The testimonials shown below were submitted by actual members that have joined our program.

 "First and foremost I would like to thank you for offering such a fantastic service!! I have paid for other lists many times over for more money than your lifetime membership, I have even been one of the people that have paid a monthly fee to use a drop-shippers service. I am a husband with a beautiful wife and we have 5 children, I was seriously injured in a accident at work 2 years ago and can never work a real job again, there has been no settlement and we were seriously struggling on my workers compensation checks, as my wife has to help take care of me and our 4 year old.

Your site has given me the chance to feel somewhat whole again, just because of the fact that I am making money again and supporting my family once again. From my whole family we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for comprising this list and giving people like us the chance to succeed again!! We are eternally grateful!! Once I found your site and paid for it I honestly felt foolish for spending all that hard earned money on so many other failed offers. And every penny I made up to the point of signing up for your site was truly hard earned money!

Now here is the full truth of what happened in my life once I found and paid for your site, in 3 months I went from just barely making it to a bronze level power seller on EBAY, Yes it's true, in 3 short months I was able to achieve power seller status on EBAY, I have since branched out into other auction sites and am doing really well on those too! I went from a measly 300.00 to 500.00 a month in sales to 3 to 4000.00 a month in sales on just one auction site! I owe it all to your site and the drop-shippers list, and the great Forum that comes with this deal as well has been very implemental in our success! Now I can't give out the names of the ones I use but there is serious extra money to be made using this list, I have even branched off into the wholesaler list now that I have the extra income coming in and I have my own inventory started at home. I am now looking into starting my own E-Commerce website to expand that much more.

People, you CAN NOT let this site pass you by you will regret it, there is no other offer you will ever need !! I know you have seen this said before, but if I can do it, anyone can!!!! What are you waiting for? Sign up and say hi to me in the members forum my id is Seanm207 !!!

Thank you so much again,"

Sean Madigan and the family !!!





"Great services!!!!!!, immediate reply, affordable cost, excellent looking web site. I make very high profits with this web site. I am really incredibly satisfied with all your services.


Excellent communication in under 24 hours, to resolve my problems immediately. Customer support is Excellent. I will also recommend  your services to all business persons who wish to start their own business."

Thank you,"

Chirag Pandya





"A standing ovation is in order for DropShippingWholesalers.com; the web site looks awesome!   I really never thought it would be so easy to make money online!"


Royce Hood






"Thank you for prompt response.  

So far, even without becoming a member, you have illustrated the type of magnificent service I can come to expect. Your prompt and efficient responses to me have convinced me to sign up with your site.

I do thank you for your assistance and feel free to forward this and use as a compliment if applicable. Prompt answers, great customer service!

You have won me over as a member.

Thanks! You're awesome!"

Trystan Jaffer





"Thank you for the e-course lessons, they are of great value to me. I was being overwhelmed by the volume of new (for me) information. I'm new at computing, the new terminology, etc. I've been doing considerable research to understand computing basics along with your business basics.

The course quickly lets you know the options and proceeds at a reasonable pace. I still have a lot to learn but I'm more happy about approaching the business now that I understand how to use the tools.

Thank You"

Gary Smoler





"As a DropShippingWholesalers.com member I have to say I have worked with few large companies that are so customer friendly.


Their support staff is patient, kind, and respond quickly.  I give this site 5 stars!  It is the only site you will need to sell products online."


Michael Vickery





"This is a great investment for anyone that wants to make money in there spare time or start there own business. This company has great customer service and all my questions were answered in 24 hours or less. As a platinum member they designed a web site for me with great products that I choose.

In as little two weeks I can be making an extra $200 to $300 just in my spare time. Just think what I or you could be making in 6 months from double, maybe even triple for just a small investment it well worth it. I am totally amazed what I got for such a small investment with this company I recommend it to anyone that is looking to make some extra money.

Thank You, "
Johnathan McClelland






"Working with you is fantastic!!!
Now I have access to the biggest dropshippers list that I've ever seen, I have my own e-commerce site with an integrated shopping cart really easy to use, I can accept credit cards through paypal and I'm full of the best products to sell!!!
Also a great support team that helped me to start this business, with tips and technical support!!!
Thank You Guys!!!! You're great!!!!!"
Emiliano Giardini





"Well folks, there are Newbies and then there are NEWBIES. Unfortunately I do believe I belong to the latter group. I have been frustrated beyond measure with the hype and false information that is out there. I work from home already and have the time to research, so I really have been taking this seriously and I’ve been working diligently to start up my e-business. I started researching e-marketing about 3 weeks ago and I honestly have been to hundreds of websites. Here is why I keep coming back to http://DropShippingWholesalers.com.

1. The Home page is clearly structured and easy to follow.
2. Great user information in the Forums
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY – excellent feedback, help and direction from the site itself.
I doubt I am the only one on the net struggling to figure out all of this, however, I am one of the few who has found a resource that is reliable and so quick to respond!

Thank you for your attention to detail and customer service!


LJ Lister Haynes





"I just have to say how pleased I was when I discovered that dropshipping wholesalers was not just another company out to get your money then drop you like a hot potato! I have had loads of good advice and more importantly, the advise was founded on practical know-how and common sense, I wasn't abandoned to discover all of the pitfalls on my own and I now have the added bonus of a fantastic network of support and tools to enable me to improve my knowledge of e-business.


I am still relatively new to the game and had floundered for quite some time and wasted a considerable amount of money as well as time trying to get my store off the ground. Thanks to the invaluable information and support I received from dropshipping wholesalers I have started earning regularly and am now gaining confidence along with customers in my business venture. I would definitely say a great big thanks to everyone at dropshipping wholesalers they are a class act!

Heather Proudlock

United Kingdom





Just to update you, I am learning so much from your website and by being a member. Boy, was I green when it came to computers. But, I have signed up for your 10-day course and it is extremely helpful. It is just taking longer than I expected, but I expect good results and am willing to be patient and learn and have the drive to make this work.

Anyway, thanks again and I am sure I will have more questions. I do work part-time already and I try to spend several hours at working on this.

Again, great website/forum/information!"





"Your prompt attention just AMAZES me! Thank You for being so very prompt. I was checking into different advertising options online and went to my site to check a detail and was floored that it was ALREADY corrected! Thanks so much!
You are so easy to recommend to others! I really appreciate knowing you are out there.


I have enjoyed DSW's assistance in creating my web site www.disneydiscountdownloads.com He has helped me to create EXACTLY what I imagined my site to become. He is prompt, professional, and efficient. I look forward to abundant sales as a direct result of the dedicated attention I received. I was new to online sales...clueless actually. This company took me by the hand and assured me that the result would be as I hoped, and they followed through. See my site at www.disneydiscountdownloads.com I learned a lot from them. I tell everyone how very patient they were in teaching this "Newbie" how to succeed!

Prosperous Regards,"
P. Disney




"Wow!!! DSW ROCKS!!!
Hello again!

You have got to be kidding?? I am writing you BEFORE I even go check out my new site because I needed to tell you how grateful I am and let you know that if there were an AWARD for BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER ON RECORD-

Your company would get it with FLYING colors!! You truly are there for your customers- Your company will get MUCH bigger than it already is...

Keep up the GREAT work and know that your time and efforts do not pass by un-noticed...even if you do hear that all of the time from customers (which you should and probably do!)

Sincerely grateful-"

Cindy Diver
AKA "Honest Annie"




"This is an exciting and growing business. You can do it either part time or full time.
DropshippingWholesalers.com is very helpful and responds very quickly to customers' emails. The fee? Compared to what you get is nothing.

I joined the company a couple of days ago, joined the members for and really got a lot of support and advice. Not only me, but also other members.

As a new customer, I highly recommend DropshippingWholesalers. You don't have to be a geek to start this business take my word for!  Anyone can do it!  All you need is organization, perseverance and commitment."


Leonardos Louloudis

New Zealand



"Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that since I have signed up at your website, I have a whole new outlook on the future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything I have received. I didn't know that I could make this kind of money. Well again thank you and it's been a pleasure doing business with you.


God Bless you all."

Mark Bohart

New York



"Dropshippingwholesalers is the best place anyone will find out there on the web, for getting anyone started into making money online. They answer your email super fast, give great advice and are full of information. I use it to make extra money in my spare time and now I have three web sites up a running.
proforcemax.com proforcemaxdvd.co.uk ringtonesvideos.com


Thanks again for all your help Dropshippingwholesalers.

United Kingdom



"I was hesitate to become a member before since I lived outside the U.S. but I decided to because DSW suppliers can dropship internationally. I was impressed that they were right they do have plenty of dropshipper and wholesaler outside the U.S.

One thing I liked dropshippingwholesalers.com is that they support you anytime. You can really rely on them."


Edwin Rebadio





"I found DropShipping Wholesalers to be an informative, in-depth site which really helped me find products to sell. I researched a lot of sites online but none where as good as this one. I recommend this site to anyone looking for great suppliers for their business!"


Karen Wilson

Great Britain



"Dropshipping Wholesalers gives you the ability to pick the products you want to sell and all this with a turnkey website to market your niche products.


Dropshipping Wholsalers shows you several ways to promote your items for free and to even get in the top 10 listing on Google!!!


This plan will get you up and running with plenty of opportunities to make money at hardly any cost to you.


I recommend Dropshipping Wholesalers for your e-commerce and marketing needs."


Real Michaud

North Carolina




"Hi!. I would just like to say thanks for offering such a great service!. I have had businesses in the past which cost a fortune to operate & usually are long hours & extremely physical labor, NOW thanks to you I have started a successful business from home, which takes bugger all hours & best of all I spend all my extra time with the most important my KIDS!, the next generation, once again THANK YOU!."

Harry Manning




"Thank you so much for the help you gave me.  This website has been a life saver in more ways than you'll ever know.
I'm a cancer patient and a NEWBIE to the internet.  The idea of online auctions or web-based commerce scared me to no end.  When I was diagnosed with cancer, I started looking for other sources of income as I knew I could not continue working outside the home.  I'm a single mother of 4 (2 at home still) and a grandmother of 2. 
Several "home-based biz-opps" came my way and I tried most of them, without success and with great loss that I could not afford.  Then I started trying my hand on eBay.  While trying that, I came across your website.  Though my funds were tight, I decided to try it.  Not only did I try it, I went all out for the Platinum Plan.
To my amazement, it's a turn-key package with all the support anyone could ever need.  I remember sending you an email stating that I wanted to earn my investment back instead of asking for your guaranteed refund.  You replied quickly, helping me find the products that I was looking for.  I had earned my investment, plus a lot more, in less time than the guarantee covers.  I haven't come across that in many places!!! 
Now I'm supplementing my base income very well, thanks to your dropshippers, and don't plan to return to a J-O-B when I finish my medical treatments.  I'm making enough part time that I'm planning a vacation to celebrate my remission THEN I'll think about working with more websites to increase my income.
Thank you for such an easy system and all the support!!!"
Sue Wheeler

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