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Designed for Windows 98/XP/ME/2000 & Vista
Try FixCleaner - Free Trial! Softpedia guarantees that FixCleaner 1.6.3716.447 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
FixCleaner is an advanced computer utility designed to remove errors and boost the performance of home PCs. System performance is determined by a lot of things. That¡¦s why FixCleaner was engineered with multi-function capabilities. The advanced system cleaner in FixCleaner combines the vital tools you need to regain lost PC performance, remove data clutter and boost startup speed.
Speed Up

PC Optimizer
Optimize your system with easy push-button controls. Manage startup programs and eliminate errors with ease.

Better your Browser
Run easy-to-use Web templates to safely maximize browsing performance and speed.



Clean Up

Delete Junk Files
Seek out and remove unnecessary bulk data in your computer¡¦s memory to free up space and prevent slowdown.

Remove Private Data
Remove activity logs, temp files and Web histories that can expose you to attack or ID theft.




Microsoft updates
Now you can manage MS updates from one easy console. Protect your computer from system crashes and Malicious Software.

Java updates
Update Java and other web apps the right way. View the updates available, point, click and go.



Why use FixCleaner ?

Using FixCleaner allows you to halt the loss of system performance that causes computer slowdown. What¡¦s more, its integrated features let you actually reverse the process, regaining hundreds of lost functions with one click.

The idea behind FixCleaner is to provide a single program that can diagnose and repair a multitude of system problems and system slowdowns¡Xall in a way that is efficient, effective and fast, in two minutes or less!

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Microsoft Certified Partner

Easy Error Repair:
Means comprehensive diagnoses. FixCleaner¡¦s scanning regimen is so easy, with one click you can employ the industry¡¦s latest assessment technology to find the roots of common PC problems, including program crashes, routine error alerts and even PC freezes.

System Optimization:
Stopping performance leaks is only half of the solution. To restore your PC to like-new condition, use FixCleaner¡¦s on-board optimization tools to adjust Internet Settings, manage TCP/IP controls and even adjust memory usage, all with easy-to-use templates.

Control over your PC:
Keep your computer under your control. FixCleaner gives you easy access to the background functions that were either too hidden or too complex to deal with. Use it to safely manage startup applications and to control Active-X objects in Internet Explorer.
Real World Protection:
Comprehensive protection depends on locating and removing the sensitive data that could expose you to attack or id theft. With FixCleaner¡¦s privacy scan, you can isolate and wipe clean the hidden logs, histories and Temporary Files from all of today¡¦s most used applications.

On-Demand Updates:
Having a system that is up-to-date is the best way to keep programs running right, to keep errors down and to keep security tight. Thanks to FixCleaner¡¦s update manager tool, you can take control of Microsoft Updates, Java Updates, Adobe updates and more.

Backup & Support:
FixCleaner gives you the essential protection needed to safeguard your whole system. Use its automated backup to take snapshots of the registry, and use its integrated system restore to protect of your whole windows setup¡Xon demand restore whenever unexpected trouble strikes.

PC Maintenance done right!
FixCleaner solves the most frustrating PC problems, and using it is as easy as clicking a mouse.
Are you Tired of¡K

• A Slow Computer
• Hardware Problems
• PC Freezes
• A Slow Boot Process
• Frustrating Error Alerts

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Has your Computer slowed down?

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Does it post confusing Error Messages?

Do you get 'Unable to Load ' Errors?

Fix these
problems fast with
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Softpedia guarantees that FixCleaner 1.6.3716.447 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

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