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Customer Testimonials

?I was struggling all the time with blue screens. My Windows was crashing out of nowhere and I was afraid to do any task on my computer without saving every 2 minutes. Thanks to your great software now I haven't seen a blue screen in 2 weeks. Great software!?

              -- Bob Dixon - US

?Windofix found over 1400 problems with my computer and was able to repair them all. I saw that the speed of my system greatly improved after using Windofix.?

           -- Brad Weyant - US

?Your registry cleaner is great. However the feature that I used the most is your IE Plug-Ins configurator. I was able to remove some nasty toolbars with ease. Now internet runs smoother than ever.?

             -- Anna Sayah - Australia

?I can't believe that it took only 1 minute to scan and another minute to repair everything. In less than 2 minutes, my Windows was as new. I'm truly impressed.?

                 -- Stacy Parrotta - Ca

?My Windows starts twice as fast as it used to. Also my internet surfing is way faster too. It's great!?

              -- William Figueroa - GB

?I compared your software with some of the competition and Windofix scores best. I was able to find and fix problems that other systems didn't know about. Plus I had some DLL issues that I've been trying to fix for weeks and Windofix repaired this in literally seconds while the other couldn't. I will recommend this to all my friends.?

               -- Walter Birdwell - US

?I love your software. I used it on my laptop and my desktop and I was able to repair my Windows problems in both. I was just about to switch to Mac, but after the experience with your software, I'm not struggling anymore with my PC. Great job!?

                -- Steven Hansen - US

?Nice job with the software. It's very functional and powerful. I had a problem with application which always started when my Windows loaded and I couldn't get rid of it. Windofix deleted this easily. Thanks!?

                -- Sheldon Nichols, US

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