Keyword:  renewable solar energy

Title:  It Is Time To Utilize Renewable Solar Energy


The sun is the life giving force of our existence.  Solar energy, the light and heat radiated by the sun, is what feeds us, clothes us and provides means for our shelter.  However, renewable solar energy can provide us with much more.  Using renewable solar energy can provide both economic and environmental benefits as well.

Renewable solar energy is an excellent source of electricity.  Rather than dwindling more fossil fuels to feed power plants, we can take advantage of huge savings and electricity by utilizing renewable solar energy.  Renewable solar energies come with very little pollution when they convert electricity from solar panels or thermal devices.  Renewable solar energies do not contribute to the effects of global warming.

Solar energy is a renewable resource.  Yes, there are days when the sun doesn’t shine enough to generate electricity, but there are far more days when the sun is there and not being utilized to power our homes, businesses and workshops.  Once you invest in renewable solar energy, you can save greatly on maintenance costs as most systems have no moving parts and require little upkeep. 

By utilizing passive renewable solar energy, you can build a solar home that requires very low energy use.  To use passive renewable solar energy you must include south facing windows in your home design, in combination with products like brick and stone that provide heat radiating thermal mass.  In combination with a solar hot water system and solar electric panels you can take full advantage of renewable solar energy resources.

It is also possible to build your own solar panel and solar hot water systems for your design.  By building your own components you can greatly reduce the time needed to pay for your renewable solar energy system.  Building your own solar energy system also allows you to fully understand the mechanics and physics behind harnessing solar energy.  This can be an educational benefit for all members of the family and building your own systems will lower the cost of your renewable solar energy household by at least half when compared to purchasing the system and having it installed professionally. 

 Start utilizing the power of the sun and design a plan for your renewable solar energy system.  With research and elbow grease you can be on your way to a lower monthly budget and a more environmentally friendly home or business.  Renewable solar energy is going to be the way of the future and the Earth will thank you. 

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