Only We Guarantee 100% Spyware Removal

We add new spyware to our database, automatically update SpyZooka spyware removal software on computers worldwide, and analyze over 100 million web pages for new spyware threats every day since 2004.

How the FREE SCAN Works
1. Click the ?Yes, scan my pc for free!? button.
2. Click ?Run? or ?Save?
3. Scan your computer

You deserve the #1 rated antispyware solution

Spyzooka is the #1 choice of computer professionals

"The machine that was infected was one that is used in our Clerk of Court's records room. We had made several attempts to remove the problem with other products, but to no avail. Your product was the only one to remove all our spyware problems.

I find it most appealing to do business with a company that delivers their products and services as advertised. As you all know the internet is full of promises and guarantees and it is reasurring to know that there are still companies that can deliver what they promise."

Crawford Asbell
Director Technology
Lincoln County Government
Lincolnton, Georgia USA

How spyware affects your PC

  • Seize control of your computer
  • Steal your identity
  • Send you spam
  • Steal your credit card number
  • Track everything you do online or offline

Awards and Reviews

How to determine if your PC is infected with spyware

Spyware Problem Survey
Problem Yes No
I?m being bombarded with popups
My browser has been hijacked. I?m taken to sites other than those I type into the address bar
My browser?s home page keeps changing
New and unexpected toolbars are appearing
Unwanted mysterious icons are in the system tray at the bottom of my computer screen
I have keys that don?t work right anymore, such as my Tab key
I keep getting random error messages
My search results are strange and full of ads.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your PC is infected with spyware.

Don?t be caught with fake spyware detector software

Some spyware detector software detects all harmful and ?safe? cookies on your computer, so it appears that more spyware was found. Or, the software will use old technology that provides false positives and claim that your PC has spyware when it doesn?t. Sometimes the adware remover software will even count each file from a spyware program separately so it looks like more spyware has been detected because one spyware can contain hundreds of separate files.

The worst of all are programs such as Antivermins, Smitfraud, Winfixer and others that claim to be antispyware when in fact they hijack your computer and demand a ransom to be removed!

We put an end to false positives and misleading results

We use a complex algorithm to detect and remove only spyware. SpyZooka spyware remover counts each spyware once, putting an end to misleading results.

We don?t detect programs you want on your computer and we don?t believe in complicated rating systems. We only detect and remove spyware ? period. We won?t remove anything you want on your computer.

Detects, removes, and blocks all types of spyware

Antispyware software examined in third party tests against SpyZooka only detected a fraction of spyware and completely removed an even smaller amount. Almost all of the antispyware products were unable to block spyware in real time.

SpyZooka spyware remover has the most advanced update feature that improves its spyware fighting capabilities daily. As spyware becomes more complex, SpyZooka responds with new technology to stay one step ahead.

SpyZooka antispyware is easy to use

SpyZooka spyware removal software is designed to give you the best protection without complicated instructions, while providing advanced users with access to all of the features they want. We eliminated the cryptic alerts and made spyware removal an automated process. SpyZooka automatically removes spyware, downloads daily updates, and prevents future spyware attacks.

Order SpyZooka antispyware software today and you?ll get a free 66 page special report:

"50 Computer and Internet Tips"

We?ll turn your computer into a speed machine by telling you?

  • A simple way to remember all your passwords.
  • The most important thing you must look for when you buy a surge protector. And why not having this one feature may destroy your computer.
  • How you can hide files on your computer that you don?t want anyone else to read. It?s simple, free, and will help maintain your privacy.
  • How to save tons of money on office supplies (We saved $140 on an expensive office chair, and we?ll show you how easily you can too!)
  • Ever accidentally erased important files? Here?s a little known way to reliably restore data on your computer.

SpyZooka Antispyware information

Designed for all versions of Microsoft Windows
Designed for Internet Explorer Firefox Opera and Netscape

Removes and Protects from: spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojan horses, worms, malware, hijackers, dialers, unwanted toolbars, rootkits, rogue antispyware, botnets, unwanted browser plugins and any related threats.

Size: 2.32 MB

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