Prime Time 6
Total Body Workout

By David Grisaffi,
Author, Firm And Flatten Your Abs

The sleek physique we are all after is only obtained with a certain amount of dedication. I have seen many clients overcome the couch potato "look" by simply adjusting there work load and following a good sound nutrition and exercise programs. Nothing Fancy! The program must take into account each piece of the puzzle - including smart nutrition planning, fun stress relief exercises and of course the ability to remove excess stress. Once you determine you are ready to begin you are 51% on your way to success.

First believe it will happen, then ask for it to happen as you get what you ask for, you always do, whether it is good or bad. Aladdin always asked the genie for something when he rubbed it and he always got it. You have to ask also. If you want change
just ask and stick to it.

Getting started is the predominately the most difficult. Many of you are overwhelmed with information overload and you get stymied and do nothing. So I'm going to outline a simple but fun exercise plan that can get you started with NOW!

It is time!

Just image you having abs of steel, shoulder that look as good and broad as an Olympic swimmer or piston like thighs and buttocks of a downhill skier. This routine will do it for you. Focus on each body area and go for it! You will look better, feel stronger and improve overall muscle tone in a few short weeks.

After a good warm up of a bike, elliptical or treadmill for 5-10 minutes move then into a dynamic stretching routine for about 5 minutes. You can find dynamic stretching routines simply by searching and type the words. I have left dynamic stretching out of the article, for the sake of keeping this article shorter for your reading ease.

Here are the Primetime 6:

~Bent Knee Dead Lifts for a Strong Back
~See Saw Shoulder press for coconut looking shoulder
~Bulgarian Lunge for tight thighs
~Speed Skating Walk (buns of steal)
~Basic Plank for a firm core
~T-Push up to maximize your upper chest development and balance

This system is performed in a set fashion. You complete the
prescribed repetitions and sets for each exercise before moving
to the next.

Bent Knee Dead Lifts
This exercise is for a strong back that you can count on
staying fit. To perform this exercise you can use a set of
dumbbells or barbell. This exercise should be performed with
strict form. Load the barbell or grab a set of dumbbells that
will allow you to do 12-15 repetitions. This could take a few
tries so stick with it.

How To:
Stand with your up straight and grasp the dumbbells or barbell
with an overhand grip a little wider then your shoulders; just
out side your thighs. Inhale a deep breath to stabilize your core
area. Slowly bend with your knees slightly bent, keeping your
chest up and back flat until it is parallel with the floor.
Slowly exhale and stand up straight. Repeat for the allotted reps
and sets.

See Saw Shoulder Press
This exercise will do a great job at firming up your upper torso,
improving your should girdle and giving you a coconut looking set
of shoulders. This exercise not only aids in a strong set of
shoulders but also helps with entire body stabilization which
helps prevent injuries. Perform this exercise for 12-15 reps to
each side left and right.

How To:
To perform the exercise stand with your knees slightly bent,
belly button drawn in a touch, and feet shoulder width apart.
Your palms should be facing each other. Hold the dumbbells over
head for 5-10 seconds, then slowly lower one side to shoulder
level or parallel to the floor. Pause at the bottom for 2 seconds
then slowly push the weight back up. Repeat this action with the
opposite arm. Alternate this pattern for the reps prescribed.

Bulgarian Lunge
This exercise is great to toning up your buttocks and legs. Go for it
How To:
Stand up and place one leg on a low beach about 2 feet behind
you. The top of your foot should be in contact with the top of
the low bench or you can use low stairs. Please keep your chin up
and back straight as you can. Draw your belly button in slightly
to create a good stable core. Slowly drop you back knee towards
the floor. Keep your then shin bone of your front leg
perpendicular to the floor and do not let it slide forward past
your ankle. Push back up to the starting position and perform
10-12 reps with each leg. Repeat for the other leg and do 2 sets
for each leg.

T-Push Up
The exercise is superior to developing the chest muscles and
creating core involvement.

How to:
Get on the floor face down and support your weight with your toes
and hands. Your feet should be together and your palms flat on
the floor a little wider then should width. Your body should form
a straight line from your neck to your ankles. Keep your head in
neutral (not facing up) and draw in your belly button slightly to
keep a strong core. Slowly lower your body towards the floor.
Lower your chest to within one inch of the floor keeping good
alignment. Push yourself back up to the starting position, then
twist to your right side, lifting your right arm so it's
perpendicular to the floor and it forms a straight line with your
torso and left arm. Your head and eyes should follow your hand,
so you are looking at up at the top hand. Slowly lower down and
perform another push up and repeat twisting to the left side.
Perform 8-10 T push ups, four to each side. Do 2 sets of this

Speed Skater Walk
This is another great exercise for the thighs and buttocks.
It really firms them up quick
How To:
Slowly draw your belly button in to stabilize your core. Then
stand with both feet together and knees bent to 90 degrees if you
can. Lean forward at the waist so your spine is at about 45
degree angle to the floor. Keep your chin up and hands behind
your back or tightly next to your side. Take a big step forward
with your right leg. Let your left leg extend as much as
possible. Slowly drag the toes of your left foot up until they
are even with your right foot. As soon as this happens, step
forward with the left extending your right leg. Perform 10
strides with each leg rest a minute and repeat.

Basic Plank
I like this exercise because it is simple and produces results.

How To:
Lying face down, prop yourself up on your elbows and toes. Make
sure your palms down and facing forward and your belly button is
gently drawn in. Elbows should be directly under your shoulders
and you eyes should be looking at the floor. Hold this for 30
seconds. Rest 30 seconds and repeat 5-10 times. Try to work up to
1 minute holds

This simple but effective exercise routine can be done virtually
any where with just a small set of dumbbells. The key to success
in any venture is consistency. Keep plugging away and your will
find your body changing in front of your eyes. Use this routine
along with my ultimate core training e book "Firm and Flatten
Your Abs" and you are well on your way to a successful

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Coach David Grisaffi,
Tacoma Washington

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About the Author:

david_grisaffi.gifDavid Grisaffi majored in physical education and holds multiple certifications including 3 from the prestigious CHEK Institute: Level II high Performance Exercise Kinesiologist, Golf Biomechanic, and health and lifestyle counselor. He's also certified by the ISSA as a personal trainer and specialist in performance nutrition. David has been a high school wrestling and baseball coach and is currently an independent trainer and strength coach. He has been sought after by some of the top athletes in professional sports including world champion boxer Greg Haugen and professional golfer Michael Putnam. David?s ebook, Firm And Flatten Your Abs is an online best seller which teaches you how develop ?six pack abs" while improving strength, function and athletic power at the same time. Find out more on the home page at:




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