Shettles Method ?V Just One Possible Method for Gender Selection

There are thousands of couples in the United States and elsewhere who will swear by the Shettles Method for gender selection. The Shettles Method is actually a good method for couples to use when the couples want to have a child of a certain gender.

The Shettles Method is named after the man who invented it ?V Dr. Shettles. It requires the couple wanting to conceive a boy or a girl to have sexual intercourse at a certain time during the woman??s cycle ?V well before ovulation for a girl and just before or during ovulation for a boy.

For couples wanting to have a girl, according to the Shettles Method couples should have sexual intercourse anywhere from two to five days before the woman ovulates.

For couples wanting to have a boy, according to the Shettles Method couples should have sexual intercourse either the day before or the day of ovulation.

Once ovulation occurs a woman can only get pregnant for the next twelve to twenty-four hours. That??s why it??s important ?V especially when wanting to conceive a boy ?V that couples know when ovulation is going to occur.

The key to the Shettles Method is knowing when ovulation is going to occur. This can sometimes be tricky, especially if the woman does not have regular cycles (as many women do not).

But there are many ways to tell when ovulation occurs. These methods include keeping track everyday of body temperature (known as Basal Body Temperature), keeping track of how a woman is feeling both emotionally and physically, and keeping track of other signs of what going on with and inside the cervix.

It??s important for a woman to know and be able to predict when she will ovulate in order for the Shettles Method to have any chance of working. BY this is true of pretty much any gender selection method that is used by couples ?V they have to know when ovulation is going to occur.

The Shettles Method is effective and it??s also inexpensive. But it??s not the be-all or end-all of gender selection techniques. There are other techniques that are better because they address more than simply when a couple should have intercourse.

One such method is included in the book How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice. In this book there are three factors that are addressed. All of these factors affect the gender of a child and they are all thoroughly explained in this book. Furthermore, the reader is told how she can influence each of the factors to dramatically increase the chances of conceiving a child of the gender of choice.

So while the Shettles Method is a very good method for gender selection, it??s not the best method that??s out there. One better way to conceive a child of the gender of your choice is to read the book How to Conceive the Gender of Your Choice.


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