Install solar power

With the world faced with a severe energy crisis, it is wise to invest in an alternate power solution at home. It not only helps the government fight energy crisis in a better way, but also helps save power for the rest of the world. Installing an alternate energy solution at home is no less than a great humanitarian effort.

Among the alternate power solutions, the solar power system and the wind power system are the most popular being less cumbersome. Though wind power is a great idea, not all of us can implement it at our homes because of its pre-requisites. For implementing a wind power system, we need a large area and the average wind speed in the area should be 11 miles per hour. In comparison, the solar power system is easier to implement. All you need is abundant sun light.

The complete solar power system has different components. Most people implement a few of these components as per their needs. Let???s look at the various solar power components.

Solar cooker: The solar cooker is the most popular solar energy system implemented at homes. Let???s look at its advantages:

? Healthy cooking ??V The food cooked using a solar cooker is considered very healthy. You can cook for a family of five in a small cooking box at a time.

? Variety cooking ??V You can boil, roast, and bake using the same system!

? No fuel - The solar cooker does not use any other fuel other than the sun???s light, thus helping you save power.

? No emissions - The solar cooker neither emits any gases nor does it leave any residue. It makes for the most environment-friendly cooking system.

Solar generator: The solar generator is a device that runs all your electrical appliances using the solar energy. This device converts solar energy into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. The solar generator is also referred to as the solar lighting system. The solar generator stores electrical energy in cells for later use. Installing a solar generator at home is a great power-saving and cost-saving idea. Imagine running the electrical appliances without worrying about paying any bills!

Solar thermal system:
Implementing a solar thermal system or solar heating system at home takes care of your home???s temperature needs. You can maintain a steady temperature at your house without worrying about bills. Thanks to its popularity, the heating systems will not only suit your budget but also please your eyes. These systems are no longer an eye sore.

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