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ErrorSmart only displays testimonials from actual customers. The ones displayed here are just a sampling from the thousands of testimonials we have received.
Until I started using ErrorSmart I was caught in a vicious cycle. My computer was running slow (really, really slow) and constantly crashing. I'd take it in for diagnosis and repair at the local nerd herd and it'd run great when I got it home. Then, about six months later, I'd have to take it in again. This would happen over and over. More time spent and more money wasted. Then I downloaded ErrorSmart after a friend recommended it. I can't say how happy I am that I took his advice. ErrorSmart has taken care of the problems that I used to pay the nerd herd more than $100 to fix. Thanks for rescuing me!
- Chelsea Cordin ~ Palo Alto, California

I just thought my computer was getting old and that gradual decreases in the system performance was normal. I was at a friend's house and was surprised at how fast his computer moved, considering his was more than a year older than mine. That's when I found out that he used ErrorSmart. That night I went home and downloaded ErrorSmart on my own PC and I couldn't believe the difference it made. I will never run a computer without ErrorSmart again.
- Barry Chamberlain ~ Skokie, Illinois

I work from home and my job involves big and complicated spreadsheets. I got sick and tired of my PC crashing at the most inopportune moments and losing valuable data. I asked one of the IT pros at my company what to do and she actually recommended ErrorSmart to me. I downloaded it that afternoon and haven't lost a spreadsheet entry since. Thanks! I owe you one.
- Tamara Johnson ~ New Berlin, Wisconsin

My computer was only six months old and was constantly crashing and freezing for no apparent reason. I was mad, frustrated and ready to junk the thing. I swore I'd never buy the same brand of PC again. When I went into the local computer store, the guy there told me that the computer wasn't the problem and that I needed an error repair program. He recommended ErrorSmart. I was able to restore my computer to its previous performance and saved hundreds in the process.
- Jacob Eiter ~ Key West, Florida

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