have my word that I won't question your decision.

I'll refund your cash, pat you on the back, and send you on your way. No hard feelings.

Yes, this is an amazing guarantee - you've probably noticed that already right?

Well take advantage of it by acting right now...



Bertil I need this... let me in now!

So by now you've realised that the guarantee I've provided here makes this a no brainer right?

Well, don't forget, I promised you a very special price... and I meant it.

So if you go ahead and pull the trigger on this right now, you can get in for just $77

But only if you move right now...

$77 for a package like this is a complete no-brainer.

I think we both know that... and I think we both agree that you need to hit the order button and take advantage while you can.

Let's think about it - what else are you going to buy with $77?

A new pair of sneakers? Five day's groceries?

Maybe even one of the low-end Ipods...

Sure, you could buy those things. But let's be honest.

None of those things are going to earn you dime one.

But the FatCat Blueprint can. It can earn you way more than that. I know that because it makes me money every day.

Even right now, while I write this, the blueprint is still earning me a nice juicy passive income.

Not many people can say that, but I'm giving you that chance right now.

So grab the opportunity with both hands, and do it now...

Think about this - I'm asking you just $77 for a business blueprint that's PROVEN to make $600,000 a year.

Every year, tens of thousands of college kids pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each for an education that won't even earn them a tenth of that. But they pay it because they see it as an investment in their future.

And that's how you need to look at this... because really, it's an investment for your future. How else could you possibly earn an income like that for you and your family?

So this really could be the best investment you ever make...

I mean, think about it this way... imagine that this blueprint allows you to set up a business that makes a serious income for at least the next five years... I mean, it will probably go on way longer than that, but let's be conservative and say five years...

That works out to just $15.40 per year of massive profit...

... or just $1.28 a month...

... or even better, half of 1 cent a day.

Wouldn't you pay even 1 cent a day for something that can make you 600 grand a year?

You'd be crazy not to, so here's your chance. Hit the button below and I'll see you on the other side.

If you're still not sure what to do, there's one last thing I must tell you...

Right now, believe it or not, you're standing at a crossroads in your life.

Your future could be very different from here on out, and it all depends on what you do today.

You can choose option one... where you go on as you are. You make no changes. You just keep hoping life gets better...

And all the while, you're getting deeper into debt.

... struggling to pay your bills

... struggling to give your family the life they decide

... struggling to break through and make some real money


There's the second option. Where you buy the FatCat Blueprint right now...

And within a day, or so you're already making money.

Within a week, you're already making enough to help you pay the bills...

In a month, your earnings are starting to help you pull yourself out of debt.

After that, your life starts to look like the life you probably pictured for yourself all along. Big house, nice cars, luxurious lifestyle for your family.

Sounds great doesn't it? Well, it all starts right here, right now, but only if you make the right choice today.

So do it. Take charge and decide to give yourself the life you want...

I'll be waiting on the other side...

To your online success,

Bertil Jenner

P.S.- Don't forget, the FatCat Blueprint is more than just about letting you make a big income. It also lets you make that money on a mostly passive basis. Sure, a big income is great, but this thing can provide you with almost unlimited freedom too

P.P.S.- I wasn't joking when I said you've got 2 futures right now... everything that happens in your life is going to be shaped by what you do right now... so you can either choose success, or you can ignore this page and just keep struggling on. Your call.

P.P.P.S.- Look, I'll level with you. I know online business isn't for anyone. I know people who literally don't know what to do with all the free time. But that's okay, because you're covered by my insane guarantee. So if don't like it, you'll get every last cent back...


"In the month just gone, my Adsense income was $9,085.16"

"Up until 11 months ago, I had been trying for over 2 years to try to earn a full time income online.

I bought nearly every course recommended by the top gurus and even attended a couple of high ticket seminars. My income from my desperate efforts were not even enough to pay for my internet connection. Something had to change.

After being introduced to the FatCat Blueprint, my whole life and that of my family has been completely transformed.

In the month just gone, my AdSense income was $9,085.16. My pay in my daytime job as an HR manager for the same month was $5,950.35. Apart from saying "I do" on my wedding day, following the Fatcat Blueprint has been the best decision of my life so far."

Tracy Monaghan
Worcester, MA

Click Here For Fat Cat Blueprint




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Full Blog: Donít Drive When Youíre Drunk, Neither When You Donít Have an Automotive Burglar Alarm System How does the importance of automotive burglar alarm system abreast with the clich?not to drive the car when drunk? Because being unsecured and being drunk can both cost life and money. When you purchase an automotive, you certainly canít just drive it without your other electronic gadgets such as the stereo. This means that aside from the net cost of the car, you spend some more dollars to adorn it. Well, though you may but you donít actually fear losing your car. The equipment that you install in it are more vulnerable and appealing to burglars because they can easily be sold compared to the automobile. And sad to say, it has already become a profession for some. You never know who among the people are burglars, and you cannot also change the fact that they live through this means. And they are just waiting for the right moment to attack. Their precious moment is when you least expect them, when you are most occupied and your car is sitting helpless. The least thing that you can do is securing your automobile and lowering the chances of your car being a target. But unlike the yard sign that you post in your house to deceive burglars, it may not quite work with your car. And the best thing that you can do is to actually install an automotive alarm system. Another expenditure? Yes. But will you compromise your valuables and even your own safety just for a little amount? Consider this, at times, you will be rushing to work and it will not be impossible to accidentally leave your handy gadgets in the car. Itís when the day is already over that you realize what youíve left. If the car is not secured, your mind will neither be. But if you have installed a security system, you will have less to worry about. There will surely be authorities to take care of your automobileís intruders when they set off alarm of your automobile. There will be a security system that will take charge when it is impossible for you to do so. Comparable to automobile tires, the alarm system is as well a necessity. It is not a mere luxury as some people find it. And subsequently, they change their perception regarding its importance when they have been burglarized. It is when they lost their valuable belongings and no one could point out who the perpetrator is. Other than these, there could be limitless possibilities of unfortunate events that you can encounter when unsecured. When installing a security system, ask the company agent first on how the structure functions. This way, you can maximize the purpose of the burglar alarm. It is important that you are oriented of the details of its system. The automobile has comparatively less openings than a house, so it is less complex to mount the sensors in its windows and doors. The magnetic contacts mounted on these openings sets of the alarm when any of the doors and windows is forcedly unlocked. With the remote control in your pocket, it is easy for you to activate and deactivate the system. For automobile owners, the automobile burglar alarm system is a primary consideration. Although the system may cost some amount, your safety is something you cannot put a price into.

Free Reviews: How to Craft the May Wall hanging Baskets There is nothing like the fresh smell of spring when the flowers start to bloom, and the trees grow its natural colors. The only thing that can truly set off the natural beauty of spring is the fabulous May wall hanging baskets. I hope that you have some idea how to craft, since having a basic knowledge will help you move along smoothly. Otherwise, letís hope you can follow directions if you intend to make your own basket. To get started you will need materials. The materials should include 1/3 yard of fabric print, such as the beige, fawn, manila, camel, or other off-white shade. The material is used to create your back settings; as well, as add tone to a few of your blocks you will build to complete your basket. You will need ?yard of fabric print, such as the lighter shades of brown. The brown will help you create a beautiful outer border as well as make squares for your basket. Purchase ?yards of fabric print, such as the ďmedium brown.?The brown is used to create your handles and basket. Buy 1/3 yard of fabric print, such as the green to complete your sashing duties. You will need 35 x 30 inches of ďLow-loft?pieces of fabric as well for batting. Buy 1/3 yard of ďfloral print.?Make sure the background is offset with white, which will help you bind and create your internal borders. Purchase 123 x 3 inches of scrap. Purchase a variety of greens to create your foliage, or leaves. You will need 64 x 4 inches of scrap to create flowers. You may prefer pink. You will need 62 x 2 inches of yellow assorted square fabrics to create the centers of your flowers. The backdrop is set off with coordinated fabrics, which you need 35 x 30 inches of pieces to complete. Your quilt will have a finishing size at 33 x 28 inches, and the blocks will have a finishing size of 8 x 10 inches. You should purchase 6-strands of embroidery cotton floss. The shades are optional; however, since the quilt you are creating as flower knots designed in French, you may want to consider the dark and light pinks. Your thread should be the all-purpose, which include the colors light brown, green, pink, and yellow. Purchase 12 x 36 inches of freezer paper, specifically the waxed paper. You will need 2 yards of satin ribbons (Yellow) to create your bows. The satin should be around ?inches widthwise, which the bows once finished will strap to your handles on the basket. How to trace your handles: Now you are ready to trace the handles of your basket. Use your off shades of white fabrics, (off white) and cut out your, A-Rectangle. You will need six, and measuring at 5 ?x 8 ?inches. Once you have your rectangles cut out, you will need to fold them in half and then press. Pressing will mark the core of your quilt. The fold you create is your mark. Once you fold the material in half, open, and draw your post handle lines. At the end of your task you want to expand your prefigure 200%. Now you are ready to trace your copies. On each of your rectangles created, begin tracing. The copies are your guide to cut and create your handles. Once you finish the project you will move onto create the blocks for your basket. The process is eight easy steps and you will have finished your block building steps in how to craft the May wall hanging basket.

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Article Page: concluded another treaty, ceding territory for which the United States thought it worth while to pay (15,000 immediately, and an annuity of (3000. Ten years later (in 1816) they gave up all their lands in South Carolina, and the United States became surety that South Carolina should pay to them (5000 for the same. In the antumn of the same year they made still another cession of lands to the United States Government, for which they were to have an annuity of (6000 a year for ten years, and (5000 aa compensation for the improvements^hey surrendered. In 1817 an important treaty was concluded, malting still further cessions of lands, and defining the position of a part of the Cherokee nation which had moved away, with the Presi- dent's permission, to the Arkansas River in 1809. The eighth Article of this treaty promises that the United States will give to every head of an Indian family residing on the east side of the Mississippi, who may wish to become a citizen, " a reserva- tion of six hundred and forty acres of land, in which they will have a life estate, with a reversion in fee-simple to their chil- dren."