From: Michael Lenee
Date: Friday, May 7th 2010

Pay close attention Fellow Forex Trader,

Take a glass of water before you start reading this page. The explosive details contained in this letter will leave you parched! How would you feel if you could make a killing $9,4872.40 from the comforts of your home? Would making an easy $3,519 an hour enchant you?

Make $15,796 before the ruthless Forex market gets a chance to bat an eyelid. Fibonacci Killer will give you killer trades everyday so that you can enjoy fantastic income consistently. These figures are not generated in idle man¡¦s workshop. These are real!!

Be attentive, because, you are about to read mind boggling SECRET from the top class Forex Trader in the next few minutes. You will be left dumbstruck at what you are about to read. So, all you guys with weak heart, do take your medicines, before reading any further!!!

Once picked up, Fibonacci Killer will not leave the trade before making voluminous gains¡K
That said, read on to find how Fibonacci Killer uses the nature¡¦s theory to pick up winning trades and ruthlessly kills all competition.

You know that about 95% of the Forex traders die a hundred deaths every day, because they are simply ignorant about the Secret ratio that is dominating their Forex trades¡K

I am about to tell you guys how the most sought after, lethal trading system was born, which simply lets you pick up winning trades with killer instinct, no matter which pair of currency, and which market you trade in.This lethal tool works for all traders, fresher as well as veteran and I can give you undeniable proof for that.

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Fibonacci Killer is designed on nature¡¦s principle of repeating the secret sequence. It captures this secret ratio and applies to Forex trading. Its a dangerously successful system and that¡¦s the reason I kept it undercover for 12 long years!

But now, the Forex Fat Cats ¡V The giant corporations and the institutions are digging deep in to the pockets of innocent traders. These Fat cats want to rob the individual traders of the marginal slice of the pie they're enjoying at the moment, so that they can feed their monstrous appetite more and more¡K. Till the individual traders have nothing left!

Yes, I am talking about the imminent changes that have over shadowed the small time Forex traders, while the institutions and the Corporate houses remain unaffected¡K
That¡¦s the reason, I strongly felt it was about time to give away the lethal, dangerous trading system to a LIMITED number of Forex traders, so that they can reap every drop of Forex profits, while the tide is still on their side.

Fibonacci Killer is an all encompassing Forex guide that leaves nothing to imagination of Forex traders. Every minute detail that needs to be taken care of to bring in handsome profits is explained in simple and easy to understand format. Most of the Forex traders are at complete loss at to which selection would bring them enormous profits.
The second biggest mistake the innocent Forex traders make is about setting stop loss and fall prey to the crafty Fat Cats and about 95% of the traders do not know when to leave a trade. Fibonacci Killer trading system takes care of all these and much more so that all you do is lap up fantastic profits, hands down.

Fibonacci Killer was not developed accidentally. It is the creation of hard work and spending endless hours in mind boggling analysis, so that the essence that emerged as a result is simply marvelous.  

Fibonacci Killer was developed 12 years ago. I was already in the Forex market, earning quite well with Unlimited Forex Wealth. Since the system worked so well, it left me ample time to pursue my hobbies. One day, I found a book on Fibonacci theory. I was so enchanted by the theory of repeating numbers in particular sequence that my mind was completely occupied and I was once again engrossed in solving the jigsaw matrix.

After 3 months of sweating and sleepless nights, I had come out with the winning strategy. It was time to test now. I did back testing and the result was astounding.

It showed a profit of $5,139 in just 15 days. I once again felt like the same old days when I was developing my first Forex trading system. I went live with the strategy, and the powerful indicators signaled the trades where I could dangerously kill the competition. It signaled the most promising trades in cold blood and the result was murderous.

"I made $3,179 with a single trade in 1HR!! Since it made killing trades I named it Fibonacci Killer"

Fibonacci Killer was kept under wraps for 12 long years, and now it is offered to a LIMITED number of Forex traders who are dead serious about their business. I don¡¦t want to handle this system to lame ducks who are happy making just a few hundred dollars a month.

I want to this system to fall in right hands. I want people who are reckless and ruthless about competition, and are driven with passion to excel, and excel their own standards of profit making¡K


Fibonacci Killer trading system is amusingly simple and if you are able to read and follow simple instructions, you are a game for this¡K

I am dead sure about Fibonacci Killer and can bet my life for it. So, I am giving you 100% Money Back Guarantee for entire 60 days!

Let there be thunderous rain of profits in your life for always¡K

Fibonacci Killer massacres trade after trade to rake in mind blowing profits! Fibonacci Killer snoops out winning trades like a sniper dog and aims right on target! It will wait on the trade until the time is ripe to make a killing.

LEADING & POWERFUL SIGNALS!.. - Fibonacci Killer is designed to make you a killing. It produces only leading and powerful signals so that you don¡¦t get lost in myriad of tiny profit making trade
TIGHT STOP LOSS!.. - Most of the systems out there give you tiny profits but great losses. What good is a system, if the losses are not kept in control? Fibonacci Killer uses tight stop loss so that your losses, if at all, are kept at the miniscule levels
MINIMIZED RISK!... - Fibonacci Killer protects your equity by minimizing the risks. No more sleepless nights for Fibonacci Killer owners

Before letting out the system, we have tested it with the major currency pairs. Fibonacci Killer uses the secret code and therefore, no matter what currency pair you choose, it will undoubtedly give you big gains, much to the astonishment of those who are trying to steal the last morsel from your mouth right now! It gets extremely lethal when it comes to corner shameless amounts of Pips and shooting down powerful trades, so that you get superb Tax Free income!

This system destroys two of your most powerful enemies- Fear and Greed. Fibonacci Killer doesn¡¦t fear any one nor is it guided by greed. It is guided by the pure passion of Secret Code that takes you to the top of the game!

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"You can use it anywhere accross the globe, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection"

Its a front runner and will give you an edge over others with its Explosive Risk: Reward Ratio. So, while the rest of the bunch makes a small win, you take a giant leap towards increasing your equity. It is super accurate when it comes to signaling. Take my word, there is no other system with indicators half as powerful as Fibonacci Killer.

We have the best customer support team in place. Any small query or big will be resolved within 12 hours. The support team works 24/5, so that you are never held up with any problems related to Fibonacci Killer.The back testing results shows how Fibonacci Killer works in ¡¥Don¡¦t Give a Damn¡¦ style and picks up great profits. Fibonacci Killer knows no emotion! It only understands one thing, MAKE KILLING TRADES NO MATTER WHAT! It knows exactly when you should keep stay clear of the market.

With Fibonacci Killer at work, you don¡¦t have to fight with your toughest enemies. The fortunate few will enter the elite club of passionate Forex Traders!!!

To amass phenomenal profits through Forex Trading with Fibonacci Killer, you don¡¦t need to have any knowledge on Forex trading. Even if you are trading for the first time, your equity will grow in no time.Forex Market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Fibonacci Killer can be used any time. This means that now you too can claim your share of the juicy profit pie!

Fibonacci Killer is a complete package. You will learn the Risk management techniques, and money management principles so that you are never ever in an uncomfortable position.If you are a first time trader, then, I would strongly suggest that you use a demo account to understand the full potential of this explosive trading system, while not risking a single penny.

Fibonacci Killer works in all markets, all traders, so you will never miss an opportunity to make BIG gains!

"You will be stunned with the way Fibonacci Killer turns the tables in your favour!"

No stress, no anxiety, or endless hours at your computer!!! Enjoy the life to the fullest and earn maximum returns from profit laden Forex Market! Yes, this can be the life you wanted¡KThe fortunate few who will be let ¡¥in¡¦ will experience a sea change in their Forex earning capacity. Their Forex account will grow at vociferous rate!

This Forex trading system will get you in complete control of your Life, Finance as well as your Trades to unimaginable heights. Whether you rate your self as a scalper or a swing trader, you will undoubtedly make great winning trades with with this system.



Fibonacci Killer¡¦s secret code is immortal, it is will give you the same accurate results, not just for years, but for generations together. I have been using this system since past 12 years, and it has never failed to bring in fabulous profits.

I have devoted special attention to make Fibonacci Killer as simple as possible and easy to trade. Each aspect of trading is explained thoroughly so you trade with no doubt and maximum confidence, even if this is your maiden trip to Forex trading



Fibonacci Killer is completely universal and does not depend on your broker nor your platform.. You can trade with TradeStation, MetaTrader or NinjaTrader and will generate profits on a daily basis.

Unlike most strategies which require complex indicators and analysis tools, we believe that in business and Forex: 'the simpler, the better' so our systems are simple and tested.


If you have some experience in the market, then you must have experienced ¡§false alarms¡¨ that lead you to lose money. What you probably didn¡¦t know that these ¡§false alarms¡¨ are raised by the Fat Cats.You see, their combined financial strength makes them powerful enough to maneuver the market and raise false alarms, so that while you are left high and dry, they collect enormous wealth.

With Fibonacci Killer, you will never ever be entrapped by the false signals, because, you will always have powerful, leading and super accurate signals, that will unmistakably give you BIG wins.



Increase your earnings at breakneck speed by indulging in Commodities, and Stocks and bonds too!

If I were in your place, I would need to know for sure that it creates profits on most if not all currency pairs - It must be tested! That's why the the system is tested and creates profits on any chart, whether it is FOREX, Bonds or commodities.

Well, all you need is to know is how to download one program (actually, most of that is also taken care for you!) and that's it! Downloading is a very simple process. Our comprehensive instruction manual will guide you through the step by step process.

"Not comfortable with technology?"

We know that many people are not very good with computers. We have simplified everything for you and have preprogrammed everything! If you still do not understand it dont worry about it our 24/7 support are always here to help


Now, you don¡¦t have to believe every word I tell you. I want you to have a look at what other Forex traders who used this system have to say about it:




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There¡¦s absolutely no reason, why you wont make superb gains, using my system. Trade at your own sweet will and spend only as much time as you can conveniently do. Money will never ever be a cause of concern. You will always have it in abundance.

Destroy all your enemies. They are taking a toll on your health. Trade in safely and securely and drive away anxiety and stress from your life to give way to a peaceful, happy and luxurious life.

I am aware that you might stumble upon a dead end or may come across roadblocks. I will always be there to help you, no matter which time zone you belong to. I have a superbly dedicated support team in place that works round the clock, 24/5 and is ever willing to help you. Rest assured, your queries will be answered within 12 hours.

XForecaster™ RRP $119 Currency Power RRP $97 XTC Trend RRP $197

As a Fibonacci Killer customer you will have exclusive access to Over $400 worth of Quality indicators as an added incentive.



If you purchase one of the first 500 copies of Fibonacci Killer, 
you will qualify for a fantastic FREE trading bonus for up to $100.
(Terms & Conditions Apply)



Upon purchase You'll automatically recieve a Cool 30% Discount To the well renowned Fx Smooth Trading Indicator created by Forex Powerhouse Terry Brooks.

Forex trading can be a nightmare in the absence of the right tool. Fibonacci Killer is a surefire system that will show you the path like a light house.

You claim your strategies are surefire. Why do you want to make them public?
Forex trading is the biggest of all markets and roughly $4 billion change hands everyday. I am offering LIMITED COPIES to the public. In such a huge market, if a few people use my system, my profits will not be affected in any way.
What is the minimum amount required to start trading?
You can begin with $100 to start with. It is strongly recommended that you use a demo account until the time you are familiar with Forex trading and are confident before you invest your hard earned money in the market. (Practice on DEMO Account first).

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What is the percentage (%) of winning trades?
Well, if you follow each and every step mentioned here, you may expect the average winning trades to be around 75 - 80%.
What if I get stuck? Is there any customer support?
The system is exceedingly simple and you will be able to use it without a hitch. But, if you need help inbetween you can always get in touch with our customer support service. Send in an email and your queries will be answered at the earliest convenience.
Do you take Risk:Reward into account?
Of course. Unlike most strategies all of our trades have a risk:reward ratio that ensures profitable and promosing trades.
How often does the system trade?
Depends on timeframe: The Fibonacci Killer generates about 1-2 trades a day in 15-minutes chart, and less in higher timeframes.
I have MAC OS. Can I use the Fibonacci Killer System?
Yes. The Fibonacci Killer is a strategy that works on any broker or operating system.

You have nothing to worry. I am giving you my CAST IRON Guarantee. You can try this fantastic system for 60 days at no risk. If you do not find this system as splendid as I say, or you think that it doesn¡¦t deliver as per promise, then you are free to claim the entire amount as refund. Simply send us an email with your request and we will return the full amount, its that simple!

There are no hidden charges or subscription charges. All you pay is $87 and this is just a one time cost to get lifetime stupendous returns! You get lifetime email support 24/5 from the best support team of traders. These people know the Forex in and out and so, all your queries will be resolved to the fullest, within 12 hours.

Fibonacci Killer is the best and the only system that will work ruthlessly and crumple any competition to give you wining trades. Forex trading will be revolutionized with Fibonacci Killer.

We are offering just a few copies of Fibonacci Killer. This lethal weapon cannot be handed to all and sundry and more over, the type of dedicated round the clock support we intend to give our prestigious customers needs us to restrict the number of people who are ¡¥in¡¦

Very soon you will find ¡§SOLD¡¨ sign on the site, and then, nothing can be done. We are DEAD SERIOUS about releasing only LIMITED COPIES. Our other two systems- fibonacci killer and Unlimited Forex Wealth have achieved amazing success, and I can say for sure, that Fibonacci Killer, will be bigger and better than the both. So, you see, copies will be flying off the shelf soon. You see, I have made it extremely easy for you with my CAST IRON guarantee. So, act fast and arm yourself with the strongest ammunition to dominate the Forex market.

Forget that you ever came across this phenomenal Forex trading system that would allow you to rule the Forex world and give you an easy life, monetary security and freedom to do whatever you wanted¡K You carry on with the same routine, full of stress and anxiety, where your constant worry is how to make ends meet and how to survive the losses you make day in and day out at Forex¡K

You can grab this incredible, life changing opportunity for only $87, with 60 day Risk Free guarantee and join the elite few to make a remarkable Forex future.

Forex market is risky and volatile and only those backed by the surefire strategy survive. There is cut throat competition, where the traders are hungry for blood.

With Fibonacci Killer, you will have access to unlimited wealth of the Forex world. You will have the brutal power and you will uncover all the hidden treasures of the Forex market

You have my 60 days CAST IRON guarantee. Give this trading system a try for 60 days, if during the next 60 days, if you are not absolutely thrilled with the performance of this system, you can ask for a refund, and I will return, every single penny, no questions asked!

If you do not find my system as amazing as I claim!
If you are not able to generate fabulous results.
you¡¦ve given up Forex trading and feel you no longer need this system.

Its time to take action! Say "YES" now and welcome a new beginning for yourself¡K

I want you to make an informed decision. So either you go ahead and grab this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and change your life forever¡K

You simply forget that you¡¦ve ever read about this amazing offer, where you can see your profits soar through the roof and continue to lead the same boring 9-5 life.

Fibonacci Killer Is Available For A Heavily Dicounted Price Of Only $87. Don't Wait NOW...

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YES!, I want to grab this amazing opportunity of being one of the fortunate few to have Fibonacci Killer. I fully understand that Fibonacci Kiler comes with a 60 days no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee, making this purchase absolutely risk-free.

Further, I¡¦ll have the opportunity to trial it out on practice ¡§dummy accounts¡¨, so I can test it in live action without risking a dime.

And because I am taking fast action today, I will have the right to get on board for the special price of only $87, whilst others will have to pay $997 -- if it is ever released again.

I also understand that a one time only $87 fee is ALL I ever have to pay to start profiting from the $4 trillion Forex market for years to come, and I will receive FREE updates, and the amazing free bonuses are mine to keep no matter what!

Order via Clickbank's secure payment servers. Instant access.

Important: Your order is placed safely via  Clickbank's 256bit secure server and you will be directed to the download page straight after payment -  even if it's 3 a.m.!

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Please Note: You will be instantly taken to Member¡¦s Area after the payment is made. You will have access to the system within an instant.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Go ahead and click here now! Your family deserves the best!

To Your Forex Success,

Remember: Forex is the only market which can survive the tremors of economic turmoil. In the days when job cuts are rampant, it pays off to have personal trader at your service, who is loyal as well as loss proof.

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Please note: Fibonacci Killer can be downloaded in just 60 seconds. You will get INSTANT ACCESS to Fibonacci Killer and all the bonuses right in your computer. For any queries or questions, please feel free to email us at You will be answered within 12 hours.

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