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"Check Your Body Fat..."

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"What's Your Body Fat Percentage?"

The Negative Calorie Diet Body Fat Calculator uses the U.S. Navy Circumference Method to calculate YOUR body fat percentage.

For men, simply feed three (3) simple body measurements into the Body Fat Calculator below and then click the "Calculate" button to obtain your current body fat percentage.

For women, simply feed four (4) simple body measurements into the Body Fat Calculator below and then click the "Calculate" button to obtain your current body fat percentage.

The measurements should be as accurate as possible in order to obtain your actual body fat percentage... Each measurement needs to be accurate within 0.5 centimeters or 0.25 inches and should be taken as follows:

Height: The height measurement should be measured while subject stands absolutely straight. Possibly up against a wall to insure that their back is also straight. Height measurements need to be taken with the subject NOT wearing their shoes.

Neck: The neck measurement should be taken as follows... Measure below the larynx and completely around the circumference of the neck.

Waist: The waist measurement is different for both men and women. For men, the waist measurement should be taken while keeping the tape level and covering the man's navel, measuring completely around the circumference of the waist. For women, locate the innermost point of the woman's waist. Keep the tape level and measure completely around the circumference of that innermost point of the waist.

Hips: The hips measurement should be performed for women only. Locate the outermost point of the woman's hips and measure the circumference of that area while keeping the tape completely level.
After figuring YOUR body fat percentage, simply locate your percentage on one of the charts below:


Age Underfat Healthy Overweight Obese
20-40 years Under 21% 21-33% 33-39% Over 39%
41-60 years Under 23% 23-35% 35-40% Over 40%
61-79 years Under 24% 24-36% 36-42% Over 42%


Age Underfat Healthy Overweight Obese
20-40 years Under 8% 8-19% 19-25% Over 25%
41-60 years Under 11% 11-22% 22-27% Over 27%
61-79 years Under 13% 13-25% 25-30% Over 30%

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Your Body Fat

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