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Welcome to the Rocket Spanish Reviews section.

On this web page fellow Spanish learners share with you their experiences of Rocket Spanish. I am sure that you will enjoy reading how Rocket Spanish has helped so many people to learn Spanish! Will you be next?

Success Story #1: Petra Stark

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TestimonialHi My name is Petra Stark.

recently graduated from the college of William Mary, last semester I had to take some intensive Spanish classes and I needed to get up to speed really fast and I'm not that good at languages and William Mary it's pretty tough. So, I asked last Christmas my parents for, actually I asked them for **Competitor**, but my mum did a lot of research, which she is really good at and I ended up with Rocket Spanish instead.

So at Christmas I got a big box with my Rocket Spanish sign on, two big binders with the printed lessons, all the burned CD's and I was in business. I started exactly on the Christmas holiday going through them and I was really thrilled.

Rocket Spanish is really so friendly and comfortable and it was a perfect match for the way that I study, I guess the way that I learn. I was doing a lot of driving between school and my parent's house and my boyfriend and I spent a lot of time in the car and those CD's in the car were just terrific. It probably looks strange to outsiders when I'm speaking to myself in the car, but it really, really truly helps to say out loud and over and over again. I especially liked the long pauses in the lessons so I can practice out loud. I also like the emails that I get with the little tips on grammar and phrases and cultural explanations, they are good little diversion between the real lessons. Traveling, recently, this last year I went to Costa Rica and Panama in one trip, and I just got back from Thailand and I'm going to China this fall. The thing about the traveling in Costa Rica and Panama is that I wasn't afraid, I could just start to talk, I had my background of base verbs and conjugations, I knew some phrases, it was just a great building block that I could just jump in and start to talk. So I can say the greatest single thing about Rocket Spanish is that I'm not afraid to start speaking anymore and that's not just in Spanish, when I was in Thailand, I know Cero Thai but because I had the confidence from Rocket Spanish I was just doing the best I could in Thai and getting by speaking. Nothing bad ever happened and only good things happened when you just start speaking to people, they always been respondent, really helpful and kind. So I want to thank you for your program, Thank you for the Mp3 offer that little push made me do what I should have done before, which is to tell you what terrific program you have and I would recommend it to anyone and very, very grateful for the opportunity.

So.. gracias y hasta luego, this is Petra Stark. Thank you, Bye.

Petra Stark.

Success Story #2: Raymon West

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TestimonialHello, my name is Raymon West. I just wanted to say that I would definitely recommend Rocket Spanish to other people, I love it, it's a great program. The benefits of it is that I've been listening to it in the car as I drive, playing the games and things and it's really helped me improve my Spanish skills, especially in the area of grammar. I had some rudimentary Spanish skills but I've discovered I wasn't speaking properly and this has really helped me improve my grammar.

I live in Texas... South Texas actually, so this is helpful in communicating with the Spanish speaking people that live in my area and I also travel to Mexico quite a bit and I enjoy speaking my enhanced Spanish there now, so I really appreciate it. If other people want to buy Rocket Spanish, I think that it would be a great purchase, I would highly recommend it, I've tried other Spanish programs and this one is definitely the best. So once again, thanks for a great product.

Raymon West

Success Story #3: Phyllis Bernius

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TestimonialMy name is Phyllis Bernius and I'm 66 years old.

Learning new things and keeping ones mind stimulated is necessary. Working with our Spanish Church they call me Felisa, here in Amarillo, TX. I can see why it is important that I quickly learn to speak, write, and understand the Spanish language. I ordered the Rocket Spanish Program because an Internet review site said it was the best program.

I like the style and way the lessons are presented, such as seeing the lesson in print and then listening to the audio to check the pronunciation and accent of the words. By using my Spanish with the Hispanic people we are able to understand each other more each time.

Several years ago I visited Ecuador. It was frustrating not to be able to speak with them in their language. I hope soon to be able to go to Guatemala, (my Spanish Pastor and family are from Guatemala) and I would like to be able to communicate with them and their family and friends while I'm there in their own language of Spanish. I want to express my appreciation to you for your help, support and Rocket Spanish.

Phyllis Bernius

Success Story #4: Andrea Williams

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Testimonial My name is Andrea Williams.

I think Rocket Spanish is a fabulous program.

I've had been considering learning Spanish for a number of years but really never made the effort to do that, until I found myself with two friends from South America and suddenly to actually converse with them in Spanish in a regular basis and while I'm still in the learning stage.

it's been a lot of fun being able to, you know, at least greet my friends in Spanish and say a few things to them and I'm hoping it will also help me in my job down the road.

But I think it's fabulous and just looking forward to getting fluent. Thank you.

Andrea Williams

Success Story #5: Eddie Martinez

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Testimonial Hello, My name is Eddie Martinez and I bought Rocket Spanish to help prepare me for my summer vacation to Mexico. The vocabulary list alone helped me immensely and on top of that I found the interactive audio course, especially helpful. I have recommended it to my friends who are also eager to learn Spanish. Thanks again Rocket Spanish and I'm confident, very confident with your program, thanks a lot!

Eddie Martinez

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Success Story #6: Wayne Cramer

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Mauricio! My name is Wayne Cramer my wife and I operate a "non profit organization" called Andean Aid that provides developmental opportunities to poor children in the Colombian border state of Táchira, Venezuela.

I would certainly recommend Rocket Spanish to others', in fact I'm doing that right now. This February I'm leading a team of twelve men to build basic block homes for women who are raising their children alone. Most of these men don't speak any Spanish and are asking me about Spanish learning programs.

I tell them to get Rocket Spanish, why?, because I use it and it's effective. I'm on a continuous quest to achieve fluency in Spanish so I've tried many products and self study programs. All of them have been boring or require a degree of discipline that I just can't manage. Your lessons are interesting and practical, they cover a variety of actual situations that I encounter each time I visit Venezuela, why you even teach me how to argue in Spanish, you just can't beat that. The commute in my car becomes a learning session, the computer games are much better than flashcards and the scoring appeals to those with a competitive nature.

I have many wonderful friends in Venezuela, until now our conversations have been superficial. I can't wait till my next trip to bring these relationships to a new level with my newly acquired skill in speaking Spanish. So if you are looking for a Spanish learning program, get Rocket Spanish. Quit looking and get learning!


Wayne Cramer

Success Story #7: Francie Medford

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Hola! Mauricio!

All of my life I have had the desire to learn Spanish. I grew up around many Spanish speaking people. Over the course of my life, I accepted Christ and everything changed. I learned how to speak 'sign language', and that seemed like a great opportunity to share Christ in a unique way. But that wasn't the only language God placed on my heart....

After being invited to two bilingual church revivals to lead in worship (music), I thought I would be much more effective if I could speak the Spanish language - fluently.

And I would have even fewer boundaries! I went to my pastor's wife, who speaks Spanish fluently, and told her my desire to learn to speak Spanish. She asked me how quickly I wanted to learn...."I want to be ready for whatever God has for me, right now!" She looked on line for the best tools for me to learn on my own, and told me if she were just learning, she would use 'Rocket Spanish'. Without hesitation, I ordered it!!As quickly as I completed my very first lesson, I was invited to go on a mission trip to Mexico this Christmas!! I am going to Piedras Negras, Mexico to visit an orphanage that is very dear to a friend of mine, who is in the Mission field. This orphanage burned down last year, and left many orphans without anything at all. I am planning to take my first trip in October, in order to find out the needs of the children. Upon returning home, we will begin to collect the things that are needed the most to see that the children have a special Christmas. I am looking so forward for the first time to experience Christmas and what it is REALLY about! Thanks to 'Rocket Spanish' I will be able to communicate with the people, and get to know them firsthand. It is amazing to me that the barrier that is between two people who can not communicate. I have picked up faster on understanding and reading than I have speaking. I am determined to be able to share Jesus, and serve the people in Piedras Negras this October.

Thank you so much for everything you have put into this course. Without it, this would not be possible. If anyone has ever thought learning a second language is difficult, they haven't tried Rocket Spanish. It is a task anyone can accomplish with ease! It is even easy for my 10 year old daughter to understand.

I will recommend 'Rocket Spanish' to anyone who is willing to learn. I pray God will return to you and your team 100 fold - the opportunities that are available to me now, and so many others!


Francie Medford

Success Story #8: Joan Richards

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My Name is Joan Richards.

Since leaving the UK, my husband and I have lived permanently in the Costa Blanca in Spain. Our first introduction to Rocket Spanish was when we came across the free six-part beginners' Spanish course on the Internet. We had been searching for some Spanish tuition that would appeal to us and this introduction to Rocket Spanish was just the job.

We decided to get the full Rocket Spanish package and we have been delighted with the course. We would thoroughly recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone wishing to learn the Spanish language because there are so many ways in which you can use the course making it just right for you.

Whether you just want simply to be able to converse or in addition to understand the grammar and learn more extensive vocabulary the options are there for you. One big benefit of Rocket Spanish is the enjoyment of all the lessons, we always look forward to the next one. In particular we find the interactive audio lessons very helpful with pronunciations as we can copy Mauricio or Amy as they say the words correctly. One important factor of the course is the pleasant voices, both Mauricio and Amy are easy to listen to and understand. By copying their Spanish accents they have helped us to converse with the native people in this beautiful area in which we live. If you have any doubts about purchasing Rocket Spanish, try the free lessons first, as we did, and we are sure you will realize that here is a Spanish language course that you can adapt to your own way of learning and one that is fun and a bargain.

Joan Richards

Success Story #9: Joe Stevens

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Hi my name is Joe Stevens,

I've been into Rocket Spanish for only a couple of months or so, Mauricio and Amy have really taught me a lot, I can't imagine a better course than Rocket Spanish, not only is it informative but it's also a lot of fun. I feel like I'm friends with Mauricio and Amy, actually I smile every time I hear their voices introducing a new lesson.

I haven't had a chance to visit any Spanish speaking countries yet, but my wife and I are doing a house exchange in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico this month so then I'll see how I'm doing.

By the way, I'm the one with the white beard in the photo giving my dog a "besito", she prefers "comida para perros" considering my shaggy beard, most people probably would. Anyway, thank you Mauricio and Amy for teaching me Spanish.

Joe Stevens

Success Story #10: Glenna Voegle

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My name is Glenna Voegle,

I chose the Rocket Spanish Course after having reviewed several other options, including private lessons. After taking the six free lessons offered on the website, I saw how easy it was for me to learn Spanish, and how much fun it could be. I had tried listening to other programs, but always felt like the speaker spoke too quickly and did not review enough.

This was not my experience with the Rocket Spanish Course. I downloaded the course for less than what four private lessons would have cost and was immediately impressed with the high quality and quantity of teaching techniques and materials.

The Interactive Audio Course provides clear pronunciations and lessons which are easy to understand and follow. The Instruction Manual, Conversation Course Book, and Beginner??s Book (which has an audio version) are filled with valuable information to enhance both the speaking and writing of Spanish. I haven??t made it to the Advanced Book or Vocabulary Supplement yet, but I have used the MegaCards and can affirm their usefulness in mastering the vocabulary. Moreover, there are wonderful learning games integrated with the program. I am amazed at how much has been included with my purchase of the Rocket Spanish Course. All aspects work together to make learning Spanish a pleasant and feesable experience!

I am planning a trip to Peru next summer and I'm convinced that I shall be able to communicate effectively after having finished this course. I highly recommend the Rocket Spanish program to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish quickly, easily, and enjoyably. Thank you.

Glenna Voegle

Success Story #11: Shawn Graves

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In May of 2006, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. I knew what I thought was ??a little Spanish??. When I got there and started interacting with the nationals, I realized I did not know enough to help me cross the street. As I worked with the locals, ministered to them, and tried to give them medical attention, I realized how restricted I was in helping them. I thought to myself, ??I could do so some much more if I could effectively communicate with them??.

That entire week, I wished so many times that I could understand what they needed – I could have done so much more. I made a promise to myself that the next time I returned (Oct 2006), I would know how to communicate with these people. I felt so helpless and powerless at times because there was this language barrier I had to deal with. When I got back to the States, I began to research and compare audio language software products. Website after website kept giving Rocket Spanish great reviews.

I was reluctant at first, but I purchased it and gave it a shot – Wow! I am almost through all the lessons and what a world of difference this product has made. I am now conversing with several of the nationals in the Dominican Republic, preparing for the next trip. Get this – I am conversing with them in their native language! I feel so much more empowered to take this next trip and make a bigger difference. I will be able to walk the streets of these villages and converse with the locals at will, removing the communication barrier. I was doubtful that I could learn Spanish, especially so quickly. But, this is a great way – you listen and repeat the lessons and the way they are presented is so easy to follow. This product has allowed me to learn a new language and to speak it with confidence. This has also worked out very well at my job - I am now able to take phone calls and emails from Spanish speaking customers - an added bonus!

Shawn Graves

Success Story #12: Dawn Moreno

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This is Dawn Moreno, and I just wanted to say that I bought the Rocket Spanish program a couple of months ago. I absolutely love it, it's the best program out there. I've used several other programs that were very difficult to understand, Rocket Spanish takes you from the very beginning and it's very comprehensive, it takes you to in my opinion to at least intermediate to advance level.

It's painless, easy to understand. My husband is Cuban and he couldn't believe how much better my Spanish speaking and understanding comprehension was after just a few weeks of using Rocket Spanish.

Where as other programs I have learned I just got so hung up on vocabulary that ... I just don't know... I got all bound up I just couldn't remember anything.

I really do like Rocket Spanish, I think it's very well priced, is well worth the money. I highly, highly recommend it.

Thank you and have a great day.

Dawn Moreno

Success Story #13: Alisa Kline

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Your course is fantastic! I was not a Spanish speaker at all (despite living for years in Houston, Texas where Spanish is pretty commonly spoken). I downloaded your course on the Internet (it was recommended by an Internet review site) and put the lessons on my iPod. For about two months, I listened to the language lessons while I drove and I played the vocabulary game on my computer.

It was tons of fun and I learned enough Spanish to easily get me through a week's vacation in Saltillo and Real de Catorce, Mexico.

The lessons were perfect. On so many occasions, I would find myself in a situation and I was living out the contents of one of your lessons. I even negotiated the price of an antique painting in Saltillo. "No es barrato, es mui carro" (sorry if I butchered the spelling, I learned by listening), saved me $25, which put me part of the way towards recouping the cost of the lessons!

Your classes gave me the fluency and confidence to drive to Mexico and negotiate hotel reservations, restaurants, driving directions, and even some limited social situations. I cannot recommend the course more highly and I am now listening to all the lessons again to pick up smaller things that I didn't focus on my first time through.

Will you be offering a next level? I will be your first customer for Rocket Spanish level 2.

This photo is of me on my balcony in Real de Catorce, a partially inhabited ghost town high up in
the Sierra Madres. We had a blast and Rocket Spanish was a big part of making our vacation a huge

Alisa Kline

Success Story #14: Delta Rosa

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Hola Mauricio, This is Delta Rosa.

I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying Rocket Spanish. I searched bookstores and the Internet to the program to teach me to speak Spanish well enough to be able to teach the bible to the Spanish people who live near me. All of the other programs that I listen to were either confusing or the instructor talked so fast I couldn't begin to understand and repeat what they were saying.

Then I found Rocket Spanish, and I heard you speaking.

What a difference, I have learned so much and with such ease that I've surprised myself and my Spanish friends. I am able to read and make comments at a weekly Spanish group Bible study, and I'm able to understand most of the others comments as well. I can't thank you enough. Would I recommend it to others?... Yes! I have already recommended it to everyone I know who is trying to learn Spanish just like I am. I know of one of my friends who is ordering it this week. I've even encouraged my children, all nine of them and many of my grandchildren to get Rocket Spanish.

I visited Mexico once a long time ago, and some day I hope to go there again. This time I will be able to communicate with the people I meet without frustration. For now though, I am excited about joining my Spanish speaking friends in the Bible teaching work among the Spanish people right here on our own community. Anyone who purchases Rocket Spanish and who follows your directions will be able to learn to speak Spanish with greater ease thank with other programs that I've encountered. Young and old alike, although I am fifty five and very busy with family and work and voluntary work, Rocket Spanish is working great for me. Thanks for helping make my life long desire to learn Spanish come true.


Delta Rosa

Success Story #15: Joseph Seward

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This is Joseph Seward I want to leave a testimonial.

I live in Utah and work in California as a manager of a construction company, and I wanted to learn some Spanish so I could talk with a lot of Spanish speaking workers that we have here. I ordered Rocket Spanish about six months ago I've gone through all of the lessons.

I have a basic speaking knowledge right now of the language. I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local markets here, I can order in a restaurant. It is an excellent program, it is very simple it's very quick you can listen on your way to work, you can listen to it on your lunch hour, they are excellent, excellently constructed and they really give you a working knowledge of the language. I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is going on a trip to Mexico or just wants to be able communicate a little bit better.

It has truly helped me out on my job and I plan on going through them again and probably go through it three or four times. I really appreciate Rocket Spanish and I highly recommend it.

Thank you.

Joseph Seward
Asst Project Manager

Success Story #16: Mark Taylor

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This is Mark Taylor, and I am very pleased with the Rocket Spanish program.

I recommend it for anyone who is just getting started with learning Spanish, or for people like me who took Spanish in school years ago but never really learned to use it in real conversation.

Rocket Spanish is effective, because it includes several different tools that match different learning styles, and are useful in different situations. For example, the Conversation course best fits my natural learning style.

It is in the form of a document that I can read on the computer screen, and by clicking on Spanish words in the document I can hear them pronounced and practice repeating the pronunciation at my own pace.

The Interactive Course doesn't need a computer or a manual at all. The audio is perfect for using with an MP3 player while driving or exercising.

There are also flash cards to print and carry for those times when you have a few spare minutes to practice, and computer games for building vocabulary.

I used the Rocket Spanish program several times a week for about six months while I was preparing for a mission trip to Honduras. The main focus of the trip was to work on construction sites where I would be side-by-side with people who only spoke Spanish. Since reading and writing was not my primary concern for this trip, I spent most of my practice time listening and repeating with the Interactive Lessons.

Once I was in Honduras, I found that course had really improved my ability to listen to spoken Spanish and recognize the key words and phrases. Even when the speakers were using new vocabulary that was unfamiliar to me, I was able to gather enough from what I did understand to get the general meaning, and to add the new words to my vocabulary.

The real-world experience in Honduras worked just like the Interactive Lessons I had been using for practice.

So, whether you are interested in learning Spanish for your job, to communicate with neighbors, or if you are planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country, Rocket Spanish program is a great place to get started.

Mark Taylor

Success Story #17: Steve L. Bemis

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TestimonialHola Mauricio.
When our company began to do business in Chile, it became necessary for me to get serious about learning Spanish. I??d tried various courses and books in the past without getting very far. I researched all of the computer based teaching programs including all of the well known and more expensive and chose Rocket Spanish specifical because of the interactive conversational part of the course. The online/downloadable version is a great value.

While a co-worker who bought a *competitors* series is still at square one, my Spanish has progressed to the point that I became the translator for our construction team on a recent mission trip to Mexico. On that trip, I became friends with a Venezuelan man and was able (with a little help) to have a 45 minute conversation about our countries, homes and families. All this is before I have tackled the advanced part of the course.

The course is well designed and moves at a fast enough pace to hold the attention of a quick learner but allows as much time and as many repetitions as needed to allow anyone to understand each part. The written materials are a great support and cover the details and ??dry?? stuff while requiring a minimum of memorization. It still takes work to learn, but Rocket Spanish is far more interesting and user friendly than any other approach I??ve seen.

Especially helpful is the combination of South American pronunciation by Mauricio and English explanation by Amy. They do a great job of helping you understand the details of the conversation without getting unnecessarily bogged down in the grammar. The humor they add to the conversations really helps to keep the interest level high and the stress level low. The result is a lot more natural, like the way I learned English before the teachers got a hold of me.

Steve L. Bemis

Success Story #18: Jennifer Lewis

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Hello everyone.

My name is Jennifer Lewis.

I really want to take the time out to thank everyone there at Rocket Spanish for coming up with such a great program for people out there that are thinking seriously about learning Spanish fluently and in a very, very short period of time.

I really can't tell you how much money I've actually spent in trying to learn the language, and finally with a little courage and some money saved, I decided to go ahead and get Rocket Spanish. I honestly will say for anyone who is serious about learning the language, just please take out the time and take out the money and spend it on Rocket Spanish.

You definitely will be pleased. I will say that Rocket Spanish has definitely made learning Spanish very fun, you are able to conjugate the verbs very easily which takes a lot of your time when you are trying to learn a language. They have really taken what you can do in a year and a half or two years and put it down to three months of learning. I really don't know how they did it but I would honestly say it does work. For anyone out there so you don't have to waste as much money and time as I've wasted in the past. That you can really just go ahead and purchase Rocket Spanish and learn Spanish fluently and you know get to where you can actually start speaking it, even travel abroad so you can get in the habit of speaking the language. I would say the least they definitely get on their word when they say you will learn Spanish within three months, you definitely will if you put in the time you'll definitely learn how to speak the language. It's just very easy very fun, you'll notice immediately you'll be able to read Spanish, write Spanish, listen to it and the speaking is just really getting with someone and speaking with them but I really, I don't mean to keep talking but I'm just so exited that someone finally, you know, is not just trying to rip people off, it's just really taking this very seriously, because now a days you really don't have the time to spend two years to learn a language or to take time of work and spend a year overseas to get fully immersed and they really take so much time out of that and also the money, the finance, I mean you can have a little bit of money and now you can learn how to speak another language fluently and I just want to thank everyone there at Rocket Spanish for coming up with something that it's just so great it's just pretty amazing to me and I just thank God that I finally have the ticket to accomplish my goals...

Jennifer Lewis

Success Story #19: Khalid Draper

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Hola, my name is Khalid. I wanted to learn Spanish because my biological father is from Puerto Rico and so is my fiancée.

I looked all over the Internet for a good course to help me build a strong foundation in the Spanish language. After looking at the free trials and comparing the reviews, I settled on Rocket Spanish. I have to say that the name is appropriate, because the course literally propels you at rocket speeds towards becoming a functional speaker of Spanish.

The audio portions are clear and they are a good speed for the new comer and the texts are fun and entertaining as well. I have seen in several forms where others have said that Rocket Spanish is the best introduction one can have to learning Spanish, and I have to definitely agree... Sin duda!!! (Without a doubt!!!)

Khalid Draper

Success Story #20: Jamie Roberts

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Hi, my name is Jamie Roberts, I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I wanted to give you my testimonial.

I wanted to you to know that I am a teacher in an area that has a lot of Spanish speaking parents and some Spanish speaking children. Rocket Spanish has really helped me in talking to them specially the parents, because it's really important to stay in touch with the parents of these kids so we can all help them together.

So yes, I actually have recommended Rocket Spanish to six or seven people and they are all teachers also and that's why I've recommended it, because it's very easy and fun to learn with the dialog that you've presented and I like Amy's voice and I just like the whole format, it's really helpful.

The biggest benefit is that I can talk to some of the children and parents in a more comfortable and natural way and the work with the pronunciation is really helpful and also I can listen to it in my car so that's extremely helpful since I have some driving time that I can devote to it. I am a single mom and a teacher so I don't have a lot of time, so I have to try and make the best use of the time I have, so driving in the car and listening to Rocket Spanish it's really helpful. Again Rocket Spanish has helped me as a teacher communicate with students and parents and they really appreciate it when you try to talk to them even if it's not perfect. I would say that all the other teachers that I've introduced this to a lot of them I know that at least one of them at least did buy the program and a lot of them are thinking about it because it's just so helpful. It helps you communicate with people that you really want to show respect to and communicate and it also makes you feel more proficient more quickly which gives you confidence...

Thank you,

Jamie Roberts

Success Story #21: Mark Waddel

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Hola, my name is Mark Waddell and I live in New Zealand with my partner from Chile.

When I met her last year, she already spoke English well, but I noticed that there were a lot of English idioms that she didn't understand at all. She would look at me blankly when I used to banter with her in 'double entendres' and I used to be the only one not laughing when a Chilean group would get together for a BBQ.

With us both being very busy in our jobs, the Spanish I was picking up was slow and full of slang, so, in January, I decided to go searching for a Spanish Language Program on the Internet.

I was really impressed by the service that Mauricio provided and I have to admit that with so much on offer on the internet I was skeptical at first. I tend to like learning something formally and so I though the style offered in Rocket Spanish would not suit me. I was so wrong! The lessons are so informal and relaxed that it is easy to pick up one or two words quickly and within a few weeks you realize that you are starting to understand the structure of the sentence in Spanish. After that you can get into the formal stuff that Rocket Spanish also offers as part of its package. The language games are cool too! I now can quickly get the general understanding of what people are saying in Spanish. I really didn't think that it would happen so quickly. I would highly recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone, because it offers so many ways to learn and it has a great online support. I am very happy that I went with the online option, because I could pick it up and put it down in my own time and not feel as though I was falling behind. Once, years ago, I joined a group to learn French, but felt as though I was the worst and slowest so I missed a session; well that was it then. I never went back and kissed goodbye to about $150. The experience stopped me from believing that I could learn another language. My girlfriend has been the impetus I needed to want to learn and Rocket Spanish has been the device to make it so. I now have another few hundred million people on the planet that I feel confident to converse with and that is an amazing gift.

Expect to learn quickly and without the stress of failure with the Rocket Spanish course.

I find myself dipping into and English- Spanish dictionary daily now to pick up new words.
Hasta luego!

Mark Waddell

Success Story #22: Liz Ramsley

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My name is Liz and I've been studying with Rocket Spanish for maybe six months now and I would highly recommend it because it's simple and fun. Most Spanish Classes are boring, complicated when you get to do it once a week, you get way too busy to continue, so each class doesn't really give you very much, but with Rocket Spanish, you can sit in home and do a little bit of Spanish every day and for me, that was definitely the best way. Being able to study at home and not have to get out of the house is a big plus with Rocket Spanish there is so many different types of learning, there is audio, there is the cards that you can print out and put in your pocket. Whenever I'm in my car I'm listening, when I'm at home I'm watching and listening on the computer and then I have my little flashcards to play with and I stick them in the bathroom wall, I stick them on my ceiling and little by little the Spanish is been seeping into my brain. Recently I had a little trip down to Mexico and I found that I could order from waiters, I could say hello and good bye and ask people how they were doing, and how is your family and it was just really nice to be able to do that. I think that anyone purchasing Rocket Spanish is going to benefit because it's not boring and that's the big thing it's just not boring. And that's my testimonial, I do hope that more people get involved with it I'm trying to get one of my girlfriends to subscribe and get going too so that we can phone each other and have conversations in Spanish, I think that would be even more fun. Thank you very much.

Liza Rawnsley.

Success Story #23: William Morton

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Buenos días,

Permítame presentarme, me llamo Bill. Soy de Estados Unidos, vivo en Little Rock, Arcansas. Después de estudiar las lecciones en español de Pimsleur todavía he querido aprender más español, así que compre Rocket Spanish. He encontrado el curso ser muy bueno, especialmente con las partes del cuerpo, las habitaciones de la casa, los artículos de ropa, la comida española etc.

Mauricio habla ingles con un acento australiano pero su español es de Chile, y he América latina y sin embargo es muy bueno para nosotros norte americanos que quieren aprender ese idioma, para hablar español en sus vacaciones, con sus amigos hispánicos en estados unidos y para hacer viajes de negocios en América latina. Apropósito la cuesta del curso es muy razonable y muy barato, también Mauricio va a darme un regalo por este testimonial, pero todavía es verdad y me gustaría que todas las personas que quisieran aprender español, especialmente los novicios como yo, deben darle mucha consideración, cuando usted va a compran un programa para aprender Español, lo que va a ayudarle más va hacer lo que usted va a usar más, y Rocket Spanish como no es lo mismo. Ojala que usted va hablar español por todas las razones a que necesita y creo que Rocket Spanish va ayudarle para llegar al el lugar que necesita estar.

William Morton (Bill)

Success Story #24: Tammy Mohr

Click the button to hear Tammy Mohr

Yes, my name is Tammy Mohr. My favorite thing about Rocket Spanish, it's been that it teaches you how to listen better, there is a lot of Spanish classes that teach you how to speak words, but they don't put them together the same way that the Rocket Spanish does. They don't teach you how to listen so that as you are learning you can pick out the words that you already understand, and make sense of the sentences. I've found that I have been able to understand and comprehend a lot more than I have with other lessons that I've had elsewhere. Thank you very much.

Tammy Mohr

Success Story #25: Carlene

Click the button to hear Carlene

Hi, my name is Carlene.

I like Rocket Spanish, it's a program that is very interesting and it's easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone trying to learn Spanish. Me gusta Rocket Spanish es un programa muy interesante y facil de usar. Se lo recommendaria a alguien tratando de aprender Español .


Success Story #26: Eduard Ivanco

Click the button to hear Eduard Ivanco

I would definitely recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone who wants to learn Spanish in easy and quick way. I started to learn Spanish three times in various course-classes but it did not work, I usually did not have time to attend them regularly. Once I bought the Rocket Spanish course it was up to me to decide when and where I want to study. The biggest advantage for me is possibility to listen to courses on my way to work, this way I have two hours everyday to improve my Spanish and you can listen toit over and over again until you master it perfectly.

Furthermore I can improve my vocabulary with Mega Spanish games which I found to be fun for me because it is easier to remember the word when you associate it with picture.

This course helped me a lot to understand my Spanish co-workers in my job - I am able to talk about our families, what are their hobbies and more, small talks with them is no problem for me anymore. And now I would definitely survive in a Spanish speaking country with my Spanish where I plan to travel.

Everybody who purchases the course can expect to gain audio lessons which they can use in everyday life situations, vocabulary which is easy to remember because of Mega Spanish games and grammar. This is not only on paper but also on audio lessons so you can learn grammar wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you. Thank you again for your course. It is worth every penny I paid for it, now I'd even think it was very cheap :-)

Best regards to all of you

Eduard Ivanco

Success Story #27: Denny Van Deman

Click the button to hear Denny Van Deman

This is Denny Van Deman.

I was delighted to received my copy of Rocket Spanish and get started learning a new language. The Mega Audio and video are an specially fun way to learn Spanish. My main reason for wanting to learn Spanish is that my daughter is married to a Nicaraguan and when I visit Nicaragua I want to be able to converse with his family and friends.

I have been practicing what I have learned with the Spanish speaking people in my community. From the conversation interviews, to the chapter by chapter instruction, I have really begun to learn this new language.

I would highly recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone who wants to learn the language. It is a fun and informative way to learn.

Thank you.

Mrs Denny Van Deman

Success Story #28: Ed Morgan

Click the button to hear Ed Morgan

Hola Mauricio,

We purchased Rocket Spanish before we set off to live in Spain. My wife Michelle and my two children, Sam and Issy, moved to Oliva in June and wanted to learn Spanish at our own pace. Rocket Spanish is set out in such a great order that you can start talking to locals after the first few sessions.

Once you have registered you have 24/7 access to all the interactive audio and written sections, these are also available for download, which is great as you can pop them onto a MP3 player and learn on the move.

With two children it is not always easy to find the time to learn, that??s why Rocket Spanish is so great, you can simply play the last audio course to refresh your memory and off you go again.

It has helped us a great deal already in from ordering in restaurants, directions to local amenities and general chit chat to our Spanish neighbors.

I would highly recommend Rocket Spanish to those who are either making the move to Spain, or just wish to show of their language skills whilst on vacation.

We did a lot of research on the Internet for Spanish courses; Rocket Spanish offered an extensive course at a great price.

We are now in our third month living in Spain, we absolutely love it!

Thanks to Rocket Spanish for a fun way to learn Spanish.

Ed Morgan

Success Story #29: Frank Kalich

Click the button to hear Frank Kalich

Hola Mauricio!

My name is Frank Kalich I had already purchased a different Spanish learning program, of very high quality. However that program's website stated that Rocket Spanish was also of very high quality, and recommended that its members purchase Rocket Spanish, as the two programs are complementary. I did so, and could not be more pleased.

I have completed the Rocket Spanish audio lessons, and continue to listen to them for review. I am also working through the Rocket Spanish ebooks, which are excellent.

I can only say good things about Rocket Spanish, and would recommend it to everyone who is serious about learning Spanish.

Thank you.

Frank Kalich

Success Story #30: Monika Doyle

Click the button to hear Monika Doyle

Hi, I'm Monika Doyle, 72 years old.

The above picture shows me and our youngest grandson. In the past I took two junior college classes for Spanish and developed a love for this language , but life took its own turns and I no longer had time to go to classes. Finally it occurred to me that I have a choice, I don't have to take another class and succumb to its rough schedule.

I can go on studying the language on the Internet right at home and at my own pace. After comparing other courses offered on the Internet I decided to try Rocket Spanish. And boy am I glad I did! I like the personal way that everything is presented. From the very beginning I felt like somebody takes my hand and guides me along. I love the mixture of written and heard conversations, I also like the way that there are so many English explanations, this helps cover the material much quicker than if everything was presented in Spanish.

And of course I do like the games where you pick up the vocabulary and the verbs. Deductively the course is very well thought of. Conversations are first and respective grammar follows. Neither the grammar nor vocabulary are overwhelming; everything is presented in the right amount, just like a piece of art. Muchas gracias Mauricio y Amy.

Monika Doyle

Success Story #31: Peter Duschinsky

Click the button to hear Peter Duschinsky

Hello Mauricio,
I have been using the Rocket Spanish course for several months now. I have been a serious student of Spanish for about sixteen months; from the time I learned that my son would be posted to the Canadian Embassy in Santiago, Chile and that I would have the opportunity to spend time with him in Chile. I have several books and dictionaries that I have used to acquire the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

However, what was always missing was the sound of the language and how the language is really used, actually spoken in the streets of a Spanish speaking country.

Before coming to Rocket Spanish, I have tried several Spanish learning packages consisting of discs, phrase books, etc. Rocket Spanish is by far the most useful for my needs, far better than other packages, and at a considerably lower price. Again, for my needs, I find the Interactive Audio Course and the Conversation Course Book especially good. The Interactive Audio Course takes the student through a large number of real life situations. It limits what needs to be learned, making the learning process deceptively easy. I say deceptively because by the end of the course -- and I am almost at the end -- the student, in fact, has learned to use and understand spoken Spanish in a large number of real life situations, not by rote, but by actually understanding how the colloquial language sounds and how it can change in different situations. Also, it ensures that what is being learned is retained by constant revision and repetition, but in a fun, friendly, soft manner. The friendly voices of Mauricio and Amy are a pleasure to listen to. Then the Conversation Phrase Book re enforces and enlarges, in terms of content, again in a step-by-step, deceptively simple manner what is being listened to in the
Interactive Audio Course.

All in all, Rocket Spanish is an excellent learning instrument, the best one I have yet found for learning Spanish as it is actually spoken. Based on it, I was able to manage to survive in the streets of Santiago. And that's saying a great deal, since spoken Chilean Spanish is difficult to understand -- most Spanish speakers consider it one of the most difficult forms of spoken Spanish for foreigners.

Peter Duschinsky

Success Story #32: Barbara Myerson

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I am enjoying my Spanish lessons I copied from Rocket Spanish on CD. As of now, I commute to work around 45 minutes everyday one way. It's great to just play a CD again and again until I feel comfortable moving to the next step. Plus, I have a commuter who was not at all interested in learning Spanish, but found himself picking the language up while I play the CD's for myself.

I work with a lot of Spanish speaking people and they are very supportive and helpful if I happen to have a question. Rocket Spanish is a great way to learn and I have no regrets at all purchasing it. It's is so much fun learning this fun language and now I found myself trying to listen in on others talking to see how I am coming along.

Thank you very much,

Barbara Myerson

Success Story #33: Jeff Rothert

Click the button to hear Jeff Rothert


My name is Jeff Rothert,

I just wanted to say the program helped me to learn more Spanish than ever before.

I printed out a lot of the booklets and studied them and most of the things I learned I have retained. I have made some new friends who speak Spanish and they have been wonderful to me.

I would recommend the course because it helps create conversational opportunities with native Spanish speakers. I plan to continue to study.


Jeff Rothert

Success Story #34: Ron Bergerson

Click the button to hear Ron Bergerson


Although I have yet to complete the course, my reason for taking this Spanish course was not so much to speak the language but to understand it and to find my way around. I have found it very informative and a real eye-opener in understanding the words and how sentences are put together.

I was able to use a bit of it (what I remembered after just starting it before taking my first trip to Mexico) but in the future I hope to become more proficient as the Mexican population in my area of Minnesota is expanding rapidly. So if they must learn English, why shouldn't I learn Spanish?

Ron Bergerson

Success Story #35: Rabia Elmessaoudi

Click the button to hear Rabia Elmessaoudi


Rocket Spanish is definitely the easiest way to learn Spanish. It??s a big help for me, now I can understand my customers when they speak Spanish. They??re all amazed because they all know that few months ago I couldn??t understand a word. I??m glad I??ve chosen the right program on the right time. I??m sure that Rocket Spanish will always be a number 1 selling program because it??s a unique method of teaching a foreign language.

Thank you Mauricio

Rabia Elmessaoudi

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Success Story #36: Ned Herman

Click the button to hear Ned Herman

Hello, Bien hecho, tu curso es muy bien y es el mejor todo ese puedes obtener. Mucho suerte con su trabajas.Viva Rocket Spanish.

I am enjoying the "Rocket Spanish" course very much; however, I am no longer a "spring chicken", being 68 years of age. As can be expected my memory is not as crisp as it used to be in my student days.

Consequently I find that I do constant revision. Yes and memorizing things also takes much longer and the internalization process ever longer. I tend to put myself under pressure and this does not help much either.

At my age I have learned that nothing worthwhile comes easy, and I am certain that Spanish language skills are not for the swift, but the for the dogged! I am a hard worker and someone who does not accept second best. Therefore I have a great desire to succeed.

I have browsed the "net" and from the many, many courses in Spanish on offer I selected "Rocket Spanish" because of, not only what you offered, but a gut feeling that I would be dealing with people of integrity who have the best interest of their students at heart and, moreover, who love the "cause"! I like your "site" and have not been disappointed. Needless to say I had very high expectations from the start.

Broadband is extremely expensive in South Africa and being "online" is not much less so I make use of the "discs".

South Africa is not an area that has ever fallen under the Spanish sphere of influence, as a result finding someone who speaks Spanish is very rare indeed.

My academic background is in the behavioral sciences, so you can imagine that language was never one of my fields of study after completing school, 51 years ago!! What I do know is that I enjoy my Spanish lessons, and love and use the variety of study aids available to me through your course.

My wife and I first encountered Spanish on a visit to Spain almost thirty years ago, a visit that proved to be a constant source of pleasure and joy even after all these years.

Then in 2000 we visited Chile and once again we rediscovered Spain in the new world. This proved a huge delight, as well as Argentina next door. We returned in 2005 and enjoyed six weeks of pure delight in Patagonia. Hence the desire to learn to speak Spanish and acquire some of the culture.

We plan to return to Chile and Argentina later this year, and who knows, I might even be able to speak some Spanish!

You and Amy seem like old friends, and when I listen to your voices I enter the land of dreams, memories and expectations.

Many thanks and best wishes to all at "Rocket Spanish"

Ned Herman

Success Story #37: John Soper

Click the button to hear John Soper

I must sincerely thank you for all the assistance you are giving me in my quest to speak Spanish. I am certainly enjoying the free course you are providing me with, and I look forward with anticipation for each forthcoming lesson. I must agree with you the layout of the course provides each lesson to be a joy rather than the usual hard labor that the other courses I have been involved with seem to give. Once again I thank you, and I hope that your success in promoting Spanish may continue.

Yours Sincerely.

John Soper

Success Story #38: Brian Murray

Click the button to hear Brian Murray

I downloaded Rocket Spanish about two weeks ago and I really would like to share with you my experience around learning Spanish and my motivation for doing so.

I am a man in my 40??s who had a very good friend killed in a tragic car accident in October of 2004 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This friend and I had worked together here in Canada many years ago and I watched in awe and amazement as his goals led him to a new life in Mexico where he started his own businesses and of course, in the process, becoming fluent in Spanish. This all occurred while he was in his thirties and I can remember visiting and marveling at him speaking another language and how he had so fully and successfully integrated into the culture. He also learned the language from scratch which contradicted everything that I had thought about learning a second language in middle age!

I had told him that I was going to give it a try and visit him more often. Shortly thereafter he was involved in the accident. For some reason, this lit a fire in me to really make an effort to learn Spanish?? I guess as a tribute to him. To make a long story short, I probably did all the wrong things and never really made great progress. I bought tapes and books and had a tutor once a week but after eight or nine months never really got there and eventually hit a roadblock and stopped altogether. It was shocking to me how quickly everything I had learned disappeared. I was embarrassed recently when a relative introduced me to a Peruvian acquaintance and I was unable to say anything in Spanish. I became determined again to get back at it and I came across your website and subsequently downloaded the course a few weeks ago.

I very much want to thank you for providing such an amazing learning resource at a very reasonable cost. My progress has been more in a few weeks than the entire year previous. I am enjoying the process and I do feel there is the potential to make great strides and learn the language. It is a wonderful combination of learning tools which are fun, effective and very well thought out. I also love the additional resources on your website and the member support help which comes in handy for non-??tech?? people like myself.

Many thanks again for reviving my quest to speak Spanish.

Brian Murray

Success Story #39: Felicity Brown

Click the button to hear Felicity Brown

"The course is brilliant at all levels. As a language teacher myself, just beginning to learn Spanish, I'm impressed!"

Everyone will find something which suits his or her way of learning and level of Spanish......if any!

You can decide whether you prefer to SEE first, or HEAR first. You can supplement the audio dialogues and explanations with any or all of the other great parts such as the Conversation Book, the grammar and vocabulary handbooks and then the audio dialogues all over again....... but without any English this time! Superb!

For example... I can do without the audio explanations for the first few lessons because I've already done a little Spanish. Later in the course, I definitely need Amy's clear and careful explanations!!

In other words, you simply slot in the bits you need, as many or as few times as you need. You have total flexibility. It's like having a private tutor but with REAL Spanish and REAL people!

The pace and staged repetitions ensure that the language is actually absorbed; it's not just a superficial gloss.

The games are great fun and a different and painless way of consolidating learning.

Everyone will find the language which he or she will need, for fun alone to exams, travel, business, reading, TV, films.

As well as enjoying the course for myself.....wish I'd had it years ago!.......I'm really looking forward to having this resource in our school to support our students in their Spanish studies."

Felicity Brown
Languages Teacher

Success Story #40: Valerie Menconi

Click the button to hear Valerie Menconi

Hola Mauricio,

I am having a great time with your course! Thank you so much for designing a program that forces one to think in Spanish and not just try to memorize words and/or phrases. I especially like how you have brought out lessons in grammar in a way that is usable immediately and not overwhelming. I never thought I would buy one but I'm looking at MP3 players just so I can have the audios with me when I'm out and I carry printouts with me to look over whenever I can.

I am very grateful for all the support and extra's you offer. A rare thing in these days.

This time next month I will be in Guatemala. I leave on the third. I'm anxious to speak with my friends there. It will be nice if we can speak more Spanish instead of "Spanglish"!

Again, muchas gracias.

Valerie Menconi

Success Story #41: Huy Le

Click the button to hear Huy Le

Hello, I just would like to extend my gratitude to you for offering me the continuation of the free lessons. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn Spanish in the best way I thought, Rocket Spanish! I want you to know that I am very appreciative of the free lessons trial, and the way you teach in Rocket Spanish has made learning Spanish so fun and easy. English is non-native to me since I'm a Vietnamese so I had to learn it before in school when I came over to the United States and it was hard even though I was only a sixth Grader then and had to take English as a Second Language for three straight years,

but I found that the way you taught (even though I think the whole package will be a lot better when I have enough to buy it online) were so fun, easy, and best of all, the words stay in my brain for the last two weeks. I'm not sure what hidden method you've used for that powerful touch on my memory, but it worked so well that I've learned so much in the past two weeks with your free lessons than what my college professor taught me for two months (I quit the semester early because it was boring and I had difficulty keeping up with her pace and couldn't get any help in class).

In my case, I was hooked with your learning method from the free lessons I got off the website, however I couldn't yet afford $99 (even though I think it's worth at least $500) so I was bummed out when the free lessons ended. However you've started to offer me yet another free lesson and I was so impressed with it like other lessons before. So I'm now saving up the money, and hopefully by next month I will be able to purchase the download version and continue with what I like.

In writing this long email, I just want you to know what an awesome product this is. For me it's ranked #1 out there because your method is just beyond belief, it got me memorize the words for so long, and your pronunciation were so clear and a piece of cake to follow. Please keep up the good work and thank you for such a quality product; it's better what you've advertised on the website.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn Spanish the best way!

From the #1 fan of your Rocket Spanish program.

Huy Le

Success Story #42: Janice Graham

Click the button to hear Janice Graham

My husband and I have just got started on the Rocket Spanish Course and we are absolutely thrilled with its structure. Last year we spent a month in Oaxaca, Mexico. We attended a school that we found on the Internet and did a home stay. We didn't get off to a very good start when the home stay hosts failed to turn up at the airport and the room we were given was pretty awful. We didn't expect too much so made the best of things.

Unfortunately, my husband didn't manage to learn much at the school, being given a different teacher each few days. I was more fortunate, but I did spend most of the time on verbs so had very little conversation. Since being back in Australia I found a Colombian lady teaching Spanish so have been using her services, but your course far surpasses any other course I have come across. I have continued to correspond with the teacher I had in Oaxaca and some other people we met and we plan to go back though from Australia it's quite a trip.

I am spending time each day with the course and improving all the time. In fact, the teacher I had in Oaxaca has replied to an e-mail I sent her in Spanish, that she is amazed at my progress.

Many thanks for your wonderful course.

Janice Graham

Success Story #43: Kumarie Badal

Click the button to hear Kumarie Badal

I would like to thank you both personally for the "Rocket Spanish 6 Day Course". I must say that it was really a learning experience for me and I have certainly learnt a lot. You have made learning Spanish a lot easier for me. I would take this experience everywhere I go and I even practice it with my colleagues at work. I would certainly look at the special link to hear of the later lessons.

Once again.....

Kumarie Badal

Success Story #44: George Cooke

Click the button to hear George Cooke

Dear Mauricio,

I can read Spanish and even write Spanish (with errors of grammar),but when someone talks to me in Spanish, I panic. I can't catch a word. When I turn on Spanish TV, I am lucky if I can recognize one word or short phrase.

I could understand news and dramas in Spanish if they were in print, but not when spoken. This is always very disappointing.

I like it best when you say a paragraph in Spanish. Because you speak very clearly and not too fast, I can understand you. I am very proud to be able to trill r's, except in some words it doesn't happen.

Listening to you is helping me a lot. I think you oversimplify things for me because I can say the words and phrases after you.

I have taken Spanish classes and I know how many people need Amy's explanation and your repetition. Anyway, as I repeat after you, my accent improves for single words.

I think they don't teach us to speak and listen in Spanish classes because so many teachers are not native speakers and are not fluent. Thanks for your course.

George Cooke
Volunteer English Teacher

Success Story #45: Mick Walker

Click the button to hear Mick Walker

Dear Mauricio,

I've just got to tell you this ...I've just come home from an Iberian cruise that I took in Spain, Portugal and France. While we were in Vigo, Spain I asked directions to a cash machine, bought coffee and cola in Corte Ingles, bought t-shirts and skirts for my two daughters, and asked an assistant if they had a coat in a larger size. Out on the street I asked a local if she would take my photo (with one of my daughters) and went to a bar and ordered beers and cola.

When we finished that I asked to waiter where the public toilets were! At Christmas I couldn't speak a word. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try. Next year I'm going on a walking holiday in Valencia, Once again, thanks.

Mick Walker

Success Story #46: Ken Marmon

Click the button to hear Ken Marmon

Hola mis amigos,

Me llamo Ken Marmon, soy enfermero, y trabajo por los estados unidos, yo estoy muy feliz a hablar con ustedes sobre Rocket Spanish. Hello my friends, my name is Ken Marmon, I'm a nurse and I work for the United States government, and I'm very happy to talk with you a little bit about Rocket Spanish.

As a government inspector, I am on the road at least every other week out of the year on a constant schedule. For the last several months I've had a need to learn Spanish, so that I could communicate better with nursing home residents.

I learned about Rocket Spanish through my experience with another correspondence course, which I am also currently using and basically I find Rocket Spanish is absolutely the perfect supplement to the course I am also using. I only have a limited amount of time on the road to study and I find that Rocket Spanish is the perfect way to study, if only one has a limited period of time. Part of the reason for this is that the course really covers everything I could ever want in a Spanish speaking course, in all types of media, whether it be the printed instruction manual, the interactive audio course, the e-books, the beginners book, and the mega vocabulary. The wonderful thing is that all this components fit easily on my laptop, I can take it with me anywhere I go and the amount of drilling it gives me is absolutely incredible. The price for Rocket Spanish beats as far as I'm concerned, virtually anything on the market and I cannot recommended it highly enough to any of you who may be interested.

Once again my name is Ken Marmon, I'm absolutely delighted with Rocket Spanish and I whole heartedly recommend it to you all.

Thank you so much for listening.

Ken Marmon

Success Story #47: Dawn Moreno

Click the button to hear Dawn Moreno

I was skeptical about your Rocket Spanish program. I was worried it would be a cut rate program. I've been using Learn To Speak and am FRAZZLED beyond belief with the DAMN grammar. Anyway, I just glanced over your verb section and I'm glad to say that I'm not crying anymore. Through my tears, I realized that your program gives me hope because I understand how you are presenting it. Other programs expect you to understand their verb tables. I am GREAT with English grammar but for heaven sakes they give you these tables that you cannot make heads or tales out of. Your program breaks it down in English so that I can UNDERSTAND the concept! Thank you for Rocket Spanish. Job well done! I think you should make a Rocket Spanish part II for more conversation practice, etc. Also, I would like a Spanish profanity course. Seriously! I bought a book on it but it's difficult to understand the pronunciation with out hearing it. My husband is Cuban by the way.

Anyway, thanks for a great program!

Dawn Moreno

Success Story #48: Shania

Click the button to hear Shania


I would like to thank you for sending me a new free Spanish lesson, I'm very happy!(My english is not very good,so please excuse me!) I'm from Bulgaria and I'm 29 years old y quiero hablar espanol ! I saw you on the net by chance and decided to take a look and I want to tell you that it's a great way to learn a language, es un gusto aprendiendo espanol con usted! Es una idea estupenda! Thank you again and I will wait for the next lesson! Gracias!

Hasta luego!


Success Story #49: Betty MacFarlane

Click the button to hear Betty MacFarlane

I have tried to teach myself to speak Spanish many times, using different methods: partnering with a friend, school, individual study, etc. but with no appreciable results. Your Rocket Spanish Course is excellent in that not only do we hear the words spoken but we are also enabled to see them.. I personally learn better by seeing. Thankfully, you have provided both methods. Now, to find someone on whom I can practice!

An interesting note: Whenever I pick up a publication, I find myself turning to the Spanish rendition before the English to determine how much I can understand. To me, that in itself is a good indication of the success of the Rocket Spanish Course. I am semi-illiterate as far as the computer goes, but it has been fun and challenging in my attempts to discipline myself to spend a few minutes each day on my lessons. Many times it turns out to be more than minutes and before I realize it, an hour will have passed.

I have wanted to learn to speak Spanish ever since I was in high school. The courses were all full so I was denied the opportunity. I have studied French, Latin and German and tackled Hebrew. Because of its ease in learning, German was a delight but Spanish with you has been the best system of all.

Thank you for providing this excellent method. I shall continue to pursue my dream of being able to speak as well as read and understand the Spanish language. Keep up the good work !


Betty MacFarlane

Success Story #50: Deborah Kolb

Click the button to hear Deborah Kolb


Hello, I'm Deborah Kolb.

I am planning a trip to South America next year and was looking for a good Spanish course, something easy to follow which addresses actual life situations that I will be encountering on my travels.

Rocket Spanish has given me all that and more.

I was amazed when I first downloaded the program, how much is actually included: interactive audio lessons with scripts to follow along, a complete grammar book of over 200 pages and audio lessons of the complete book, 10 bonus audio lessons, additional grammar and vocabulary and games and flash cards..WOW

I love the interactive lessons. I listen to the recording and repeat the phrases and there's even a script to follow along. The first part of each lesson has English translations which allow me to understand what is being said. Once I feel proficient, I then go to the review lesson, which allows me to listen to just the Spanish, without the English. Right from the beginning I am hearing and speaking Spanish in situations which I am sure I will encounter as I travel through South America.

The biggest benefit for me of learning with Rocket Spanish is that I can study at home at my own pace and on my own schedule. I did try a weekly Spanish class for eight weeks and while that was helpful, for the amount of time I spent, I didn't learn that much. I've made more progress with Rocket Spanish. After only two weeks I have already covered what we covered in eight weeks in my other class. Rocket Spanish is just much better value for me.

One of the things I also really like is that Rocket Spanish emails me weekly with little updates and tips. That's just an added bonus. I am really confident that this course will make my trip so much better because I will be able to understand and speak to the people.

Good value!

Deborah Kolb

Success Story #51: Reinhold

Click the button to hear Reinhold


Hola Mauricio

Como esta , que tal?

I bought your Rocket Spanish course a few weeks ago, probably month and I have to admit it is a great approach to learn a language. I realized very soon, your course differs a lot from others.

To be honest I purchased a Spanish course several years ago for a lot more money than yours and it was so boring that I stopped learning two days later.

English is not muy native tounge thus I get two for one, I learn Spanish and upgrade my English at the same time. Pretty good deal I would say!

What I like very much are your e-mail follow ups, so I get constantly reminders to learn more Spanish in case I get too lazy. Rocket Spanish is pretty unique to me, because usually one buys a language course and when you have paid for it you're left alone with no help at all, let alone steady reminders and follow ups.

You are like a live teacher to me, which cares about his student. I really appreciate your approach and willingness to help your customers. I would like to give you guys the highest compliments because I am a not only businessman and customer but I certainly know how it is to get help after acquiring something and to be reminded that there are people which really care and give you a helping hand when needed, you give the best of possible support. Many business lack this support, NOT YOU!


Rainer - Reinhold

Success Story #52: Gail Witten

Click the button to hear Gail Witten


I bought Rocket Spanish three and a half months ago after researching courses on the Internet. I chose it because it was a well rounded course with lots of content at a very good price. I just finished it last night and I definitely recommend this course to others. I was a beginner with only a few words of Spanish and quickly was given some key words and phrases to work with.

The course moved along at a satisfying pace and provided lots of reinforcement and review in a natural conversational way.

My husband who has studied Spanish before eventually joined me for some of the lessons. And we found the course worked well for both our levels and learning styles.

The audio lessons are thorough, well organized and enjoyable, I like listening to the audio, guessing at the new meaning of phrases and repeating sentences after Mauricio, with my best attempt at good Spanish pronunciation. Next I would read through the conversation and grammar section of the manual, the written exercises in the manual and sent by email were also helpful in reinforcing the content.

My husband spent more time memorizing conjugating verbs, doing reflexive, details of grammar, etc... I didn't memorize as much because it was just too much new content for me, but I was still able to go through all 30 lessons with increasing confidence and satisfaction.

Because of the way the course continued to build, review and reinforce the content. I've gone from having virtually no Spanish, to having a basic understanding of the language.

Because it's all so new I need to listen, listen, listen, so I can begin to express myself better. The phrases I need don't always come to my mind yet, because it is all too new, so I plan to burn the lessons on CD and listen to them on the car. I also purchased Rocket Spanish II and look forward to continuing my studies.

I think the biggest benefit of this course is that it made learning enjoyable, the audios are a pleasure to listen to and my husband an I were able to use the manuals in different ways to suit our different learning levels and learning styles.

Gail Witten

Success Story #53: Aranka

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Hola Mauricio y Amy!

Me gustaba mucho suo curso - Rocket Spanish. He finito hace dos semanas. Era muy divertido y util tambien.

And now to continue a bit faster.... in English.

I have to tell you that I LOVED your course! It is one of a kind, and unparalleled by none. I have bought several Spanish and Italian, Russian and French software, CD's, textbooks etc. in the past 10 years, but I loved your course the most.

Why? It was fun, non pretentious, sweet (especially with Carmen), and very well designed to get students towards easier comprehension, and expression - class after class I felt more and more confident and retained all of the grammar rules and exceptions, lots of the idioms and difficult expressions as well.

The games were fun to do, as well as the little test, quizzes. I did not mind cutting out the flashcards, although I have to admit I did not use them much. I made my own flash cards for the verbs, tenses etc., so while walking to work, I would just flip them through my fingers and keep going at memorizing them.

By the way, I enrolled in a Spanish language course, just once a week, learning with a nice lady from Argentina. Six of us learning right from the start, but me having Rocket Spanish right along each day to listen to, talk along with. It became very obvious what an advantage I had!

At the six month mark I quickly graduated to an advanced level of Spanish joining students who were studying Spanish for a few years minimum. At that point I finished the last lesson with Mauricio, feeling confident, not fluent of course, but very happy with my progress. Susana, my teacher was also very impressed and mentioned that she never had a student learning this fast. I told her about Rocket Spanish, showed her a lesson and she loved it too. We both agreed that to succeed in language learning, it has to be fun, even if it is a job to learn it.

I am learning languages because I love speaking/reading/writing in different languages, and love to meet different people too.

So I'm writing this just to let you know how much I really loved learning Spanish with you, and Rocket Spanish.

I am very happy with my Sony minidisc/MP3 player/recorder, so I am not writing to participate in your giveaway.

Thank you very much, and good luck in furthering your business - wishing you lots of happy students.

Toronto, Canada

Success Story #54: Bill O'Bryan

Click the button to hear Bill O'Bryan

Hola Equipo de Rocket Spanish!

¡Por supuesto! Me gusta mucho el curso de Rocket Spanish. El mejor estuvieron los perspicacias de la lengua que me dio. Las frases como "no se hace," "ahora me dices," "cuéntame," y otras uso mucha veces. Estoy continuando mi educación en español. Pero si tuvieras más cursos, los tomaría.


Bill O'Bryan

Success Story #55: Dru & Tom Armistead

Click the button to hear Dru & Tom Armistead

My husband Tom and I both took Spanish in high school, but as we are both sixty, that was many years ago.

Five years ago, we started traveling to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where English is not spoken very much. At first we were extremely limited in our communications. Then we started studying Rocket Spanish (weÕre on Level Two) and have now reached a place where we can have conversations in Spanish and understand and read the language as well. Being able to listen over and over again to Spanish speakers has been invaluable in allowing us to understand what is being said.

The order in which the language is presented in the lessons has proved to give us the most useful words and phrases, which we find ourselves using daily. We would definitely recommend Rocket Spanish to anyone wanting to improve or develop their ability to speak and understand this language.

Tom and Dru Armistead.

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