The Muscle Building Power of Meditation

By Jason Ferruggia

Everywhere you go today you find more and more people who are dealing with increasing stress levels. Excess stress leads to excess cortisol production and lowers your testosterone and growth hormone secretion, which of course makes muscle building nearly impossible and leaves you with a lot more bodyfat; not to mention a decreased sex drive, the inability to relax or focus and a whole bunch of other problems like decreased immune response and higher frequency of injuries.

For centuries, meditation has been known to reduce stress and relax the mind thus greatly improving your overall health and physical appearance. By decreasing your stress levels you will automatically increase your muscle building dramatically. You will immediately experience greater energy, tighter pumps in the gym, faster muscle building and improved recovery. You will find your sex drive rapidly increasing and you will be able to focus and experience a whole new level of clarity.

Most gym rats, lifters and other fitness obsessed individuals have largely ignored the benefits of meditation and the dramatic muscle building impact it can have on your training and your well being. Recently I was turned on to the Holosync Meditation CD?s and the results were dramatic within just the first few days. These are the only mediation CD?s out there that actually work. In the past I have experimented with other meditation programs but never seemed to get anything out of them. This program is completely different. Several friends and clients that I have recommended the program to have all noticed great benefits including improved performance in their muscle building workouts.

I have always been an intense person who can get a little too stressed out sometimes. Recently, I have made some drastic changes in my life that have helped me reduce my stress levels. The Holosync Meditation CD?s have played a large part in my recent transformation. I use these CD?s every night and really look forward to my meditation sessions. I usually listen to them immediately after my workout and find that it helps me relax and accelerates my recovery. I have also noticed a marked improvement in my productivity since starting the program, which was a very nice surprise.

I can?t recommend the Holosync Meditation CD?s highly enough and sincerely think that everyone should give this program a shot ASAP. You will not be disappointed and your life will be a lot better for it.

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