Highlights of Final Uninstaller
Industry-leading database technologies
Target a specific set of apps hard to uninstall
Excellent service and unlimited technical support
Special Uninstaller
There are many uninstaller software programs available for uninstalling programs. They may look same, but Final Uninstaller is very different from others:
Final Uninstaller is based on a remnants database which contains abundance of data that stubborn left files have. With powerful database technologies and high-performance remains searching, Final Uninstaller can intelligently detect hidden leftover registry keys, files and folders and remove all remnants of a partially uninstalled program.
Special Uninstaller
Special Uninstaller is a Final Uninstaller plug-in that is specifically designed to safely and effectively uninstall software that involve complicated uninstall procedures, for example, anti-virus programs, spyware programs and programs in Adobe series, etc. It can better clean up the leftover registries and hidden files that caused by failed or incomplete uninstall.
Final Uninstaller will be the better solution for completely uninstalling any unwanted application by providing both the powerful toolkit and on-demand services. If you fail to uninstall an application with Final Uninstaller, just submit it to us. We will add it into the database on demands of our users. That is, when you are using Final Uninstaller, you are not only having the handy toolkit but also the great services by our professionals.
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