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Hundreds of hours of research have gone into providing the best Registry Repair utility on the market.

Specifically designed to work with all major PC systems, ErrorFix is certified to work on every Microsoft product and third-party applications. Offering one-click Registry analysis and Repair, ErrorFix is the premier tool for making your computer run like it's supposed to.

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Vista CertifiedErrorFix has been quality-control tested so that we can guarantee its effectiveness on any Windows platform, including Windows Vista!

In just minutes, a scan with ErrorFix can expose the errors making your PC run slowly.

K e y  F e a t u r e s

For anyone who is new to Registry maintenance and repair, ErrorFix provides a completely automatic scan. It comes ready to use from the getgo. Just load the program, and it can analyze your Registry in minutes.
Custom Scan
For anyone who wants a more hands-on experience, ErrorFix also offers a fully interactive scan. You can customize the kinds of Registry Errors that will be detected beforehand. This way, you have the control at every step of the way.
User-Controlled Cleanup
At no point in the cleaning process does ErrorFix try to overrule your decision. You can let it clean selections automatically, or you can tell it which entries need to stay and which need to go. ErrorFix displays all its scanning results in an editable list, and it never cleans anything without your sayso!
Automatic Backup and Restore
To make sure you never feel that your Registry is at risk, ErrorFix creates automatic backups before every cleaning. This way, if at any point you aren't satisfied with the results of a clean, you can return the Registry to its former state.
Auto Updates and Manual Updates
Our priority is to keep your system running efficiently. To help do this, we equipped ErrorFix with an automatic update feature that arms it with all of the latest known Registry Errors and Fixes. Set this update to initiate automatically or set it to alert you before install. If you wish, set it to not even look for updates unless you want it to. The choice it yours.
Full Registry Backup
Improving your system is our goal. Use ErrorFix's Full Registry Backup to take snapshots of your Registry whenever you wish. With these Backups in hand, you can always restore the former state of your Registry, no matter what future threats may do to it.
User Friendly

Every aspect of ErrorFix was designed for ease-of-use. Unlike other cleaning programs, ErrorFix was engineered to provide top-of-the-line cleaning heuristics packaged in an interface that's both intuitive and clear. This interface, coupled with our 24/7, online tech support helps make ErrorFix the hands-down front runner in Registry cleaning utilities.

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Safely Repair All of your PC Problems

Computer slowdown is a drag on productivity, while system glitches, error messages and computer freezes are simply intolerable. Fortunately there is a solution to these ailments. ErrorFix can asses and repair a myriad of problems:

  • Problems with the Windows Installer
  • Chkdsk Problems
  • Scan Disk Problems
  • ActiveX Controls Problems
  • ActiveX Shield Problems
  • Task Manager Problems
  • Problems with Computer & Application Shutdown
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ErrorFix can excise most of those unnerving error messages:

  • Error Messages involving Internet Explorer
  • Error Messages involving Windows Explorer
  • Error Messages involving DLL files
  • Error Messages involving Javascript
  • Error Messages involving IExplore and System32 files
  • Error Messages involving the Dr Watson utility
  • Error Messages involving the Windows Registry
  • Error Messages involving Hardware Drivers
  • Error Messages involving "Item cannot be found" issues
  • Error Messages involving Isass.exe, svchost.exe,
    and other .exe files
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Try ErrorFix Today: The Remedy to . . .

  • PC System Crashes.
  • PC Performance Lag.
  • Compatibility issues between different Windows Platforms.
  • PC Freezing.
  • Hardware Malfunctions.
  • Corrupted Registry Files.
  • The Dreaded Blue Screen.

ErrorFix is packed with features...

  • High-performance scanning
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Evidence Cleaner (New!)
  • System Optimizer (New!)
  • Internet Optimizer (New!)
  • Smart Defragger (New!)
  • IE Manage and Restore
  • BHO Manager
  • Error Rectification
  • Check Invalid Shortcuts
  • Program Manager
  • Re-Register Active-X Objects
  • Program Shortcuts
  • Check Invalid User Settings
  • Check Recently Used Files
  • Check Invalid Class Keys
  • Check Uninstall Sections
  • Check Shared DLLs
  • Check Invalid Fonts
  • Validate Startup Programs
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NO SPYWARE/ADWARE 100% GUARANTEED ErrorFix constitutes the finest error-resolution utility on the market to date, and what's more, it's at your beck and call!

ErrorFix doesn't just repair PC errors, it instills peace of mind. By diagnosing and subsequently fixing the Registry errors that drag down performance, ErrorFix can restore that performance. Many of our customers report an immediate increase in startup speed, often as much as 70 percent!

Has your Expensive PC Lost it's Edge?
Do you Endure "Unable to Load" Errors?
Does PC Slowdown try your Patience?
Do you lose work because of Computer Freezes?
Are you tired of Meaningless Error Messages?
Fix the Errors!
High-Performance PC Optimization
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People do some dire things to get their PC running more efficiently. Some delete files to clear space, some reformat their hard-drives and lose data, and some even buy a new PC. The retailers don't mind this, but they won't tell you that there is a better way!  TRY A FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY.

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