What are the system requirements for Easy Backup Wizard?
You can use Easy Backup Wizard on any PC or Mac, it is compatible with all versions of Windows, as well as with Mac based Operative systems.

What kind of technical knowledge do I need to have to operate with Easy Backup Wizard?
Easy Backup Wizard is made in a way that even a complete novice would be able to use it. The whole process is so simple, literally everyone would be able to use it even the ones without technical experience.

Do I need to buy any additional hardware?
No, no additional hardware is needed to use Easy Backup Wizard.

Which systems are supported by Easy Backup Wizard?
All PC Applications, Video Games, Movies, Software is supported. The following gaming consoles are supported as well: Xbox, Xbox 360, PS, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii.


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