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From: Anthony Hull & Jason Gazaway

Dear Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

ou have to admire them, really. Those stunningly successful "Guru" affiliate marketers who seem to be able to flip a switch and create a windfall of money whenever they want?

It all looks so easy, doesn't it?

And yet here you are, clutching at every new e-book, newsletter, teleseminar and "home study course" on affiliate marketing that comes along.

Maybe you just want a taste of what it's like to be a successful affiliate marketer.
Just a few hundred extra dollars a month is all you're asking for.

But you struggle to even make that much, and you question yourself again and again?

What am I doing wrong? Is it really possible to
make money with affiliate marketing?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY, YES!

But you see, while you're busy trying to mentally digest all those ebooks and courses and seminars, the rich affiliate marketers just keep getting richer?

And you keep scratching your head and wondering how they do it.

Now, what if we were to show you that there was a way you could cut through all the affiliate marketing ?how tos? and start making some REAL money in some of the hottest niche markets on the web?

Would you be interested?

Of course you would!

The SECRET is in the Affiliate ?Review?

You see, Affiliate Review sites give people interested in the product a real-life look at how it works - without putting on the high-pressure, hyped-up sales tactics.

When someone reads a "review", they let their guard down. They're more easily persuaded to keep reading and finding out about the product

It?s no secret that people don?t like being ?sold? to, but rather being recommended to buy from a friend whom they can trust. When it comes to marketing online, the next best thing to a friend?s recommendation is affiliate review sites.

Why are affiliate review sites such amazingly powerful cash generators?

The best way to answer this is for you to think of yourself as a consumer, looking for a product to buy online. Let?s pretend for a minute that you?re looking for an ebook on how to make money by blogging.

After doing some searching on Google, you like the look of an ebook called "Blogging to the Bank" but you don't order straight away.

Instead, you go back to Google and type in ?Blogging to the Bank ebook review?.

Then, let?s pretend that you came across a professional, honest looking review site that gave an excellent review for the book and you were so excited that you clicked on that site?s affiliate link to go ahead and order the book.

Check out the diagram below for a quick overview of this process and see what we mean...

Let us show you exactly HOW affiliate review sites can earn you huge commission checks

If you were the owner of that review site in our example above, after having read your honest, informative product review, a consumer would have clicked on your ?Click here to find out more? link (which is your affiliate link) and when they buy, you get a nice juicy commission! (Usually 50% to 70% of the purchase price for digital products such as eBooks)

As the owner of that review site, your affiliate commissions are pumped into your bank account completely on autopilot. You'll earning these commissions while you?re walking the dog, having dinner with your family or fast asleep in bed!

And the best part is, once the customer orders, you don?t have to deal with any product fulfilment, customer support queries or anything else? it?s not surprising that affiliate marketing is so popular (and lucrative).

Want to see PROOF that review sites work?

Here's a recent screenshot of one of our Clickbank accounts. It shows the commissions earnt from promoting Internet Marketing products on ONE of our review sites that we have (using an OLDER review site design/template)...

... and below is what we're NOW getting with the NEW review site templates
(the same template design that YOU will be getting when you join) ...

The great thing about review sites is that the
commissions just keep on coming

As long as the products that are reviewed are not "fads", then commissions will keep on flowing in like clockwork. Every day on the Internet, new people are looking for the SAME things.. such as "how to make money blogging" or "how to setup a blog".

Here's a weekly earnings snapshot from the same clickbank account above. As you can see each week, the earnings are consistent which is really important.

Creating an affiliate review site is not easy ?
and getting it created for you can be expensive

Creating a well researched, written and professionally designed review site can take about a week?s work to do it yourself.

After all you?ve got to:

Find a hot niche market with hungry buyers
Research top selling affiliate products in that market
Write a detailed review on each product
Design a professional looking website to place your reviews on
Generate keyword lists, find topic-related blogs and write articles to promote your site
Research additional affiliate products that you can also advertise to your site visitors

Wouldn't it be great if there was a push-button solution whereby you could get all this done for you - and at an affordable price?

Well now there is...

Introducing Ready Made Review Sites
Your ticket to online affiliate marketing success!

Ready Made Review Sites (RMRS) drastically cuts down the time, effort and costs associated with setting up your own affiliate review sites.

It is the simplest solution for you to quickly and cost effectively have income producing affiliate review sites working for you and generating commisions around the clock.

Sit back and relax, while we do ALL the hard work for you...

Each month, we research and review the hottest products in an Internet Marketing niche - selecting only products that attract buyers. This helps you build credibility and trust by only selling products that really work!

Then we create high-ranking, search engine optimized pages for each and every product review to help ensure your review page gets noticed by the search engines and your website visitors.

We then find the top selling products on Clickbank and include them into your Ready Made Review Sites so that you'll always have the latest selection of best selling products to promote alongside your affiliate reviews.

We create amazing header graphics and a professional site design so that your sites convert like mad!

We write exclusive, topic related Internet Marketing articles of the highest quality. You can use these to create blog posts, submit to article directories and more to drive a flood of traffic to your review sites.

We create attention grabbing PPC ads that you can use to advertise your review sites on pay per click search engines such as adwords.

We also research the top keyword suggestion sites to find lucrative "long tail" keywords you can use for PPC and advertising in the search engines.

We scour the web to find topic related blogs with high search engine rankings that will allow you to post comments.

Earlier on, we showed you how outsourcing just SOME of the elements involved in creating an affiliate review site package could easily cost you over $200 per month.

If you outsourced all the ADDITIONAL material that we?re offering you with Ready Made Review Sites, if won?t take you long to rack up a HUGE bill before you ever made a single sale!

With Ready Made Review Sites and your easy-to-use Affiliate Review site, you can be up and running in minutes ? at a fraction of the cost of doing it all yourself!

Here?s exactly what your membership includes:


Monthly "Plug-n-Play" Internet Marketing
Affiliate Review Site

Each professional affiliate review site contains:

  • Top 3 Clickbank Affiliate Products
    You don't need to research the Clickbank marketplace, We've done it for you.

  • 3 Professionally Written Product Reviews
    No need for you to write anything. We've hired expert writers to do it for you.

  • Custom Unique Header
    You need your site to look professional to get the best conversions, so we've included professionally designed graphics for you.

  • Professionally Designed "Review" Site
    We've hired one of the best designers on the internet to create a great looking review site template which will generate more sales for you.

    The site is constructed using HTML/PHP and can be edited if you need to.

  • Optimized for Search Engines
    We've ensured that all search engine optimisation techniques including naming of images, alt and H1 tags and inner linking has been coded into the review sites. This will help your sites rank higher in the search engines.

  • Privacy Policy and Contact page
    Another important factor these days for getting a higher search engine ranking. They also add a trust element to your site's visitors which will help improve conversions.

  • Integrated Affiliate Link Cloaker Script
    Cloaked links ensure that when people click on your site's affiliate links, that you will be credited for the sale. It also helps to disguise the sometimes "ugly" looking links into something more user friendly, so visitors clicking the links don't realise that they are in fact, affiliate links. Again, this can help improve conversions.

Here's a sample of one of our IM review site templates.. you're gonna blow your
competition out of the water!



Plug 'n' Play Clickbank "Top 20" Page

Each review site template also includes a page listing 20 top clickbank internet marketing products.

This will help you to generate even MORE commissions without having to lift a finger.

Here's a screenshot of how this page looks inside the review site:


    10 Professionally Written "Marketing" Articles
    Each Month

    Every month, you'll also get 10 articles related to the review site's Internet Marketing topic.

    Use these articles to promote your monthly review sites or break them up and use them on a blog, squidoo/hub page and more.

    Each article is:

    • Expertly written by an experienced Internet Marketing author
      These articles are not ghostwritten by someone that doesn't understand Internet Marketing.

    • All articles are approx 500 Words
      These articles are not only well-written, but are well-researched and informative and will entice readers of the articles to click and visit your review site.

    Click the link below to see a sample of the quality of each month's articles that you'll be getting in your review site package:

    Sample Article (Right-click and save to your computer)


    Expertly Written Autoresponder Series
    Each Month

    Each month you'll also get:

    • A 7-day Autoresponder Series
      Copy and paste these expertly written emails into your autoresponder service such as Aweber.com or Getresponse.com

    • Access to our unique "Email Generator Tool"
      Simply choose your autoresponder (aweber/getresponse) and enter your name into a text box, and all your autoresponder emails will be generated ready for you to copy and paste into your autoresponder!

    • High Impact Opt-In Box Integrated Into Your Review Site Template
      Easily build your list and earn even more money. The optin box is placed at the top right of your affiliate review sites where it has been proven to get the most signups.


      5 x Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
      + Comprehensive Keywords List Every Month

      Each month you'll get 5 pay per click ads which you can use to promote your review sites on Google Adwords, Yahoo Publisher Network and MSN search engines.

      We'll also find you plenty of lucrative "long tail" keywords you can use for PPC (pay per click) advertising in the search engines.



      List of Topic Related Blogs

      To help you achieve the best possible search engine rankings for your niche affiliate review sites, we scour the Internet to find top ranked blogs on the topic that will allow you to post comments.

      By posting comments, you can also post your website address and search engines will follow the links back to your site, helping to boost your rankings!



      "Newbie Friendly" Site Uploader Tool

      As part of your valuable membership you'll get access to our online "site uploader" tool.

      Simply enter a few details about your web host into some text boxes and your site will be automatically uploaded to your domain name in mere seconds.

      This tool is perfect for you if you want to save time or are not familar with using an FTP program to upload your site.


        Expert Affiliate Marketing Training

        You'll also get access to our member's only training pages where you'll find:

        • Video Tutorials
          Watch online videos that teach you aspects of affiliate marketing

        • Training tutorials
          We've written tutorials on everything from choosing an effective domain name to traffic generation for your review sites.


          By becoming a member, making money from affiliate review sites becomes virtually effortless!

          All it takes is 4 simple steps?

          Download our affiliate review site from your members area

          Add your Clickbank affiliate ID and a few other variables such as page title/domain name etc

          Upload the affiliate review website to your hosting account

          Use our provided marketing materials to market your site and start earning commissions!

          People are RAVING about our affiliate review sites... check out some recent comments...

          I got up this morning and I had already made a sale from the site!


          This is not a support ticket. I didn't know how to contact you and just say thank you.

          I bought the ready made membership yesterday with the videos, I set up the site in less than an hour.

          I got up this morning and I had already made a sale from the site!!

          I can't wait for next month's package!

          Did I say thank you yet?

          Best Regards,

          Jack Vidal

          Follow up email a few days later...

          Hi Anthony,

          Sorry it took me a few days, but here is my picture for the testimonial on your sales page.

          By the way, it even got better, not only my site went first on google for the long tail keyword I used, but it consistently keeps giving me sales!

          Again, thank you very much.

          Jack Vidal


          How could anyone NOT make money with this?

          In my opinion, a review site is one of the most effective means of promoting affiliate products and your Ready Made Review Sites makes it dead-simple easy!

          And if your monthly honest review sites are not enough, you support them with so many additional tools, how could anyone NOT make money with this?

          I especially like the built-in list building function and you even supply the autoresponder course material for it!

          I love the idea that I'm going to be adding another turnkey affiliate review profit center EVERY MONTH, which I know will make the membership investment seem insignificant.

          Top quality and comprehensive, Ready Made Review Sites gets 5 Stars from me!...

          Barry Richardson


          Just look at the HUGE monthly value of your
          membership package ...


          Product Component Monthly Value

          Plug-n-Play Affiliate Review Site

          • 2 hours per product research and written review @ $20/hour x 3 reviews = (2 x $20) x 3 = $120
          • review site design by TOP graphics designer = $397
          • Website designer to integrate product reviews, graphics and links into minisite design = 1 hour @ $50/hour = $50

          Plug-n-Play Clickbank "Top 20" Products Page

          • Web designer to research products and create page = 3 hours @ $50/hour = $150

          10 Professionally Written "Marketing" Articles

          • "Marketing" Ghostwriter = 10 articles @ $20/each = $200

          Autoresponder Series

          • Ghostwriter to edit articles so they are suitable for autoresponder format = 7 emails @ $20/email = $140

          5 PPC Ads + Keywords List

          • Internet marketer to write ads = $100

          List of Topic Related Blogs

          • Researcher = 1 hour @ $20/hour = $20
          TOTAL MONTHLY VALUE $1177


          Join now RISK FREE with our 8 week money-back guarantee - what have you got to lose?

          So, with that said, click on the "Add to Cart" below to get started in just a few minutes!

          YES Anthony & Jason!

          I would like to save weeks of time, save huge amounts on outsourcing and start raking in juicy affiliate commissions with my Ready Made Monthly IM Affilliate Review sites!

          I also understand that I will get instant access to this month's review site in just minutes from now after placing my order.

          Get Instant Access Now!
          For Only $37/month

          Add to Cart


          More testimonials from satisfied customers...

          You are really delivering huge with this one

          These sites are top quality, and that is rare when it comes to any of the review sites i've seen out there.

          Add all the other stuff like the articles, reviews, AR series, and the uploader for tech dummies like me :-) and you have everything you need to become successful right away.

          Just wanted to let you know how awesome your sites are, and everything that comes with them. You guys are giving awesome value with these packages.

          Great Job.

          Jay Deiboldt


          WOW guys!

          These are the most professional review based templates I've ever used.

          I literally don't have to worry about anything, and I'm not the most tech savvy.

          The web based uploading tool is a fantastic feature that I'm sure new guys to the industry will find very useful.

          Alexander Shelton


          The perfect, complete package

          What Anthony and Jason have produced here is what can only be described as ?The perfect, complete package?.

          Every feature of Ready Made Review Sites has been given complete care and attention in its preparation and development.

          The review site that members get features some of the latest and best products on the market, with fully detailed reviews.

          The members area has been developed with the complete novice in mind, clear and simple step by step guides are provided to get you up and running with the least possible hassle, combined with full member support.

          Anthony and Jason have given everyone the perfect chance to get started in the Internet Marketing business.

          Congratulations guys I predict a very bright future for Ready Made Review Sites.

          Billy Franks

          To Your Affiliate Marketing Success!

          Anthony Hull & Jason Gazaway

          P.S. Don't sit on the sidelines while the rest of the affiliate marketing pros pass you by!

          You deserve to earn the same HUGE commissions they're getting too - and with your own professional Affiliate Review Sites - you can!

          P.P.S No other membership club offers monthly readymade affiliate review sites like ours. Just upload to your hosting account and instantly have another income stream to your online business.

          Order now while there are still spots available.

          ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. ReadyMadeReviewSites.com is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any ReadyMadeReviewSites.com product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by ReadyMadeReviewSites.com in the materials on this Web page.


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