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Pre Story

First of all, let me tell you what this is all about. In summer of 2006 we have created our revolutionary RSS Feeds Generator ?V free service in beta version. Within few months we have launched Ebay Feeds Generator, Amazon Feeds Generator, ClickBank Feeds Generator and Feeds To Code Converter.

All services were in beta versions and absolutely free.

We have had an idea that there was a demand in such services. So, we decided to test the market with our free services.

The results exceeded our expectations. Within several months over 60 000 people used our services on thousands of websites. We were receiving lots of feedback, we were improving our tools, however, at the same time?K
  • The bandwidth usage was growing?K
  • The webspace usage was growing?K
  • The CPU usage was growing?K
  • We had to attract more programming resources?K
  • The services required more and more customer service resources?K
At some point our hosting company just suspended our hosting account due to extremely high website hits and overload of server??s CPU without even warning us?K

The result was that all of the feeds that people generated from our services simply stopped working.

Even before that we already knew that this should be a commercial project with significant investment and powerful support.

"Finally, I came up with a much cheaper and in my opinion higher quality option to create my niche sites.

I create a quick website and put some content on it and use RSS feeds for my products. The problem with most RSS feeds is that it is hard to covert to a code that you can put on to your website.

When I came across RSS Ground my ability to create websites quickly increased dramatically. I can now create entire niche websites in a day. Before finding RSS Ground it would take me an entire week to finish a website.

Amy B.

What is RSS ground?

RSS Ground MembershipIn one word, RSS Ground is unlimited source of quality content in RSS format on absolutely any topic in any niche that you can use and apply in any way you want!

Specifically, RSS Ground is a membership website that gives you full access to the number of powerful RSS tools, not freely available anywhere else, allowing you to generate absolutely any RSS feeds, based on your keyword or list of keywords as well as easily place any of those feeds on your website or blog, thus having fresh self updating content on any of your webpages.

You will also learn how to effectively apply RSS technology to enhance your internet business.

There is nothing like that on the internet. The power of RSS with the help of our tools gives you unfair advantage in controlling unlimited internet information and using it for your own advantage.

Why RSS Ground Is Better Than Free Service?

Truth to be said: free services don??t have any future. In any situation you cannot rely on free services, simply because they don??t have any support. They can??t have efficient support because they are not financed. Everything is done for a reason, I??m sure you will agree with me.

By launching RSS Ground, a commercial project, we will be able to provide:
  • a much better platform (ground :) for these services ?V hosting, server resources, etc?K
  • a better and more efficient support for these services, provide more documentation on utilizing RSS technology, handle customer requests and more.
  • a possibility to invest in development of this service, upgrade existing tools, develop new tools, make them more stable and efficient.
  • a great chance for fellow members to communicate with each other, learn from each other and share unique techniques and methods on using not only RSS technology but web resources in general.

So, What Will You Get By Becoming A Member?

As I mentioned before you will be able to use a unique set of rss tools like nowhere else on the Internet and, what is most important: with absolutely no limits.


Based on your list of keywords you will be able to generate hundreds of unique RSS feeds from more than 50 internet resources within few seconds:
  • Search results feeds - can be generated from Google, MSN, Yahoo, Feedster and IceRocket.
  • News RSS feeds - you can generate from 10 resources such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Feedster, Findory, Wired, IceRocket, Rocketnews, Feedsfarm and Topix.
  • Blog Posts RSS feeds can be generated from Google, Feedster, Findory, IceRocket, Rocketnews, Blogpulse, Blogdigger and Sphere.
  • Images RSS feeds ?V you can get from Yahoo, Blogdigger, Flickr and Buzznet.
  • Audio / Video / Podcast RSS feeds - can be generated from Google, Yahoo, Feedster, Blogdigger, Podscope, Delicious and YouTube.
  • Tags RSS feeds ?V there are 10 resources that you can produce social bookmarking RSS feeds from: Delicious, Technorati, Connotea, Magnolia, Rawsugar, Shadow, Bigfeeder, 43Places, Citeulike and Scuttle.
  • Shopping RSS feeds can be generated from EBay, Amazon and MSN Shopping.
  • And few other types of RSS feeds such as Articles RSS feeds from FindArticles and GoArticles and Yahoo Answers feeds.
Any of the generated feeds can be sent to your email or conveniently saved under ????My Saves?? in your account.


Can generate RSS feeds with ClickBank products based on your list of keywords:
  • All 9 categories can be used from ClickBank marketplace.
  • Your ClickBank affiliate ID can be embedded into each link within the feed.
  • ClickBank products database is updated every 24 hours.
  • All Clickbank feeds can be conveniently stored in your account under "My feeds" for future use.


It is able to generate RSS feeds with products from Amazon marketplace based on your list of keywords.
  • You can use all 34 categories from Amazon.
  • You can sort Amazon products within the feed by ????Best Matches??, ????Price?? or ????Alphabetically??.
  • If you have Amazon Associates account, you can have your ID embedded into each link within your Amazon feed, so you could get commissions from Amazon if someone purchases through your link.
  • All Amazon feeds can be conveniently stored in your account under "My feeds" for future use.
Any of the generated feeds can be sent to your email or conveniently saved under ????My Saves?? in your account.


Allows you to generate unlimited RSS feeds with products from EBay marketplace:
  • All 34 EBay categories are available for feeds generation.
  • You can specify minimum and maximum price of products within the feed in US dollars.
  • You can specify to show products only available in certain countries.
  • You can choose to show products sold in other than US dollar currencies.
  • You can customize feeds to show items which are ????Buy It Now?? items, items listed with PayPal, Get it Fast items or Best Offers.
  • You can sort products within the EBay feed by time, auction ends, price, distance or payment.
  • Few more additional customizations.
  • You can have all of the links within your EBay feeds embedded with your EBay affiliate ID from one of the two providers: Mediaplex or Commission Junction.
Personally we have made thousands of dollars with commissions from EBay with the help of Ebay RSS Feeds!!!


If you wish to place any of your RSS feeds onto your website, they have to be converted into a special code. That??s where our Feeds To Code Converter comes in handy:
  • You can convert your feeds into one of the following formats depending on your website needs: JavaScript, HTML or PHP. By becoming a member of our service you will be able to get detailed information on each format might fit your website best.
  • With ????Advanced Formatting?? you can customize the look & feel of your feed.
  • You can choose whether to show channel information or not.
  • You can specify the number of items to be shown within each feed.
  • You can set to show or to hide descriptions.
  • Font type, font size and font color of your feed can be easily specified as well.
  • You can customize links and background colors.
  • You can shuffle items within RSS feed to make it unique and loved by the search engines.
  • All links within the feed can be converted into JavaScript links to be not visible by the search engines to avoid PageRank leaks.
  • All links can be opened in new window.
  • All of the feeds converted with Feeds To Code Converter and placed on your website will not have a link at the bottom: "Powered by RSS Feed Converter". No one will ever know that those are, indeed, RSS feeds.
Any of the converted code snippets can be sent to your email or conveniently saved under ????My Saves?? in your account.


Will allow you within seconds to generate a random optimized website template:
  • Before generating a template, you can enter a window title, header text and footer text.
  • You can choose one of the following template layouts: 1-column template, 2-columns template or 3-columns template.
  • With our unique tool you can edit color palette and styles of your templates in REAL LIFE before generating it.
  • Every generated template is completely unique in terms of its html code which means absolutely no penalty from the search engines for duplication !!!
  • Absolutely no limits on number of templates generated.
All of our tools have a profound documentation in the form of ????How To?? tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions, Members Forum and easy access to customer service.

How can you benefit from using RSS Ground?

This is your final stop in never ending journey of painful searching for quality RSS feeds.

As I mentioned before, by generating and using unlimited number of unique RSS feeds you get unfair advantage in controlling internet information. You can use RSS feeds?? content in any way you want:
  • You can add your generated feeds to your feed reader or aggregator to stay up-to-date with news on your favorite topics.
  • You can add generated feeds to your personalized google page, My Yahoo, My MSN, netvibes.com or any other similar service to have your targeted aggregated content right before your eyes.
  • Feeds converted into code snippets can be added to your website pages to show fresh, original, targeted and what??s more important: self-updating content on your website.
  • You can build niche content websites with generated RSS feeds.
  • You can build websites with Ebay, Amazon or Clickbank products where all links have your affiliate ID.
  • You can build websites with RSS self updating content on them to support your existing websites with one way links or even sell links on them.
  • You can build self updating mini websites and sell them.
  • You can post generated RSS feeds to your blogs.
  • You can email your generated RSS feeds to your lists subscribers and make commissions from sales through your links from Ebay, ClickBank or Amazon.
  • You can use these RSS feeds with various ????content generators?? such as for example: Self-Growing-Websites.com
  • You can use generated RSS feeds with various Blogging software
  • You can submit RSS feeds with your affiliate IDs to social bookmarking websites
  • You can submit RSS feeds with your affiliate IDs to RSS feeds directories
  • And much more little known ways of applying RSS Ground that you will find out inside your membership to bring you huge traffic, huge affiliate commissions and huge satisfaction!!!
RSS Ground Membership

You Think That??s It? Read Further?K

In addition to all the powerful tools, You as a member of RSS ground will get:

Unlimited Access To Our ????Downloads?? Library

All downloads are divided into the following categories covering various areas of internet marketing:
  • Ebooks: on topics related to RSS and Internet Marketing.
  • Scripts & Software: Various script and free software packages that can help you in you online ventures.
  • Video & Audio: Interviews, tutorials, techniques and strategies in video and audio formats.
  • Templates & Graphics: Websites and WordPress templates, headers and other graphics for your websites.
  • Memberships: This category will contain a list of membership websites that you can get exclusive access to through our partnership.
  • Articles: Private label rights articles on various topics.
  • Online Tools & Resources: Internet marketing resources and online business tools that can help you to improve your internet business.
  • Keywords Lists: quality lists of keywords in various niches that you can use in PPC campaigns, adsense pagemaking, content generation or any other way.
We will be updating our "downloads" section twice a month (12-15th of each month and 28-30th of each month) with new valuable materials with value exceeding customer's monthly payments.

Most items in the ????Downloads?? library will have Private Resale Rights, so you could not only use them personally but have a great chance reselling them for profit! Now, how cool as that: besides unlimited content for your websites and blogs, and making money from affiliate commissions from your feeds you can make money from reselling our PLR products. And this is just a bonus!

Our ????Downloads?? library itself is easily worth several times more than what the membership fee for the whole service is.

You will also get access to RSS Ground Exclusive Forum for members only. You will be able to learn from best of the best, ask questions, get advice and share your experience with fellow members.

So, How Much Will It Cost Me?

Comparing the amount of goodies we offer in this membership, we could be easily charging anywhere from $50 to $100 a month and have our customers. However, we believe in over delivering and we are convinced that it always pays back. That??s why we will set the price for the RSS Ground membership at modest monthly fee of $19.98.

Considering the goals you can achieve with the help of our service, $19.98 is not much at all. It??s a very small fee to have a powerful set of tools anytime at your command along with the comprehensive library of internet resources.

Don??t wait! Lock in your membership now before we change our mind and increase the price.
Memberships are filling in very fast. If we notice that our server's load increase significantly WE MIGHT STOP ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERSHIPS ANYTIME!

Lock in your membership TODAY
for only $49.98 $19.98
and enjoy the power of RSS at your fingertips:

     Get Instant Access Now!

RSS Ground Membership

You Can Use RSS Ground For Free And Even Make Money By Promoting It.

By becoming a member of RSS Ground, you are qualified to join RSS Ground??s Affiliate Program and make 45% recurring commissions from every member you refer. Just imagine, by referring only 2 members, you will be able to use RSS Ground absolutely FREE FOREVER.

For each member you refer we will be paying you $9 every month as long as they keep their membership. So, by bringing 100 new members you will be getting $900.00 EACH MONTH with no additional work on your part. We will even teach you how to do that.

By becoming our affiliate you will be able to promote all of our other products too!

So, why wait? Get your membership now before it??s too late!

Yours For Your Peace Of Mind,

Max Galitsyn
Max Galitsyn and
RSS Ground Team

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