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"I recently bought your ebook. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for this wonderful book. I feel your book is the best and most helpful one I have ever read on relationships and I have already referred some of my friends to your website.

I strongly believe your strategy will bring more happiness, harmony, and fulfillment to any relationship. I can relate to many experiences that you so clearly described in the book. I wish I found your book earlier in my relationship; I will definitely be a happier person today.
- D.K.

Your eBook Saved My Marriage!

"I just wanted to write you an email to express my gratitude. I initially came across your site back in January of this year when I was at a loss for words. I felt much despair as my husband had been unfaithful and had asked me for a divorce. ...I was completely devastated. It affected my well being in all areas. I became a nervous wreck and it even cost me my job as I was not being productive. I did much soul searching and I am grateful that I found your site and purchased your "retrieve a lover ebook".

I read it and applied the concepts and within weeks, my husband left the other woman and asked that we work out our issues. I am happy to report that with much patience, persevereance and faith, we have put our marriage together and even started a family. I gave birth to a Baby Boy last month and we are better people individually and together as a couple.
Thank you for your product!
Ever grateful,
- K.A.


This book is for you if ...

  • You are feeling broken hearted, lonely and despondent because of a relationship breakup, and you long for the return of a lost love or spouse ...

  • Your spouse or lover has been having an extramarital affair, but you truly care for this person and are willing to do anything necessary to save your relationship ...

  • You and your spouse or lover are fighting and quarreling almost everyday, and you want to break the barriers of stubbornness, of bitterness, and of blindness in this relationship ...

  • You and your spouse are facing a potential divorce, but you truely love your spouse and want to save the marriage ...
  • You are having a great relationship with your partner right now, but are fearful that one day your spouse or lover might betray you or leave you. Learn how to keep your lover or spouse by your side forever, without all the heartache, fear, and pain ...

  • Your lover or spouse has suddenly lost Interest in you for no apparent reasons, and you cannot figure out the reasons; even the so-called professionals have no real answers for you...
  • You have tried everything else, and nothing works for you, so you want to learn a Simple "Four Step Strategy" which always works in bringing back a lost love, no matter what type of relationship you are involved in.

From The Desk of  Cucan Pemo
Date :

Dear Friend,

Are you into a very difficult relationship right now and are feeling that the whole world is crushing down on you?

You feel broken hearted, but want to save your relationship and bring back your lover and/or spouse.

Regardless of the distance between you, regardless of their hardened hearts, regardless of the barriers that keep you apart....

You can mend your broken heart and bring back your lover!

Been dumped? Losing a love one?
Get these FREE, no strings attached! What you learn here could just save your relationship!
* Sneak preview of the amazing report "My 3-Step Formula that Stops My Divorce!" by Christine Lok.

* Free ebook "You Can Save Your Relationship & Marriage!" (Value $17) which tells you :

    - 3 profound principles which you must know to bring back the one you love. Forget about reading up thick books and learning dry theories, everything is distilled into these 3 principles. I'll tell you what they are here. Some of you may instantly know what you have to do to bring back your lover just by knowing these 3 principles.

    - 3 very important things you must not do if you seriously want to retrieve your lover. I'll tell you exactly what you must do instead.

    - 3 things you absolutely must not say to change the mind of your lover. I'll tell you exactly what you have to say instead.

    - Learn why fighting your way to win back the one you love guarantees you a failure, and why talks and negotiations are most of the times ineffective in bringing back your partner.

    Also, you'll get INSTANT access to this rare Video (Value $67!) Which Reveals the Secret of How You Can Bring Back Your Love Lover! This Could be Your "Passport" to Ever Lasting Joy and Happiness!

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Changed My Failed Relationship Overnight!
"Got your free E-book. Took the advise and it changed my failed relationship overnight,
Within 24 hours she came around and wanted to try to save our relationship. Things are going along slowly, but they are moving in the right direction for the first time in almost 5 months. Your advise was a life saver and could not have done it without it. Thanks!"
- Mr W
(HINT: Mr W. took the Advice exactly the same as revealed in the above mentioned rare Video!!!)

It REALLY Works!
"Cucan, I have only downloaded the free
book, the advice you gave me there has filtered through to my situation and I have successfully won back my girl! People write testimonials and may say it really works or whatever, now I'm one of those real people saying IT REALLY WORKS! So the free ebook helped me straight away, if it's not quite enough for others out there, persevere and purchase the full report!"
TR - London U.K.

I know exactly what and how it's like...

The feelings of humans are universal. What you feel inside yourself ¡V all the hurt, pain, anger, jealousy, depression, disappointment, melancholy ¡V when you are in a failing relationship, is exactly the same as that experienced by someone else who has been in your shoes and goes through what you have gone through right now.

Years ago, the love of my life was involved in an extramarital affair, and he wanted a separation. So I had been ¡¥there¡¦, gone through ¡¥it¡¦, and lived through what I would call "a living hell".

I was full of anguish and disbelief when it happened. I couldn't believe my eyes and my ears. I must admit; I had been a good girlfriend to him for years; giving him the greatest care and love I could give. In fact, I almost gave him my everything!

When my relationship failed, I wanted to bring back my lover, as I felt deep in my heart that we should be together. But I did not know what went wrong and why things happened the way they did!

The heartache and pain I went through could literally tear me apart!

Well-meaning friends, family members and close associates of mine tried to counsel me, did everything they could to help me, even trrid to talk me out of having him back by my side.

I searched every books and treatises I could get a hold of, all of them were written by ¡¥experts¡¦ and ¡¥professionals¡¦ who claimed that they had the solutions to my problems and could help me get rid of my pain and heartache permanently.

It all ended in disappointment and more frustration...

    • They did not answer my most pressing question ¡V WHY? Why on earth is this happening to me? I had been a good lover all the time I had been with him. I could scream to Heaven and Earth for the answer and it did not come to me. This book has the answer to that question.

    • They did not tell me how I could stop the separation or how to re-unite with my loved one. Instead, most encouraged me to go ahead with the separation. ¡§You are not suited for each other.¡¨ ¡§He/She is heartless. He/She is not worth your love.¡¨ ¡§You just have to learn to let go.¡¨ Does all of this sound familiar?

    • They did not tell me how to stop all that pain and hurt. You know what I mean if you have experienced it before. It really could tear you to pieces. ¡§Go on a vacation.¡¨ ¡§Be a volunteer, you will forget the pain when you are busy.¡¨ ¡§It will pass. Time will heal it.¡¨ It never works. What I wanted was to get rid of the heartache, frsutration and pain - at that precise moment!

    • They did not tell me how I could achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship, for as long as I wished and exactly as I wanted it. ¡§Life is impermanent. Life is unpredictable.¡¨ ¡¨People change, things change; you just have to accept it.¡¨ That is all they could say.


Goes WAY Beyond Teaching You
How To Bring Back A Lost Love!

"This is a lesson in living for everyone whether married, single or separated. This book goes way beyond teaching you how to bring back a lost love, it also shows the way to find your perfect partner and how to create the type of relationship most people only dream about."
- Gary Caine

My Eyes Opened UP!

"I find these books very interesting and helpful. Believe me I need all the help and understanding I can acquire right now. I started with retrieve a lover ebook and boy were my eyes opened up to a lot of mistakes I have made in my relationship. Thank you for taking the time to write this ebook for it and your other ebooks are helping me greatly! Thanks again and may God Bless you richly.."
- J.S.

He Told Me I Was The ONLY One For Him

"First of all, I'd like to express my thanks for
this book...he has been coming back around, and even told me the other day that I was the only one for him... and he can't take his eyes off of me when he sees me now...hopefully I'll be able to announce our wedding one day and i'll keep you posted!"
- R.H.

I would not have survived this crisis, if not for the discovery of a simple, yet amazingly powerful and effective 4-Step "strategy" which enabled me to heal my broken heart and bring back my love.

It took me 8 long months to learn what I should do and not do, what to say and not say, in a failing relationship.

But, this did not mean that I lost my freedom! I regained my freedom, and found all the answers I were seeking.

Find out how I overcame that heartache and pain, and read about the simple, easy-to-use 4 step strategy that I used to bring back my lover despite the fact that I had a difficult and tough relationship - having had to deal with a love rival hovering around myself and my lover like a shadow and a ghost.

Also, learn the means which I had discovered to attain more peace and happiness in my relationship more than ever before, and learn how you CAN do the same!

My Family Members and Friends Said I Was Crazy ..
But Let Me Tell You, They Were Impressed!

In 2002, I started to give away some of my own discoveries and free advice to those who needed it, and only via the net.

Many of my readers who approached me are young men and women - individual singles - and who are either just starting out on a relationship, or are already in a committed relationship for quite some time.

It was not long before people started writing me. One guy from London wrote me (un-edited and un-censored!):

It REALLY Works!
"Cucan, I have only downloaded the free book, the advice you gave me there has filtered through to my situation and I have successfully won back my girl! People write testimonials and may say it really works or whatever, now I'm one of those real people saying IT REALLY WORKS! So the free ebook helped me straight away, if it's not quite enough for others out there, persevere and purchase the full report!"
TR - London U.K.

From then onwards, to my amazement, it is starting to work for BOTH singles men and women who really put their hearts into learning what I teach them, and putting my teachings and techniques into practice!

I begin to fine-tune my teachings and tactics and over the years, readers who are experiencing even more challenging and difficult relationship circumstances somehow find their way to me and my materials.

I have had such successes with married couples and married individuals that people accuse me of having made a pact with the Devil for my tactics!

"Gotten Back TOGETHER!
Expecting A Child!!!"

"Just wanted to give you an update. Me and my wife have now gotten back together and are expecting a child in September."
Thanks again,
~ Wood

"WOW is the only Word
I Have For You"

WOW is the only word I have for you and your Retrieve A Lover manual. One is always hesitant when purchasing "advice" online such as this, but once it was in my inbox and I started processing the information I knew it was well worth the purchase. The information contained in your manual was eye opening and a true revelation. I suddenly felt a weight lifted while reading each and every chapter!

After two years of what seemed to be a "forever" relationship, my lover decided he no longer wanted to be a part of "us". This is the guy who I was going to build a life with and who dreamt of the future with me. We both uttered the words "forever", "you make me happier than I've ever been", "love" and "through good and bad" many times over and that is truly what I felt in my heart. However one day he decided he was no longer happy and wanted out of the relationship. As you can imagine, I was absolutly shocked, devistated and left with a broken heart I've never experienced before. I truly didnt know what to do...

A couple weeks later, after much heartache and confusion I stumbled across your Retrieve A Lover website. I was willing to try anything and I am sure glad I did! I never thought the day would come but after only 3 months of following your advice, my lover came running back into my arms...almost literally! It really took me by suprise and I still can't believe it. We are now on the up and up and I am sure our relationship is going to be MUCH stronger than before knowing what I know now. Thank you so much for helping me through what I thought to be one of the most difficult times in my life. I'll continue to read your emails and learn from them. Thanks for offering such necessary advice!

(PS - ..amazing! Thank you!)

"You Really Know What You Are Talking About and I Recommend Reading Your Book More Than Marriage Counseling!"

hello Cucan, I have to say, your book is amazing...
Last night my ex came over and told me how much I have changed and how he feels that I am not the same person anymore. He loves the new me. You really know what you are talking about and I recommend reading your book more than marriage counseling. Thank you for making this book available and thank you for helping me change within myself. I didn't realize what I was doing wrong until I read your books.
~ L.M., Not Lonely Anymore

With the simple, yet powerful strategies and tactics I'm offering you in my course and book, you will win every time, and leave your heartache, pain and frustration - even your love competitors and rivals - in the dust on every round!

Here is a fair warning to you.

My book, course and materials are so powerful - they can turn your life upside down! I spotted one of my readers who wrote this:

About 7 years ago, my marriage of 22 yrs ended. Married young, had kids young, same old story. When my marriage ended of course I was beside myself. I read Cucan Pemo's book and it worked!!! But about 6 months into the rekindled relationship, "I" realized that "I" was now a changed person, so I ended it.

Soon after I met someone who I have loved very much for about 6 yrs now. About 3 wks ago, he decided that we should take some time apart. Here I am, beside myself again. I read Cucan's book and realized that I had allowed my same thought and action patterns to return from before... My boyfriend and I are now having very open conversations and I am 100% sure that we will be together again, only this time, I will not be headed back to those old thought and action patterns. For anyone who says the book is "crap", they are really not ready to be in a happy relationship. Read the book, make every effort to fully understand what the book is saying, and sit back and watch your "whole" life become what you want it to be. It has done wonderful things for me.
~ Anonymous

So there you have it. Don't say I have not warned you...

If you put my teachings and tactics into practice, get your lover back, but ultimately ditch them, it's not my fault.

This is enough fair warning for you if you decide to get my course and book.

I never have had the chance to meet with this anonymous writer, though I do know she uses my book and my course. Follow her advice, get this course and book, ONLY if YOU are ready to want a happy relationship.

She struck a cord in me. I realize that people who use my teachings and tactics are beginning to discover the time-less wisdom as transmitted to them in my course.

They do not have to depend on other people - friends, family members, or even therapists - to tell them what to do and how to solve their problems.

They learn how to solve almost all problems coming their way, each and every time, and if they have forgotten the teachings and the tactics, they know where and how to look for the solutions by going back to my course and book.

It's AMAZING, Thanks.
"Thank you so much for this book. I know its worth a lot
more money
, but this is my baby
. Its amazing, thanks."
~ B

Your The One Who MAKES SENSE
"Thank you very much for all your words of wisdom Cucan. I have seen a books, sites, therapist, palm reader, tarot cards, family, and friends. Your the one who makes sense."
With all my heart,
-- R.R.

I Can't Thank You Enough!
When I bought your program a few months ago I was truly lost. I was willing to try anything. I had earlier purchased a different program and it seemed like more manipulation than honest work. ___ was the key. As I followed your teachings and re-read ___ E-mails I knew this was what I
needed...... I was at my mothers doing some work for her when my ex called her to chat. I answered because my mom wasn't home. My ex was shocked to hear me...... she asked me to call her later that night. I did. In the middle of our conversation she blurted out "come over now". I did and we have been working on communication and expressing what we want, what we truly want. I was never the one to express my feeling fully before...  It's worth it. I can't thank you enough for showing me that I had the strength in myself to change. Oh I did thank myself also. Again thank you and everyone who has found strength, those looking still and those who I pray for to find hope and strength.
-- Phil

It Worked INCREDIBLY Well. . .

" Dear Cucan, about two years ago, I bought one of your e-books, it was a 3 steps program to get back my loved one, it worked incredibly well, I say  incredibly because I could not believe that I actually got my girl back by applying your program! and I am deeply grateful for that. Unfortunately, I  have lost the download of your e-book, it would be very kind from you to resend me the link to access your book again...many many thanks in
-- Mark
(Mark is actually one of my customers back in 2005...)


After having successes with my singles readers and married readers, I have more clients and readers who write me and want to know the answers to this Question.

"Cucan, I have been good all along. I work so hard for the family, for her. I have never cheated on her. Why is she leaving me for another person whom she only meet for a few days? It seems like heaven is playing a cruel trick on me!!!"

I stomp my research materials, the library and the bookshops for the answers.

I even look up the materials belonging to the so-called experts and gurus who claimed they have the answers and solutions; but none of them give me satisfactory answers.

And when I discover the answers myself to these very challenging questions, I don't take them at face value. I proceed to put all the answers and solutions I have found to the test myself, and only teach it to a few of my readers whom I deem are ready to learn what I have discovered.

I gather all that I have found into my secret chamber, and currently ONLY my present clients and readers can gain un-restricted access to this secret chamber - after they have taken my course and read up my book thoroughly.

THANK YOU! Your Book
Has Changed My Life!

"Dear Cucan, I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for sharing these secrets, for sharing your experience and for helping me save my relationship! Everything you said in your e book really hit the nail on the head for me and what I was going through at the time.

My boyfriend of 5 years suddenly decided that he "wasn't in love with me anymore and was going to leave", I was devastated and heartbroken. I went to stay at my Mom's house for a few days to get away from the pain, I thought I'd just brouse the internet and see if anything could help, I had nothing left to loose. THANK GOD I came across your site, my Mom instantly purchased the e book for me and I began right away.

Within days things were starting to turn around, he came back to me!!!! This was just over a year ago now, and we are still together and happier than ever. Your book has changed my life, I am forever grateful for you, you are a saint really!

I use your methods in all areas of my life now and it is so wonderful, my relationship is great, my career is soaring, we are both making triple the amount of money we did then.

You have inspired me to research__, and I love it. I just can't thank you enough, I will never forget the lessons you shared with me, and I know now that I never have to go through that kind of heartache ever again, and that has taken the fear out of the relationship. I wish you many successes in your life and relationship.

Thank you again Cucan, you are such a blessing to this world!
Sincerely Yours,
~ D.M.

Indeed, you NEVER have to go through that kind of heartache, ever again.

No one can grill me about my tactics, knowledge and techniques - all of which are transmitted to me over the years, and pass through all the tests I myself and my readers have put them to.

You can only have access to these secret knowledge in your secret chamber, and I have a reason for this. I don't want my previous love rivals and competitors start secretly hounding me for tips on their own game!!!

Using My Simple, 4-Step Strategy,
Everything Clicks Into Place!

This course and book will show you ...

• The One Very Important Principle which could dramatically turn your relationship around 180¢X exactly the way you want it! Miss this chapter, and you'll miss the whole thing! (pg. 17)

• The answer to your most pressing Questions ¡VWHY? Why did the relationship fail? Why did the relationship turn sour? Why is everything happening the way you do not wish for it to happen? Screaming to Heaven and Earth for the answers? They are right here in Chapter 3 and 4. There are some principles you wish you knew of earlier before you went into any type of relationship, or before everything went wrong!'s never too late! Know the reasons. Learn the answer to the question: Why? And how you could turn everything around again and go on to create even more happiness and peace in your relationship! (pg. 21 - pg. 26)

• Discover one very jealously guarded secret I have used to winning back a lost love, and how to be the person who can have what you wish for. Haven't you heard before that whatever you ask for, you will receive? But why doesn't it work for you? Learn the right way to do this! It could change your life! Now this secret is so profound, having it is like possessing the midas touch - everything you have turned into gold - but do it the wrong way, and you'll never get it! (pg. 30)

• Discover my proven and most powerful wish fulfilling gem - a simple, easy to follow 4-step strategy to create the type of relationship that you want! And the beauty of this is, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to do it! You need to just follow the steps, and you can do it anytime, anywhere! It works for me, allowing me to bring my true love back into my life and creating the happiness and peace I want in my relationship, all at will. If you can follow and apply the formula, you should be able get the same amazing and positive result as I did, period. (pg. 39)

• You love your lover and your spouse with all your heart, but one day he/she comes and tell you that though you love them with all your heart, they are not feeling the same way for you! Is he telling you that things aren't the same any longer? Is she giving you some hints here and there that she is meeting someone "new" out there and whom she finds more attractive? I'll reveal to you the exact steps you must use to get your lover BACK into your loving, open arms, again and KEEP them in your loving embrace. (pg. 43 - pg. 55)

• Do you feel that HE is just not that into you? Are you puzzled and frustrated that SHE is simply not responding to you, giving you cold shoulders, even pushing you away? Is your girlfriend or boyfriend wanting to separate from you because her explanation is : "I feel nothing for you anymore?!" I'll let you in the TRUTH about what's going on in their minds and just by knowing this secret will set you FREE from all the frustration and heartache, and get your lover back! (pg 68).

• What you can do to make yourself DANGEROUS to your love rival or love competitor, if you have one. This is my secret weapon to bring back the love of my life after he left me for another woman. Guys can also learn this little known tactic and once you know what this is and how it works, you can create permanent connection with your lover or spouse, and never have to worry that someone will come along one day and "snatch" him or her away from you, forever! (pg 70).

• Does your counselor, psychologist or well-meaning friends offer you such advice: "You MUST look after yourself, so you will have this great figure, try get a new hairstyle, go for grooming classes, and oh, why not try a chance (accidental) meeting, etc..." I'll tell why you can be DEAD WRONG if you follow these gurus' advice, even if they have your best interests at heart. (pg. 71)

• Are you feeling at a total loss about your marriage? Are you at the point of thinking that there is no point and that you might as well move forward and forget about it? Do you feel that your spouse is not responding to you in the way you want to "feel" it and "see" it? Do you find that your lover or spouse is not showing enough commitment? Or is there a big obstacle standing in your way of having a harmonious relationship and marriage with your spouse? Do you face parental objections and objections from friends who keep telling you they have YOUR best interests in heart? Are you finding it difficult to get your long distance lover to respond to you? I'll teach you my magical 8-words sentence which you can fully master and make the world do your bidding! (pg. 71)

• Is your wife giving you cold shoulders, asking you to sleep on the couch outside in the living room? Is your husband coming back home late into the night and can't be bothered to explain to you? Have you tried getting your lover to respond in some ways but they do not? Is it that they are finding other people more attractive than you are, unwilling to talk to you, and spending more time with their other secret friends? Fret not! I'll tell you how you can cut through ALL the smoke, get your lover or spouse to respond, make a connection with you. Cutting through the smoke is the hard part. YOU will soon learn why this does not require You to have good looks, a silver tongue, or infallible logic. It does not even require confidence, charisma or magnetic personality. If your wife or husband has been running away from you again and again, apply this tactic, and watch how they will be moved to tears. (pg. 83)

• Is your husband being being unfaithful to you and your children, even though you have been the most caring wife to him and responsible towards his children? Why is your girlfriend making friends with other guys and finding other people more attractive than yourself? Just WHAT exactly is your lover craving for? I'll tell you exactly what your lover and spouse is carving for from other people, why it's not your fault, and why after you have learnt this principle your lover will stop flocking to other people but instead come back to you for more of what you can give them! This principle is so easy and simple that even a child can learn and master it! (pg 94).

• I'll let you into a "cutting edge" technique on how you can protect the Love and Friendship you have with the love of your life. If you don't learn this technique, other people will and soon you will find your lover or spouse listening more and more to others rather than YOU! (pg. 102)

    I'll Take You By the Hand
    Through the ENTIRE 4-Step Strategy.

(Step-by-step...I Show You Exactly What to Do)

I'll give you clear illustrations and explanations using my own case as an example. I have tested this strategy numerous times and it has never failed. So once you learn this amazing 4-Step "strategy", understand it, and learn exactly how to use it, you can literally become a powerful wish-maker!

I discovered the answers and solutions I wanted only eight months later. You would not have imagined the amount of pain and frustration I had to go through during this period if you had not been in my shoes. I only wished I had the answers in this book before! So if you are currently in a similar situation as the one I was, I hope this book will pull you out of the darkness and lift you to the light.

In summary, here's what you get with your "Bring Back the Love of Your Life! - A Potent 4-Step Strategy"

You get immediate access to the breakthrough book "Bring Back A Lost Love!" - where you will learn the 4-Step process and strategy to heal your broken heart and bring back the love of your life. If you want, you can even use the same strategy to create even more happiness, harmony, and fulfillment in your relationship (no matter what type of relationship you are involved in!), exactly as you want it, without breaking a sweat!

* I'll tell you why things happen to you the way they do and what you have done to bring about your failing relationship. Once you know the reasons, I'll tell you how to avoid repeating the same mistakes. I'll even show you what you can do to turn events around 180 ¢X to your favor.

* I'll teach you my proven, 4-step "Strategy" which I used to bring back my lover and keep my relationship alive and how you can do the same, only if you apply the strategy to the letter. I'll hold nothing back. In fact, I'll take you by the hand and show you step-by-step what to do.

So, you won't be left alone and trying to guess what to do next!


Your Book Was A Blessing!

"Thank you, Cucan...your book was a blessing!!!"
- Love, G.A.

All I Can Say Is WOW!!!

"I have just read your book.. and all I can say is wow!!! Its amazing, its amazing how I have had the answer all along but I just choose to not follow it, I now know how to make this relationship work!"
- K.D.


Dear Cucan, IT WORKED! ...No sooner than I had read your e-book and put the steps into place than he was banging down my door and explaining that he had made the wrong decision. You were right! It all made perfect sense to me and was so easy to put into action.

Now I am using the steps in all aspects of my life. Less than six weeks since I purchased and read your e-book I have my boyfriend back and talking of marriage, a promotion at work, and an all expense paid trip overseas. I believe that fate brought me to you and your book and I am ever so grateful that you have published such a lifesaving text, and for such a reasonable price. Thank you Cucan, your advice has taken my life to new horizans. Don't ever stop your teaching!... Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
- L.K.
Melbourne, Australia

Your Techniques WORK!

"The very first day, she called my 3 times & text messaged me another 5 times. We aren't broken up. Your techniques work!..."
- G.C.


My Big Formula In The Original
" Bring Back A Lost Love!"

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You see, if you are still not sure that your other half is the one for you, then you would be better off not buying my book, since you do not seriously want your love back.

Even if you are currently enjoying a great and fulfilling relationship, what you learn in this book will help you to create the type of relationship that you desire, and KEEP your lover for as long as you want to!

Fearful that one day your spouse or lover would betray you or drift away? This book will tell you how you can keep your lover by your side without all the heartache and pain!

You can wait forever. But your relationship cannot wait!

So if you seriously, seriously want to bring back the love of your life, grab your copy today!

I really resist giving you bonuses as I cannot see the reasons why I should be tempting you to grab such an invaluable book which can do more than changing your life!

However, one of the bonuses below came just at the right time a few months after I completed this book and after reading it, I figured out that it would help a lot people out there who wanted to save their relationship and desired the return of a lost love. So I have included it here together with this book as a bonus.

If you respond immediately, you'll receive the following 7 FREE Bonuses:

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This book will bring to you the life-changing experince that you seek. Using the methods and strategies presented in this comprehensive book, soon, the love of your life could wake up and realize the love and friendship and happiness that you have to offer...and he or she could want to be with you forever!

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If you find yourself failing again and again in your relationship, you need the powerful letters, conversational pieces which you can keep handy for use to bring back the love of your life!

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I taught my 4-step "strategy" to all my friends who needed help in their relationship problems, and one of my good friends came out with this one of her own based on my ebook. Her husband had been having an extramarital affair and it seemed a potential separation is inevitable. She applied this 3-step "Formula" and within 3 months, she brought back her husband and he even proposed a second honeymoon! This is her super-fast formula for winning back the love of her life quickly and easily and she has written it in a short report "My 3-Step Formula that Stops My Divorce!" which anyone could refer to whenever they need help in their relationship problems. The report is currently selling for $19 but will be yours FREE if you respond right away!

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The Workbook to help you transform my strategies and guidelines into an Action plan! But a warning here for you. The more you go through my course and book, you will begin to realize - this secret - which is, the LESS you understand what the "experts try to tell you, the faster you'll pick up the CORE principles of saving your own relationship and getting your lover back!

Once you have mastered my formula and strategies, it will all become so simple, yet so crushingly powerful, that anyone - anyone - can use it to turn their strategies into a predictable, machine-like weapon, thus giving you COMPLETE domination over (any of) your love rivals ... and your life opponents!

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Is there someone out there who you care for more than words can say?

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I Thank Destiny For Bringing Me To Your Site!

"I am currently in a broken relationship which I
believe has much love instilled to amend. I have just read your book, and feel much better about myself and very positive to bring back my love (whom is currently overseas). I am writing this letter of thanks now... because I feel so much truth to these methods and thus feel fully confident to extend my thanks to you now for bringing back the love of my life....I so much needed this revelation and thank destiny for bringing me to your site to find this book."

- M.M

We Are Back Together!

"Cucan, How amazing, I read your book and applied the methods it describes. I knew my girl (or ex girl) was coming over to see me and supposedly see the new sofa we had ordered before she left....and now Guess what....we are back together and she blew out the other guy. She even wrote a txt message to him saying she wanted nothing more to do with him right in front of me as she wanted me to see what she was putting. Wow, I might be one of the happiest guys on the planet!"
- I.H.

I Would Highly Recommend This Book To Anyone!!!

"I ordered your book Bring Back the Love of Your Life, and I was totally blown away!! You hit the nail on the head in everyway...I would highly recommend this book to anyone!!! You have been there and done all of what I have been going through. Thank you so much for your book!!
- T.M.

Now Back In The Arms Of The Love Of My Life!

"My name is J. and I am from Canberra, Australia. I am a writer, a researcher and I have studied psychology, gender relations and counselling.

I consider myself to be an expert on relationships and human interaction. Hence the reason I am here to tell you about a terrific book that I have just read. Cucan Pemo has written many books and they are all terrific in my opinion, but this one is her best! I recently suffered a heartbreak of my own and I'm happy to say that we are working out our problems, and this is all thanks to Cucan Pemo and her wonderful E-Book.

I bought her book and read it straight away from cover to cover. I followed her advice and I am now back in the arms of the love of my life and extremely happy. The advice that she writes in her book really helped me and this book
could help your relationship too
! Thanks Cucan!"
- J.,

I would like to THANK YOU so much. . .
TODAY, I'm Married . . .!

"Dear Cucan, How are you? First of all I would like to thank you so much for what you have taught me. I bought the package of retrieve a lover with 4 important steps from you 2 year ago. Today I'm married and expecting our first child. I just do not have time to run thru my personal email as I so caught up with my working life as well as spending time with my wife. What I have learn is not only saving my relationship but I put it thru my everyday life and it actually works!... "
Best regards,
- James P.

Me and My Boyfriend are BACK TOGETHER!!!...

"Hi Cucan, I am just emailing you too say the biggest thank you for your help and advice over the past few months. You are a very very great person and helped me so much even at my lowest point. Me and my boyfriend are back together and i must say i feel i love him more than before the past is behind us and we are talking about a great future together already.. There is nothing that can feel better than when he came round to me and said he never stopped thinking about me and knows how much of a mistake he made leaving me.. Just want to say again I love you for giving me the answers and now i am enjoying life more as well.. Thank you again, and hope to still get your emails really enjoy reading them every week."
Thank you and again
Love always
- K H, England


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