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Finally! A keyword software for the PROFESSIONAL marketer!

"Breakthrough Keyword Software Helps You Uncover Literally Thousands Of Profitable Niches With

Virtually No Competition In Minutes... Not Hours!"

Once you experience the sheer power of Keyword Research Pro, you'll never want to use any other keyword tool - EVER AGAIN!

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Keyword Research Pro...
ClickBank's #1 Best-Selling
Keyword Software!

The ULTIMATE Keyword Software
for Professional Marketers


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Keyword Research Pro
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Here Are 13 Reasons WHY Choosing Keyword Research Pro Is A Wise Decision:

  • Helps You Locate Literally MILLIONS Of Keywords At Your Fingertips!

    Keyword Research Pro pulls keywords from the biggest databases online, adding up to several million keywords

    No other keyword tool is able to pull keywords from so many different keyword sources!

    In addition, Keyword Research Pro has a built-in 'auto-digging' feature that will dig down multiple layers of keywords to return to you the desired number of keywords you require.

    So for example, if you require 1,000 keywords for 'weight loss', Keyword Research Pro will fetch keywords and 'auto dig' until it returns you 1,000 'weight loss' related keywords.

    Keyword data sources include:

    - Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    - Keyword Discovery
    - Wordtracker
    - 7Search
    - Miva
    - YouTube

    Note: Keyword Research Pro only pulls keyword data from publicly available keyword sources, so NO paid subscriptions are required to use Keyword Research Pro!

  • Replicates Google AdWords Keyword Tool's Major Features!

    Professional online marketers know that the most accurate way to determine Google search volume for a keyword is by using Google's very own AdWords Keyword Tool.

    Keyword Research Pro fully replicates the following AdWords Keyword Tool options:
    - Multi-country and language targeting (see below)
    - Use Synonyms
    - Local Search Volume: Last Month versus Global Monthly Search Volume
    - Volume Match Type (Broad, Phrase, Exact)
    - Estimated Average Cost-Per-Click (Broad, Phrase, Exact)

    Being able to research Google keyword data directly in Keyword Research Pro also helps you overcome one of the greatest shortcoming of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool - the lack of a 'save' function!

    Fortunately, Keyword Research Pro offers a time-saving 'save' function that allows you to save your current project at any time and re-open the saved project as often as you need!

  • Easily Uncover TONs Of Profitable Long-Tail Keywords With Little To No Competition!

    If you want to locate targeted long-tail keywords you can easily rank on page one in the search engines, Keyword Research Pro can help you achieve this quickly and easily.

    With Keyword Research Pro, you can now easily dominate the top 10 results in Google, Yahoo and MSN!

  • Is Amazingly FAST - Fetch Keyword Data In MINUTES, Not Hours!

    Keyword Research Pro is the FERRARI of keyword tools!

    You don't have to wait hours to collect time-critical keyword data. It's quite simply the fastest keyword research tool in the marketplace!

  • Offers Multi-Language and Country Targeting

    Get keywords in over 40 different languages and targeted to 233 countries!

  • Provides One-Click Product And Niche Brainstorming

    Have no idea where to start? No problem! Simply click the 'Brainstorm' button and the software give you lots of ideas!  In fact, you'll be able to literally generate UNLIMITED product ideas.

    With Keyword Research Pro, you'll NEVER run of niche or product ideas EVER again!

  • Provides Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

    Keyword Research Pro will not only tell you how popular any keyword is, it will also tell you how much competition there is, how many people are advertising on those keywords, how much they are paying, their actual ad copy, you can even view your competitors actual landing pages!

    Keyword Research Pro Analysis Options:

    - Competition: Google, Yahoo & MSN (Phrase or Broad Match AllInTitle (default) & AllInAnchor)
    - Search Volume: Google (default), Wordtracker, 7 Search, Keyword Discovery
    - Keyword Effectiveness: Keyword Effectiveness Index (default) & R/S Ratio
    - Pay-Per-Click Info: Average Cost-Per-Click (Broad, Phrase, Exact) and Competing Ads (Analyze competitors' PPC ad copy and actual landing pages with ease!)
    - NEW In Version 1.0.11!!! First Page Search Engine Results Page (SERP): Analyze first page SERP for any keyword via easy 'one-click' access

  • Offers LSI Keyword Suggestions

    Instantly find what keywords Google thinks are highly relevant to your niches.

  • Has A Built-In Powerful Filtering System

    Want to see only the long-tail keywords? Or how about only keywords that are popular in Google and have little competition? Or maybe only the high-paying AdSense keywords?

    With just a couple of clicks, Keyword Research Pro will filter your entire list to show only the keywords you are looking for.

  • Allows Easy Export Of Keyword Data

    Once you are done collecting your keyword research data, you can export all the data via one of four exporting options:
    - CSV (for Excel)
    - Pipe (|) Separated
    - Comma (,) Separated
    - Tab Separated

    Alternatively, you can save the data in a special Keyword Research Pro format so you can view the same data directly in the software in future.

    No need to manually 'copy and paste' data from the web onto a notepad.

    With Keyword Research Pro, you have more than one way to view your keyword data.

    It's REALLY That Easy!

  • One-Time Payment - No Monthly Fees!

    Best of all, Keyword Research Pro is yours for a one-time fee. No need to pay monthly recurring fees to keep using Keyword Research Pro!

  • FREE Membership to the Keyword Research Pro Community!

    When you invest in Keyword Research Pro, you are not only investing in a software. You are investing in a community of like-minded people, who understand the importance of learning proper keyword research techniques that will make you money online.

    You'll also gain access to free webinars to sharpen your keyword research and internet marketing skills!

  • FREE Upgrades for Life!

    Don't you just hate having to pay an upgrade fee every time a software undergoes an upgrade? With Keyword Research Pro, you never have to worry about paying for updates or upgrades!

    In fact, we're constantly adding new features into the software, so Keyword Research Pro will only get better and better - At a single all-in one-time price!

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Keyword Research Pro - Keyword Research Mastery Webinar
by Fabian Lim, Google Qualified Professional & Advanced SEO Certified Engineer

Here's what you'll learn in this 2 hour Keyword Research Mastery webinar recording:

- Master basic features of Keyword Research Pro
- Master advanced features of Keyword Research Pro
- Understanding AllInTitle: and Keyword Effectiveness Index
- Keyword research techniques for Search Engine Optimization
- Keyword research techniques for Pay-Per-Click Advertising
- Tips for effective keyword research

- Question and answer

System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 98/Me/2000/2003/XP, Windows Vista or better. 

Mac Users: Require Windows O/S Environment or Emulator e.g. Boot Camp, Parallel, VMware
Upgrades: Free upgrades for life!
Support: Free support for life!

To your online success!


 Fabian Lim
 AdWords Qualified Professional
 Certified Advanced SEO Trainer

 google qualified individual logo  advanced-seo-certification

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