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  • Watch Visitor Traffic in Real-Time revealing the pages they're viewing, where they came from and the browser they're using
  • Keyword Search Phrases Revealed in Real-Time allowing you to fine-tune the keywords on your web pages and PPC adverts - maximising your position
  • Build Massive Adwords Campaigns in Seconds using our Campaign Builder Tool to construct Adwords Groups and Ads from your keyword list automatically
  • Landing Page Split Test Tool will automatically rotate your landing pages allowing you to quickly determine the best converting page
  • Pay Per Click Keyword Tracking will reveal which of your keywords are performing and which are costing you wasted clicks
  • Sales Conversion Tracking using our Thank You page script or Affiliate Network Import feature
  • Automatic Checks Ensuring Your Websites Are Available alerting you by email if they are not, allowing you to pause Adwords - saving wasted clicks
  • Unlimited Websites
    There's no limit to the number of websites you can track with hippoJaw!
  • No Coding Experience Needed simply paste in the tracking code provided and you'll be tracking your visitors within minutes
  • Easy Report Export
    Send your reports to CSV and PDF files in one click
  • Fast Free Support
    We offer full installation and on-going support via email and the user support forum
  • Fully Hosted on Our Servers
    No need for you to download and install any software
We've been blown away by hippoJaw, it's one of those must-have tools that'll leave you wondering how you'd ever managed without it.
Steven Clayton, Niche Blueprint & Commission Blueprint



Live Traffic View



Watch in Real-Time as Your Website Visitors Arrive!

You'll instantly see where they came from, which pages they're looking at, the Browser they're using and from which Country.

If they've been referred via a Search Engine, you'll be able to see the Exact Search Terms they used.


Search Engine Keyword Phrase Report



Search Engine Keyword Phrases Revealed!

One of the most Powerful features in any website visitor tracking system is the ability to see EXACTLY the phrases typed into the Search Engines by your visitors.

With Conversion Tracking, you'll also be able to identify WHICH keyword phrases are Converting into Sales.

You can Export ALL of this data into an Excel CSV file or PDF Report.


PPC Campaign Builder



Automatically Build Huge PPC Campaigns!

Use the Campaign Builder to build your PPC Campaigns and save hours of tedious work.

Simply supply hippoJaw with your keyword list, type in your Ads, and watch as it creates hundreds or even thousands of Ads for each keyword phrase in a matter of seconds.

Used in conjunction with Conversion Tracking, hippoJaw can automatically append a Unique Tracking ID to each URL so you can easily track Conversions via any Affiliate Network.

Referrer Tracking



Where Did My Traffic Come From?

Using the Referrer Tracking Report, you can identify every single source of traffic to your website.

This will allow you to quickly analyize the effectiveness of your Link Building Campaigns.


What Our Customers Are Saying About hippoJaw

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with hippoJaw. I can now see exactly which keywords are delivering the goods ?V well done HJ Team."
M. Towser, NY

"Thanks again for the super quick responses from your support team, really pleased with hippoJaw, the report matching is a real time-saver."
Kevin R Davis, Washington, DC

"This is a great product, love the live tracking, but being able to quickly split test my landing pages within the same system is a bonus."
S. Kirk, Hants, UK

"?Kby using hippoJaw I have an instant advantage over those who don't, simple as that."
Michael Stevens, Florida, USA


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ZERO RISK 30 Day No-hassle, Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not pleased with our software for any reason, you are entitled to our 30 day no hassle, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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