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Digital Ear?: Real-time .wav-to-MIDI  Top

Digital Ear?
analyzes a live or recorded solo performance (e.g. a singing voice, a saxophone solo, or any other musical instrument) and converts it into a standard MIDI file! This file can be played back by any synthesizer with a different voice of your choice, or you can import it into your favorite sequencer or notation software (e.g. Cubase VST, Cakewalk, Sonar etc. ) for mixing with other tracks, automatic transcription, or further processing. Digital Ear reads standard .wav files or accepts live microphone input. 

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MagicFlare?: Flash text effects in seconds  Top

? is a Windows application that creates Flash text effects in seconds. MagicFlare? comes equipped with 101 EFFECTS! Use these effects on your web site, add a link, modify the colors, text, size and make an impressive banner or an introductory page!
 Creating high quality Flash movies has never been so simple.

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Chameleon?: Changes the color scheme of your webpages  Top

is a software that can change the color scheme of your whole website in just seconds.  Want to change the contrast of the whole page? make the colors warmer, or give a complete twist to the colors of your site? Chameleon? can do this a snap! Until now, the only choice you had was to manually process all the images of the page one by one. And not only that: you also had to modify the color of your text, links, tables, background etc. And what if the result was not good? You had to start over.  

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Sitebeans?: Quality website templates  Top

Sitebeans? is a collection of unique, professionally designed website templates.

  • Each template is a complete multi-page website
  • Easy change of site navigation from a single text file!
  • Original distinctive artwork and high quality eye-popping graphics.
  • Always fresh as we update our designs frequently.
  • Ready-to-use, instant download.
  • Just add text and you are ready to go!

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For more info visit: http://aseafood.epinoisis.hop.clickbank.net/

Ringophone?: Cool Ringtones for your cell phone  Top

The easiest way of making your mobile phone fun and trendy.

Ringophone?: has a huge selection of ringtones for your mobile phone. Change that boring ringtone with one of the many quality ringtones that ringophone.com has to offer.

Ringophone? can send the ringtone to your cellphone in just seconds. No matter where you live on the planet. Our network covers more than 150 countries worldwide!

For more information visit: http://aseafood.epinoisis.hop.clickbank.net/

For more info visit: http://aseafood.epinoisis.hop.clickbank.net/


Kibisis?: A complete Video to Flash Converter

Kibisis? is a complete Video to Flash Converter. Kibisis allows you to encode standard video and audio files into low bit rate Flash movies, ready to be streamed across today's Internet connections.

Using Kibisis you can create a streaming Flash Video, that anyone can see without the need of any special program - plugin or codec (consider that 99% of the users are capable to see Flash in their web browsers)

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Flash Photo Show?: Convert your digital Pictures to Flash Slide Show  Top

Flash Photo Show? is a Flash Slideshow maker that you can use to create amazing video-like slide shows out of your Digital Pictures and Music.

You can also use Flash Photo Show to convert your Flash Slideshow or any other Flash file to a Screensaver.

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Chatablanca?: Next generation chat rooms  Top

Remember the time you were in a chat room and you had no idea who was behind the keyboard? Well, these times are over. Chat with many persons simultaneously and see their faces live on your screen. Its true! To experience the next generation chat rooms Download Chatablanca now.

P.S. Did we mention that it is free?

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Flash Menu Factory
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FlashMenuFactory?: Create Flash Web Menus without Programming      Top

Flash Menu Factory? (FMF) is a new software application that allows you to create stylish and impressive navigation for your website.

FMF requires zero Flash knowledge. Creating a flash menu is a matter of defining your menu?s text and the corresponding links, the rest is job of FMF.

FMF comes bundled with 106 high quality menu designs. With so many menus the only problem is deciding which one to use!

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