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From: Josh Harringly

Date: Thursday, 8.47 a.m.

Dear Frustrated Trader,

It hurts.

There you are slogging your guts out in a mind-numbing day job. Giving your all for a lousy paycheck...

While others seem to rake in a fortune doing very little.

You're busy making money for someone else when a select few enjoy money raining down on them... with little effort.

Were you born unlucky?

Is this the life sentence you've agreed to?

You were always taught...

With a job comes security, prospects, a pension, medical insurance... long as you sign your life away until you're into crippling old age.

And with the world as it is today, even your job doesn't provide a safe haven. You glance enviously at the people who sit happily on their cash mountains... even in today's wounded economy.

How do they do it? How do some people seem to cash in no matter the state of the economy? And what makes it worse... They have something you've desired for so long...

Total freedom.

They can spend time with their family, buy what they want, take a vacation when they want... get the house they want.

You begin to wonder... is it some kind of rich folk conspiracy?

Why are you doomed to a life of making money for someone else... when you could be making it for yourself?

In the next few minutes you'll get access to 'easy street'. You'll be able to make the kind of money you dream about... without any risk. Let me explain...

See, there's one market that prospers even in economic downturns.

No matter what the President decides, no matter how many bosses lay-off workers...

...and no matter what happens anywhere in the world.


Millionaires Are Made Every Single Day

But they aren't made from folks who work for other people.

And they aren't made from people who think they're doomed to be stuck in a day job for eternity.

Still... quickly as flicking a switch... you can hop over to the 'other side' and join the swelling ranks of those who really do create wealth on demand.

You see, there's one safe haven where you can create a fortune in your spare time.

Sure, you'll need maybe $200 to start with but you'll profit almost instantly, then you just re-invest it and your profits grow and grow.

I'm talking about trading Forex.

Trillions of dollars traded daily. All you need to do is step up and claim what's yours.

As long as you know what you're doing.

If you wade in flashing the cash but without a plan... savvy traders will wipe the floor with you.

That nest egg you shovelled in will soon disappear and you'll be left raising a fist at a cruel, cruel world.


You manage to trade alongside someone else.

And not just anyone else.

But a Forex genius who effortlessly brings in thousands of dollars over breakfast.


Here Is Your ONE Chance To Truly Profir From Forex

Hi my name's Josh Harringly.

I've been trading Forex for MANY years and you could say I know a thing or two about currency trading.

After releasing the Forex Auto Adviser robot (which blew shockwaves through the industry) I built up quite a following.

Some of you were seeing great results but others needed a guiding hand. So I helped as much as I could...

And you see, it doesn't matter how many people I help... it will never make a dent in my income. The only problem is...

It's impossible for me to help everyone via email .

So I got to thinking...

What if there was a way for my students to make trades exactly as I carried them out.

And make the exact same trades as me too.

That way, there'd be no room for error.


If I Make $6,000 By Breakfast Time...
Then YOU Make $6,000 By Breakfast Time.

It wasn't easy to create this service but we finally cracked it. And the potential will blow your mind.

First, let's talk about you...

Think about why you're reading this letter.

There's a nagging desire inside you of you... a feeling that you deserve better, that you deserve to taste the good life like those other guys.

They're not better or smarter than you. They just have certain knowledge you don't have.

But you know... if you were given that same knowledge and training you'd do just as well... if not better.

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And the money...

You could give your family everything they need... or splash it on yourself, a new car, exotic vacations... it's like upgrading your life.

And all it takes is some insider knowledge.

But what if it was even easier than that?

What if you didn't need any 'training' just a basic knowledge of Forex and how to make a trade.

What if you didn't even need to keep track of the markets, no need to stay glued to your monitor wondering when to enter and exit?

What if a top-of-his-game Forex pro did it all for you and all you had to do was ethically copy him?


No more... straining your brain over charts and graphs


No more... rubbing your eyes searching for entry and exit points


No more...  risking your hard earned cash...

When my programmer told me there was a way to immediately transmit every trade I was making automatically...

...I knew we had something special.

But that's no good unless the trades I make aren't cash-spewing monsters, right?

Check this out for cold, hard evidence...




Look, the results we've had with this service... I'm talking about $1,000's per trade!

And that's not a fluke... this is on average!

Is your mind blown yet? I mean... has your jaw hit the floor because it sure as hell should have.

Sure, cash in the Forex market may shift around a little but it's waiting to be grabbed.

When one currency goes down, another one goes up... and there's money to be made.

The real skill comes in knowing when to enter a market and when to exit... not to mention what you should be buying.

It takes real skill to be successful at this.

Plenty of people have shovelled cash into Forex... or used one of those junk robots... and lost their life savings on a dream.

The real traders with decades of experience clean up.

Of course most of those guys work for the elite banks... they're paid top dollar to work for big business.

There's no way you'd ever get a peek into the state of the art systems these guys used. Why would you? As if they'll give away trillion dollar secrets to average Joe's like you and I. Ahem...

But in case the penny hasn't dropped yet...

You don't have to learn any of this ultra-complex stuff.

You just get the benefits of my knowledge

You get to see my trades. When I enter, what I buy and when I exit.

You get them emailed or texted to you as they happen.

You can then make the very same trade... and cash in BIG.

You're beginning to see the potential now and that's why I should point out this will be a closed door exercise.

Once a certain number of my students are in... that's it. I'll shut the doors for good.

Only a lucky few are eligible to trade alongside me. Just make sure you're one of them...

Forex Signals Service

Instantly receive the actual trades of one of the top Forex traders in the world.

No guesswork, no risky trades, no brain-numbing research or tricky timing.

You get each trade displayed on the private meber area and on an alert desktop software that I have had a programmer make for you. Make the trade that instant and cash in BIG!

arrow Get my actual trades as I make them... not a ton of different signals to confuse you, just the safest, most profit worthy trades...
arrow Invest in the Forex market like the top professionals and banking goliaths... while drinking coffee at home!
arrow Trade alongside a guy who makes thousands daily. Eliminate all risk and enjoy stratospheric gains...
arrow You get a desktop signals alert software ... all you have to do is follow the advice given every time you are at the computer and you get a notification. You also get my notes about the trade itself, making rapid bundles of cash has never been simpler...
arrow Finally live the work from home dream you desire in the most dramatically lucrative business there is...

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>>> YES - Josh, please let me in right now! <<<


If you just follow what I do without questioning it... you'll make more money long-term than some pro trader who's trying to second-guess what I'm doing.

I've taken out the need for any knowledge, for any risk, for any guesswork. Simply pay attention to the signals I send you... and you're golden!

This works wherever you are in the world and whatever experience you have.

It's pro Forex trading made accessible to everyone.

Now you can reap the rewards like professional traders with only a fraction of their knowledge.

Simply Put, You Can *Finally* Make A Living From Forex

Let's get serious here. I've created this service for two reasons...

1) The technology is finally here to automatically transmit all of the stuff I do every single day. I'd be a fool not to share out my trades to my students and get paid to do it. After all... whatever you trade won't make any difference to my income. The market is that big!

2) I'm desperate to spread the wealth to the little guy. Notice how the world just got well and truly stuffed by the banking powers that run our lives? Now we have something to equal the balance.To tip the scales in our favor. I want as many of my Forex followers as possible to get their hands on this...

Look, do you want to carry on in your day job, making money for someone else and never realizing the dreams you had as a kid.

I mean... life wasn't meant to be like this. Right now, you're just an expendable statistic to whichever faceless corporation you work for.

It's time to reclaim your life.

It's time to build wealth for yourself, your family and friends. Because...

Real wealth -- the kind that gives you a buzz when you take a peek at your account balance -- lets you live life on your own terms.

You get to see the places you've always wanted to see.

To buy things you've always lusted after.

And to give yourself and your family the life they deserve.

You only get one shot at this. Why not make the most of it?

With my Forex Signal Service you're making a positive step towards creating your own personal fortune. And you'll NEVER look back...

But wait because you didn't get the full story yet. In fact, I want to make sure that EVERY person that joins me today makes the most out of this service.

So I am thinking that some of you might not be able to manually places the trades certain days, but you STILL want to make a profit EVERY day, don't you? This is why I have decided to also share with you my very own automated robot, the very same one I had developed for myself for those occasions when I can't even spend a minute in front of the computer.

Make no mistakes, this is NOT just another automated robot you find elsewhere... This is a laser accurate technology based on my own trading techniques, it's like my very own virtual assistant, taking care of things on my behalf when I am not around.

And I am sharing that with you too. So when you join our members area, I will also give you the "forex Auto Advisor Robot" as my very special BONUS for you!

SPECIAL BONUS ($297.00 Value!)

The Forex Auto Adviser Robot


YES - Not only you get access to my very own Forex signals, the one I trade every day to cash $1,000's... I am also sharing with you this never released before artificial intelligence that you can use to automate your trading when you can't be at the computer or even to increase your profits as a second income stream on top of my signals.

This robot is easily worth $297.00 or more (Heck, I have seen useless software that wipes out with your trading account being sold for way more than that... So trust me, this is an amazing BONUS you are getting!


Sounds Great, But This Must Be VERY Expensive, Right?

Listen, for the amounts you'll be raking in over the next weeks, months and years, the entry fee is a drop in the ocean.

Sure you can go in for the long-haul. You can spend all your time figuring this stuff out on your own. Be prepared for long days, little sleep and no time for your friends and family if you want to get good.

And be warned... go into this half-assed and your wallet will take a pounding. If you don't want to do it all by yourself...

You could pay other traders to show you the ropes... or lay down thousands upon thousands of dollars for a coach.

Either way it's going to cost you years of your time to get good or a small fortune to get up to the level of the top guys (and even then there's still no guarantee you've got what it takes.)


You can let a guy who already dominates any market he steps into... who scoops up more money than you earn in a month before his morning coffee...

You can let him do it all for you. 

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the trades to show up on your desktop as opportunities come up.

Which route would you rather take?

The sheer thrill of getting every cash-sucking trade is worth thousands alone.

And look, I will basically once again let this knowledge get out there for pennies. Because I have been there I want to help you.

So I'm only asking for enough of an investment to show you're serious. It's not much compared to the gains, but not so low that I'll get a bunch of tire-kickers who won't use the wealth-building knowledge I give out... ONLY $77 per month, that's it! And of course...

Click Here For Forex Auto Advisor

You Either Make Money Or You Pay NOTHING

And of course it's all backed up by a flawless guarantee.

I want you to see the service working for you, because once I know you see it in action, you'll be hooked.

I can tell how great this service is all day long but... You won't truly see its power until you give it a test drive... And I want you to do that with absolutely NO risk.

So enjoy the service, make some trades and double, triple, quadruple your income or better...

And if for some strange reason within 60 days you find out this service is not for you... drop me a line and you'll get an instant refund.

No hassles, no questions asked. Plus of course, you can still cancel at any time and NEVER get billed again!

I sincerely believe this service will change your financial fortunes for good. I want you to see it for yourself...

You have absolutely no risk. Nothing to lose... but everything to gain...

The only question is... will you step up to the plate and grab this opportunity with both hands?

Sure, you can carry on as you are doing hoping that you'll hit it lucky with a trade or poring over stats and searching for the when and how of successful Forex trading.

You can carry on along that path and... over the course of the next few months or years... end up worse off than when you began.

You'll have the odd success but on average you're far more likely to be out of pocket.

The odds are stacked against you. Unless... You take the signal service for a test drive.

You don't have to lay any money down... just watch the trades and get excited when you see one cash explosion after another.

Pretty soon you'll want to play with real money and when you do... the gigantic returns you'll see will change your life forever. Question is... can you afford to pass this up?


Start Your 60 Days Trial Now!

100% Secure Order Form 

2 YES Josh!

Iˇ¦m ready to get started today getting my share of the $4 Trillion Forex market!

I realize for a limited time my one-time investment is only $77 per month.

I realize this is a truly unique, never-to-be-repeated opportunityˇK and I also realize youˇ¦ve got my back completely with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

Iˇ¦m securing my future earnings by clicking the ˇ§Add To Cartˇ¨ button below now: 

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Remember: Your order is placed safely via the Clickbank 256bit secure server and you will be redirected to the members area straight after payment -- even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning!


To your imminent Forex success,

Josh Harringly

P.S. I can't wait to get you on my signal list. Nothing makes me happier than a successful student. Just don't miss the boat and pass up this opportunity or you'll kick yourself later.

Yes Josh! Send Me Those Money-Sucking Signals!

P.P.S. If you just want to test out the service that's absolutely fine too. You have a massive 60 days to take the signal service for a test drive. If you're not pulling in cash like you wouldn't believe, just cancel your membership and you'll get a full refund. All at the click of a button.

You're Right! I Have Nothing To Lose. Lemme At It!

P.P.P.S. Look, it doesn't matter to me if you take me up on this. Dozens of my students will but then you'll be left behind. I'll continue profiting with my trades and my members will share in the spoils. Why not join us? Can you afford not to?


>>> It Took Me A While To Realize Josh,
But I Can't Afford To Miss Out! <<<


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